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  Jun 2020 Maria Gracia
Let me,
Be the waves;

The tides that will wash your troubled thoughts.

And with every crash of waves
being your happiness and joy,
Your ripples of bliss.

Pushing away crumpled parts,
Cradling your body
in warm currents.

Let me,
Be the waves.

Guiding you effortlessly
Out into the everlasting blue.

The waves, that orchestrates your heart.
  Jun 2020 Maria Gracia
They come in waves
Riding along the currents
of my emotions
Waves of happiness
Waves of despair
Waves of being tired of being lonely
Waves of questioning my existence and impact on the world
Waves of tears
Waves of numbness
My emotions
come in waves
And their is no way to fight them
No trick to escape this riptide
These waves just take me farther and farther away
From who I want to be
They make me isolated
They make me flawed
They make me human
When my winter days arrive
I sit on the porch and
I ask the wind
To come and kiss my skin
Not because I love the wind
Just because you are not here
Hey kid
Have you ever tried
To tie a family together
With your ribbon bow?
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