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Mel Dec 2017
alone in the coffee shop
the same old spot
cold stale coffee
that's what i enjoyed

alone with my book
in the lonely world of mine
as i imagine
mysterious thing that will never happen in life

alone with my laptop
in my emotional poetry world
as i write something
that's curing my, lonely sad soul
Mel Oct 2017
You know why newborn babies
Are lucky?  

Because they yet know how to think
Because they yet know how to speak

Because they have pure hearts
Because they have clear vision

Because they doesn't know
How bad the world is

Because they are just babies,  
Full of innocence,  pure thinking

Unlike us.. Tainted heart,  blur vision
Don't even know... What we are.
Mel May 2017
I have came to realized,
that this would not work out.
you being mine,
or me being yours.
I have come to realized,
that we are like parallel lines.
side to side,
but will never meet.
Maybe one day,
god would make the parallel lines
gone wrong.
Maybe one day,
god would let us be together,
be happy.
This is one hell of an imagination,
that the silly me,
hope that it will come true.
just my sadness on relationship that would not happen.
Mel Feb 2017
You may say giving in is easy
But I swear it's not
You may see surrender as the way of living
But I swear it's not
You are going to support yourself
No matter who stops you
You are going to be you
No matter who scold you
You are not going to change
No matter who ask you
You be you
You do you
You are who you are
Strong and independent is the way of living I would like to follow.
Mel Nov 2017
When the sky turned dark,  
And nighttime have finally arrived,
I will disappear.  

My soul is black,  
Full of negativity,  pessimistic.
It blend in well with the darkness,
When I camouflaged, and hide myself.
Mel Mar 2018
Depression is not a choice-
      It is a mental illness that-
Haunt you down,  lock you up,
      Without your consent.

He did not chose this life,
Having to deal with depression-
The constant sadness,
The tears that stream down his cheek-
Every evening without a valid reason.

Oh my,  depression,  
     Let the doctor cure you.
Oh my,  depression,
     Will you leave the poor boy alone?
Mel Dec 2017
''nobody understand me''
he said as he slowly drift into sleep;
a sleep that he will never need to wake up again.
Mel Sep 2017
Different faces,  
Different heartbeats.

Different skin tone,  
Different voice.

Different shoe size,  
Different height.

Different name,  
Different identity.

Everybody is different in their own ways,
But we bear all the same similarity,
That is, we are all humans,  and needs to be appreciated.
Mel Nov 2017
Do you remember?  
The day we first talked.
I thought we were long lost friend,
From the conversation we had even though we just met.  

Do you remember?  
The day you asked me out.
I thought you like me,  
And the end of he day,  you told me "I love you".

Do you remember?  
The day you go without telling me?
I thought I wasn't important,  
But you told me " I am afraid I will not want to leave after seeing you".

Do you remember?  
The day you left me.  
I thought we will still talked,
But we didn't,  and it hurt so much to see you being with others.  

Do you remember?  
Our memories?  
I bet you don't.....
Mel Nov 2017
Y'all know what's up with first love?
Freaking hard to forget.  

I miss you so much,  
My first love.  

I'm still sad when I see you with her,
It really does hurt.

All the memories we created together,
Still haunt me every night.

First love, oh first love,
Will I ever forget about you?  

I wonder.
Mel Feb 2018
Every part of my body hurts,
Whenever I thought about you.

Remember the days we used to be so close?  
Remember the days when we would fool around and chit-chat like what a couple would do?  

I bet you don't remember, for you have a girlfriend now, that makes you have butterflies in your stomach, every single time you see her.

Till now,  I still miss you,  especially your warm hugs,  and lovely kisses.

Till now,  I still love you,  even though I know you don't love me,  and you will never love me again..
Mel Oct 2017
Why did you lie?  
Is it because of him?
Or you are just plain greedy?  

Why did you took it?  
Is it because of money?  
Or you are just plain greedy?

Won't bring you to anywhere.
God is always watching,
And one day,
Karma will hit you.
Mel Jul 2017
Greed,  drives people crazy
It makes you do
Bad things.

Greedy people,  are crazy
Betrayal is the thing
They do.  

But karma is what truly crazy
Cause it hit on crazy people
Like you.

Karma oh karma
One day when it hit you
Don't regret.
A poem to show how I hate those who betray for money.  One day when karma hit you, don't regret.
Mel Dec 2018
Aren't human complicated?

We fall in love, just to fall out of it.

We wished to grow up, but then after we grew up, we wish we can remain as naive as how we were when we're still a kid.

We do things that we don't want to.

We accept love but don't return it.

We, just how many of us are included in it?
Mel Oct 2017
it hurts so much
                knowing that
i care, but you don't.

it hurts so much
                knowing that
i'm not important to you.

it hurts so much
                knowing that
you only find me, when she is not there.

so much... till i  need to cry myself to sleep
     so much... i thought my heart is going to burst
it hurts so much... it really does.
Mel Sep 2018
You know what saddens me?
     When you ask him, do you love me?
He hesitated, unsure about the answer,
Answered, 'I don't know, maybe.'
Yes, this hurts.
Mel Nov 2017
I don't show fear,
Doesn't mean I'm not scared.

I don't show stress,
Doesn't mean I'm not stressed out.  

I'm actually very fragile,  scared,  
Stressed out and depressed.....

I don't show it,  
Doesn't mean I'm okay..
Mel Nov 2017
Insomnia again.  
Oh well,  I'm exhausted
But I can't stop thinking.

Insomnia again.
Oh well,  I'm yawning,  
But my mind is racing.

Insomnia again.
Oh well,  I'm tired.
But my brain is not tired.

Insomnia again.
I seriously hate it,
How can I sleep?
Mel Aug 2018
Feelings and anger,
    Sadness and judgement.

They bottled up,
     And finally,

I thought I am strong,  
        Until my tears falls non stop.
Mel Feb 2018
It's better this way,
  We ditched this toxic relationship.

It's better this way,
  We stop caring about each other.

It's better this way
  Because I wouldn't need to feel sad,
Mel Jul 2017
Sometimes I lay on the floor
I wonder what am I hearing
This weird sound of what?  

Is it my heart beating?  
The clock ticking?  
Or just some random sound I'm hearing when I finally take time to relax?  

Sometimes I wonder
Or is it what I'm hearing
Is the world crying?  
The heart of the world,  beating?  

Till now I can't stop wondering
Or is it the bacteria that's moving?  
Is it the earth particles vibrating?  

Or is it me,  silently crying in my heart
Is it the footsteps of mine,  wandering around in my imagination?  

Or I'm just,  plain crazy?  
I keep wondering,  till I fall asleep
Hoping I wouldn't wake up to face reality again
Mel Feb 2017
Body shaming
Fat shaming
Skinny shaming
Face shaming
We can't deny that
People are judgmental
Me or you,  we judge
She or he,  they judge
We all, need to understand that
People were not born to be perfect
People have their imperfections
People have their flaws
People have their ugly side
We all, need to learn how to
Accept the imperfections
Accept the flaws
Accept the ugly side
We all, need to know that
People have feelings
People have over thinking skills
People have suicidal thoughts
So, to all humans out there
Learn how to care
Learn how to shut up at times
Learn how to stop judging
We are all imperfectly unique,  for all we are humans that are created equally by God.
My thoughts. Humans, we are incredibly smart. Use your brain wisely and stop making people die because of your silly words that seems to be oh so funny for you. It isn't fun if you're the victim of the whole judging situation.
Mel Apr 2018
I've been nothing but good to you,
Yet you still hurt me like this.

When I'm younger, I would blamed myself, for being stupid, as that it what you scolded me.

You labeled me, I kindly took the names with me.

But growing up, now I realized that I wouldn't need to be good, to a person, like you.

I realized after years of being hated, that I have the rights to hate you even more.

I realized that even after being kind to you for years, nothing would have change.

So I finally come to the sense that, it wasn't you who needs to change, it was me.

I should just care a little lesser,
Be a little evil,
And only give my kindness to the one that deserved.

And you, should be the one who I push away from my life, as our relationship are nothing but toxic.
Mel Feb 2017
You asked me the reason
And without any doubt I told you
You betrayed me
And I thought I can believe you
You told everyone about it
And now everybody know
Because of you
I have learnt to not trust
Because of you
I have learnt to not care
Because of you
I have learnt to protect myself
And when you ask me why
Remember you are the reason why
Care a little less
Live a little more
You don't live for their expectation
You don't live for their opinion
Their opinion do not define you
So live on
So move on
So life goes on
Random thoughts. This doesn't sound like a poem... I always thought the "poem" I wrote doesn't sound like a poem. But I try to have the quality of a poem... I TRIEDDDD.
Mel Jul 2017
You are full of grace,  they said
Little do they know
I am actually full of disgrace.  
You are the best out of all,  they said
Little do they know
I tried so hard to be the best
Till I don't even remember the reason why I try.
You are beautiful,  they said
Little do they know
My heart is stained by dirt, trying to make my outer self,  beautiful.
You are innocent, they said
Little do they know
I do things behind their back.  
You are slim,  they said
Little do they know
The diet and overtraining behind it.  
When you must be became you are,  
That's when this poetry,
Actually make sense.  
Society pressured us
To become the person
They think is the best.  
Little do they know,  
They are slowly destroying us,  
Slowly... Killing us.
Mel Mar 2017
Love is like a pill
It cure your sickness when you believe it
Its the placebo effect that take place
That would make you
Live in good or bad.

Love is like a story
It will eventually end
Its the story line that matters
That would make you
Have a happy ending or not.

Love is like a rose
It has thorn that would hurt you
Its the red beautiful flower that attract you
That would make you
Enjoy the scene and hurt at the same time

Love is good yet bad
Love is enjoyable yet hurtful
Love is happy yet sad

Why do we fall in love?
Is it because it's love,
Or is it because it's natural to fall in love?
Love hurts so here a poem about it. Though it may not apply to some of u, I have been in few relationship which is good at first but hurtful after that. My first love was tough.
Mel Aug 2017
Love is,  being together with the person you love

Love is,  waking up to the scene of him
Sleeping soundly beside you

Love is,  seeing him going to work
And placing a kiss gently before he go

Love also is,  letting him be together with the one... He loves.
Letting him be happy,  even if he's happy without the need of you in his life.
Mel Mar 2018
Nobody told me that-  falling in love is easy, but getting out of it is hard.

Nobody told me that-  first love is going to be sweet,  but also particularly heartbreaking.

Love,  I didn't know,  that it would hurts so much.

I always wanted to think that, we are still together,  that I didn't leave you for good,  that you are holding my hand instead of hers.    

I am left in the dark now, alone,  with scars and broken heart,  with unhealed wounds and philophobia,  and there is nothing to blame but my own doing.

Now I always wake up in the middle of the night,  feeling extremely sad,  thinking about our memories together, and cry myself to sleep.
Mel Jul 2017
She cut herself,
Yet again,  they asked
"Why would she do that? "

She,  who suffered
She,  who damaged
She,  who injured

She,  who need to know that,
Loving herself is a must,
That her live is precious,
That she is who she is,  
For a reason.

God doesn't make us
Solely for us to hurt ourselves,
Or hurt others.  
God made us,  
So we can be who we are.  

Love yourself,  
Embrace your flaws,
Strive to be better,
But not too stressful,
To the extend that,  
Death is the only answer.
Mel Nov 2017
Maybe one day you'd realise,
That all the while,
I'm the only one by your side.  

Maybe one day you'd realise,  
That without me,  
You are actually very lonely.  

Maybe one day you'd realise,  
One thing I know is,  
That one day will never come.
Mel Apr 2017
You can never unloved
Someone you love
When I said I love you
I truly love you
Till the end of the day
Till the end of my life
Till now,  when we are separated
I still love you
For all,  you're my first love
That I would
Never forget
Mel Apr 2018
Out of so many places that I have visited,
The place I missed the most,
Is your heart....
Mel Apr 2019
Sometimes, I do miss you when I'm alone at night, thinking back about all the memories we had together. And it still pains me whenever I realised that you wouldn't feel the same.

My heart still aches when I see you with her.

My heart still breaks when I know you don't need me anymore.

But then now someone is here to fix it, fix my broken heart.

I'm happy now, and that's all that matters.
Mel Feb 2017
Who knows that one night,
Everything would be gone.

Who knows that one night,
Your beloved may visits the heaven.

Who knows that one traffic jam,
Would stop you from seeing, the last minute of her breathing.

Who knows that someone's death,
Would be as painful as burning yourself alive, to death.

She, who take care of us.
She, who always being there for us.

She, who leaves us behind,
Without a goodbye being said.

She, who walked up the stairs that lead to heaven and never come back down again.

People dies, but memories don't.
She, who will always be in my heart.
I miss her.
Mel Nov 2017
Cold stale coffee,  
Used tea bags,
I'm kept awake by all this stimulants.

How can I say?  
How can I express?  
How frustrated,  depressed and stressed I am?  

Nobody is by my side,  
Deep asleep they are.  
I'm all by myself,  alone.
Mel Aug 2017
I don't think you will ever realised if I never told you.  So,  let realisation hit you.

You are beautiful in your own way.  

You are one of a kind.  

You are perfectly imperfect.  

You are brave,  stand up for your rights.

You are you,  be you.

You are well loved by the people around you,  so love yourself because you deserves it.

Realise it, love.
Mel Aug 2018
I remember those days,
Where you would sit near me,
And study while looking effortlessly,
Good looking.

I remember those days,
Where you would make stupid jokes,
And all your friends would laugh,

I remember those days,
But sadly you don't,
As I am just a secret admirer,
Who would only look at you from afar.

For the senior who I would never be friend with, Lance.
Mel Nov 2017
She tried hard,
But get nothing in return.  

She planned everything,
Ahead of time,  
Yet the plan never works.  

She do everything,
Without people asking,  
And now nobody appreciate.

She is just a little girl,  
With a small frame body,
That hope for the best for herself....
Mel Jul 2017
He can like you
While others don't like you

Just like you may be his cup of tea
But not other's cup of tea

Just like some like fermented soy bean
Some hate the smell of it

Just like some love to eat durian
Yet some hate it till they think it shouldn't have existed

Just like you love your bed smell
Yet others hate it

But one day
You would definitely find the one who love your bed smell as equally as you yourself do

You don't need to be everyone's favourite

Because why be everyone's cup of tea
When you can be his only shot of whiskey?
Love is.
Mel Aug 2018
Sometimes you just have to be
Because why hurt yourself
           When you can
Love yourself a tad bit more?
Mel Nov 2017
Stop looking at me,  
Like I'm the one you want.  

Stop looking at me,  
Like you never hurt me before.  

Stop looking at me,  
The way you look at her too.

Stop looking at me,  
Like you are going to eat me up.  

Stop looking at me,  
Cause it hurts to know;  
Even though you look at me like this;
She is still the one you are going to choose;
Not me.
Mel Jul 2017
Betrayal,  a thing we hate
Yet we always do

We talk behind people's back
And expect no one to do so

Friends,  colleagues,  even our boss
We betray

They do good to us
Yet we do bad to them

Just like the sun gave light to the moon
Yet the moon eclipsed the sun
Mel Jul 2017
When you feel a tad bit down,  
Remember the happiness in life,  
And move on.

When you feel lonely,  
Remember that God is always here,
For you.  

When you feel like dying,
Remember the people who loves you,
And be stronger.

When you feel good,  
Remember to thank all the people,  
Who brought you to,
Where you are now.

Be grateful to life,  
And life will be good to you.
Be glad that you're born,  
Be happy that,  God created us.
Mel Aug 2017
To the person I love,
I hope you are happy.

To the person I live for,
I hope we can live together forever.

To the people whom I care,
Continue be yourself and be proud of who you are.

To the people who care for me,
Thank you because of your effort to remember even little things of me.

To everybody,  
Embrace yourself,  love yourself,  be yourself,  take in all the positivity and destroy all the negative thoughts in life.

To everybody,
I hope you are happy everyday!
Mel Jul 2017
From the day we met,  
You give me nothing,
But hurt to my mother.
I thought I am strong,  
Strong enough to fight you off,  
But I was wrong.
I was told to remain silence,  
To be a quiet and nice person,
But yet my heart told me otherwise.  
How can you hurt a person like that,  
When all she did was to help?  
I hope you stop,
For all she is important to me,
Even though she is not for you.  
How can you be so heartless,
When you are given a heart to live?
Mel Jan 2019
We always remember the little things that make us sad,

  But not the little things that make us happy.

To be happy or sad is a choice, and I hope everybody can see the bright side, for all of us deserve the happiness.

Reminder for everyone to remember the happy moments!
Mel Oct 2017
Her eyes was full of hope,
Imagining ****** bell would sprinkle pixie dust and then miracle will happen.

But sadly,  miracles rarely happens,
Society that can create miracles,  **** it themselves.  

Is the society that make miracle dies,  
They criticize, let hope dies.

One day,  when society learn to appreciate every individual,
Is the time when,  miracles happens.
Mel Nov 2017
That one day when I ran away,
Leaved this inhuman place,  
Was the time when I realised,
How unimportant I was.

Just like when caramel was missing,
Nobody misses it.
It was nice at first,  
But too sweet,  when time goes on.

Mel Oct 2017
We were
Once so close....

But one day
You leave
Without saying goodbye...

And now
You act like
We did not even met before....

It hurts....
So badly
Mel Sep 2018
Why do you hesitate?
    When I asked, 'do you love me? '
I guess you hesitated because
You don't love me like how I love you.
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