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Mel Apr 2019
Sometimes, I do miss you when I'm alone at night, thinking back about all the memories we had together. And it still pains me whenever I realised that you wouldn't feel the same.

My heart still aches when I see you with her.

My heart still breaks when I know you don't need me anymore.

But then now someone is here to fix it, fix my broken heart.

I'm happy now, and that's all that matters.
Mel Jan 2019
We always remember the little things that make us sad,

  But not the little things that make us happy.

To be happy or sad is a choice, and I hope everybody can see the bright side, for all of us deserve the happiness.

Reminder for everyone to remember the happy moments!
Mel Dec 2018
Aren't human complicated?

We fall in love, just to fall out of it.

We wished to grow up, but then after we grew up, we wish we can remain as naive as how we were when we're still a kid.

We do things that we don't want to.

We accept love but don't return it.

We, just how many of us are included in it?
Mel Oct 2018
Do your ever feel?
Like your heart is being pulled by a strong unknown force,
When the person you love,
Says something insensitive?

Do you ever feel?
  Like your heart really broke into pieces,
When the person you love,
Seems annoyed by you?

Do you still love me?
I wondered.
Did we fall in love too fast,
That causes you to fall out of it,
Fast enough too.
Mel Sep 2018
Why do you hesitate?
    When I asked, 'do you love me? '
I guess you hesitated because
You don't love me like how I love you.
Mel Sep 2018
You know what saddens me?
     When you ask him, do you love me?
He hesitated, unsure about the answer,
Answered, 'I don't know, maybe.'
Yes, this hurts.
Mel Sep 2018
Will I ever forget?
     All the sweet stuff you said to me?

Will I ever stop?
     Loving you so much that I forget to love myself just a tab bit more.

Will I ever?
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