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Jessica May 23
“But if I were thinner
I would be beautiful”,
She skips breakfast, lunch, dinner
calls it intermittent fasting.
Looking in the mirror,
she swears she sees a rotund and putrid beast.
“Just one more week...”.
She’s delirious from lack of food
and has delusions of relief
But if she cheats,
she only feels stronger in her deadly beliefs.
Laying in the hospital, her arm as thin
as the tubes that feed her reluctantly
she tells the Nurse
who is forcing her to eat:
“But if I were thinner,
I would be lovely
if I were beautiful,
everyone would love me”
The Nurse says sadly,
“Your weight is only gravity
But beautiful is already what I see
If you don’t have dinner tonight,
you may float above me
and no one will be able to catch you
and that would be ugliest of all”.
Mel Feb 2017
Body shaming
Fat shaming
Skinny shaming
Face shaming
We can't deny that
People are judgmental
Me or you,  we judge
She or he,  they judge
We all, need to understand that
People were not born to be perfect
People have their imperfections
People have their flaws
People have their ugly side
We all, need to learn how to
Accept the imperfections
Accept the flaws
Accept the ugly side
We all, need to know that
People have feelings
People have over thinking skills
People have suicidal thoughts
So, to all humans out there
Learn how to care
Learn how to shut up at times
Learn how to stop judging
We are all imperfectly unique,  for all we are humans that are created equally by God.
My thoughts. Humans, we are incredibly smart. Use your brain wisely and stop making people die because of your silly words that seems to be oh so funny for you. It isn't fun if you're the victim of the whole judging situation.

— The End —