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Don't ever fall in love with a poet
because they will indeed admire and watch your every move
they will write about how the pen marks on the side of your palm when you write
don't ever because they will trace
every single freckle you have on your face and
write about the color of each and every one of them and
describe how they smile so brightly under the sunlight
they will want you to want to know every little thing about them
even if it's just what hand they write with and want you
to be wondering why they write with that specific hand when in
reality it doesn't even matter

the poet will watch the way you dig
your eyes onto that book and your small quick remarks onto the 26 letters all crumpled together and will know that everyday at 5:28 p.m. you smile

they will look deeply into your eyes
to see if they can at least take a little
peak of your soul and they will write
about you like if you were the only
thing they see good in this world

they will want to know what you think
about when you look at them and
see if you also count each and
every freckle and hope and write  
that you do but they will
love you endlessly and they will
show you that they love you and only you

but don't date a poet if you aren't
capable to watch them and
admire their imperfections
when they sleep late at night
beside you.

 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
When you see her cry
     you get a rag,
a gentle delicate cloth.
                                        Lovingly grasp her hand
                                               and dab its tip;
                                       dry each tear as they come.
                                                           ­                               And ask each drop
                                                            ­                                   why it'd leave
                                                           ­                               such beautiful eyes.

  If she wishes
to be in the sky,
  tell her to go.
                              Take the sun ransom,
                              and replace its shining
                                    with her own.
                                                            ­          So you can see her every morning
                                                         ­                          and wish for her
                                                                ­                  return each night.

When you see her scars
  both visible and non-
    touch each gently.
                                             And remind her
                                       that each and every hurt
                                            she has survived,
                                                       ­                                 has only made her
                                                                ­                   that much more unique;
                                                         ­                              that much stronger.

  Show her that she
  is a special person
and is worthy of love.
                                     That she deserves the love
                                            she fears to give...
                                            show her so that
                                                            ­                     one day after you're gone
                                                            ­                      she can find the strength
                                                                ­                    to go on without you.

    Tell her that while
she might not be a goddess
far above worldly desires,
                                          that she is amazing,
                                         for just being herself
                                    for being that beautiful girl
                                                            ­                   who thinks herself damaged
                                                         ­                         when in truth she's just
                                                            ­                    a different kind of beautiful.

   And finally, love her.
  Like a boy loves a girl
Till she finally remembers
                                            that that's what she is:
                                          not a scar, not a goddess,
                                             not a star. But a girl.
                                                           ­                         That deserves to be loved.
 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
still hear
but now
we all get along.
 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
Why do you tell me I'm your everything and than say you don't love me?
 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
I'd like to lose myself
in something like you.
l'd like to get out of here
and forget to wonder
where I might be.

I'd like to lose myself,
only you can't lose what you never had.
I never expected much of myself,
but, in vain, I did expect something.
 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
I know that you are a busy boy,
But I also know that you are not that **** busy.
So please enlighten me on what your really busy doing.

You see it makes no sense to me that you can be gone for so long, and not even check in.
I sound like I'm all up under you, but truth is my trust for you is gone.
It's needs saving,
It needs repairing.
But my trust will never EVER be repaired if you don't take the problem out of our relationship.

This problem is so toxic,
But yet you want me to be ok with it still sticking around.
NO! It will never be ok, and the sooner you learn that,
the sooner we can move forward.

Unless you want to stay stuck that is..because that seems to be your memo.
 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
 May 2014 Maegen Sheehan
sometimes i still have
to take a deep breath
and remind myself
that not everyone will break me
like you did.
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