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1.7k · Dec 2013
Maegen Sheehan Dec 2013
These things we wear,
sometimes feel like contraptions.
Restricting freedom but
providing protection.
So many ways and styles,
the possibilities are endless.
Through heat and cold
always an accessory,
even if they are not on our feet.
They go everywhere with us,
seeing even what we do not.
Maegen Sheehan Feb 2014
A month ago today
I was told I'd need surgery.
A month later
I feel fine.

A month later
it doesn't even feel like a month, but more like a lifetime.  
I've experienced things I never thought I would.
I sit back and think of how amazing it all is.

They said it would take four weeks to recover, but that happened long before.
896 · May 2014
Dam River!
Maegen Sheehan May 2014
Sometimes the need,
the urge,
to write is overwhelming,
but the words won't flow.

The river is dammed
and one day it may burst.
Will you be there
to witness it?
717 · Mar 2019
Maegen Sheehan Mar 2019
Let the rain fall slowly on me so I can catch it in my hands,
on my face and into my mouth.
Let me drink it in like no other.
It is the rain, it is me.

Watching the rain in slow motion is like watching the best parts of life wash over you. Savor it. I just want to be in it.
In all kinds; the slow magical rain like a romance, fast and hard like the way my heart hammers at times, all at once and over so quickly just like a love known to some.
found this writing of mine from back in September 2017
Maegen Sheehan Aug 2014
Some souls were meant to collide,
even if for the briefest of times.
It leaves lasting effects on one or both,
even if they do not know it.

Lessons taught,
lessons learned.
Hearts changed,
sometimes for better,
sometimes not.
421 · Mar 2015
Me, You, and The Weather
Maegen Sheehan Mar 2015
I want to dance in the rain and fall in your arms.
I want to play in the mud, slip and fall with no harm.
I want to hang clothes on the line on a beautiful, bright day.
I want to admire the shapes and figures in the clouds while laying on a trampoline with you.
I want to swim in a lake with the rain sprinkling your face.
I want, no, I need you no matter the weather.
Whether the weather is bright, dark, hot, or cold; it would be just right with you there.
361 · Dec 2013
Maegen Sheehan Dec 2013
There they stand
in groups of twos or threes,
waiting for a hand
by the trees.
They are not exact,
but still the same.
Hopefully things will stay intact,
never being dead or lame.
Who do they wait for?
Maybe some shall see.
Another kind or
maybe a girl set free
from her dungeon down the hall,
into his arms she will fall.
324 · Feb 2014
Hold me
Maegen Sheehan Feb 2014
As dreams of pink elephants ran through my head, you held me without my asking.  But in those moments that you caressed my hands, I was awake enough to know.  I felt the soft kisses you placed in my hair and on my arms.  You put up with the constant moving while I slept, keeping comforting arms around my body.  I didn't ask for the kindness, but you didn't need my permission anyway.  The elephants paraded on, singing their song, and I dozed comfortably in the well needed warmth of your arms.
244 · Mar 2019
Wants over Needs
Maegen Sheehan Mar 2019
Whatever you wanted from me was not what you needed from me.
177 · Jan 2018
Maegen Sheehan Jan 2018
I can't run away fast enough.  The feeling always catches me.
I put on a show for others just so they can't see what is underneath.
I feel it in my chest; it hurts, it aches, it is constant.
I feel like crying all. The. Time. If only to feel that release. But does it ever happen? No, not really.
141 · Mar 2019
sandy trees
Maegen Sheehan Mar 2019
I won't carve my name in the tree of your heart; but I will write it in the sand of your soul.
Maegen Sheehan Jul 2019
What would you do if I just walked into the water and never came back?
How long would you wait for my return?
Would you think I died or started a new life?
Would you go with me so I won't be lonely?
Would you?
not really sure where this one came from. just sitting by the sea waiting for a friend. also in a way makes me think of the ending to The Awakening.
101 · Jul 2019
not so sleepy
Maegen Sheehan Jul 2019
It's not often this happens to me.
Rare, really.
This sleeplessness, the why-can't-I-fall-asleep thing.
I can instantly see how frustrating it is for those it happens to more often than not.
Why, in this chance of me getting to sleep in, have I not fallen asleep yet? What am I supposed to do? I was tired earlier.
That good old feel it behind you eyes thing. The 'I'll be asleep as soon as I lie down' thing.
63 · Jan 2020
unanticipated words
Maegen Sheehan Jan 2020
You said it unexpectedly, never had I thought it was possible.
Sweetly whispered through the dark, between the kisses you gently placed on my body.
I felt immediately that you meant it but I still had to be sure. 'Yeah?'
You confirmed with an easy response.
You do something to me, make me feel things.
When you said it I felt an overwhelming happiness in my chest, freeing and flying away.
'You are beautiful.'

— The End —