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Kujo May 2015
I waited for you.
I wait for you all the time.
When you're with me I'm waiting for you,
in my sleep I wait for you,
in my dreams I wonder where you are.
I look at you, and I wonder where you are.
Patience is my only weapon.
Kujo Dec 2014
someday your old selves will come
knocking on your door
or tapping on your shoulder
with big pupils and dry lips
at first, you might not recognize them
and invite them in
and they might devour you
or they might find their old home
either way, it's all over
Kujo Dec 2014
smalltalk says it's a nice day, though it is cold
i loathe the bright clear sky
it's blindingly honest
i've got to squint my eyes

and it reminds me of you
Kujo Jul 2014
Waiting for the feeling to return
like running inside,
pulling off frost-bitten mittens
and holding your hands close
stretch your fingers and
warmth returns.
but the frost is on the inside
this time, there is nothing
to be done.
walk like a waking dream
that never fades away
speaking of things that mean
nothing to you as the auto-pilot
kicks in.
your real self is too exhausted
to run the show
too tired to regret
sleeping life away;
dreaming reality away…
tell yourself that you will return
Kujo Jun 2014
Is it selfish of me to fear
that I won't get any more
than I've got?
Sometimes I think
that I'll die
without conviction
or principle.
Somewhere, a part of me knows
that nobody will ever really
see me.
What if I've left things behind
that I never remember again?
Kujo Jun 2014
I try to keep
a positive mind
but hard when I know
it's only a matter of time
before it all
***** up again.
I'd like to get off this
I don't know how to stop this
Don't look at me
when I wreck into the ground
Don't make a sound
when you watch me
Kujo Jun 2014
If you haunt me
haunt me
haunt me
only because you
want me
Please don't
dissappoint me
I can't take that
Something tells me
I'm already gone
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