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Louise 8h
You're not talking to me.
Avoiding me.
But the 5 second eye contact we had
felt like everything was back to normal.
Sep 14 · 1.4k
My mental health
Louise Sep 14
You’re bad for my mental health.
And that’s all I can say.
Sep 6 · 235
Perfect not her
Louise Sep 6
Don't call me perfect while you're
still in love with her.
You called me perfect.
And then told me you loved her.
How could I be perfect if I'm not her?
The perfect not her?
Feb 26 · 365
Dancing in circles
Louise Feb 26
I'm going in circles.
I'm not getting answers.
Can't we just get along?
Can't we just give us a chance?
Even if we just have 2 months left?
Feb 18 · 209
Wish you had stayed
Louise Feb 18
I feel hopeless thinking of you.
you just quit trying.
you just quit me.
and for what?
for what?
I don't even know.
And I hope I never will.
Louise Feb 10
Choose a color,
any color,
other than blue.
So you don't choose the same color
he once did.
So you don't choose the same color
that is his favorite.
So you don't choose the same color
as the boy who once hurt me so much.

Instead, you chose red.
Louise Feb 9
With every text, I received from you
a feeling of anxiety came with it.
I was scared.
Every time, I was so scared you would end it.
Until you did end it,
and I had never felt happier.
Dec 2020 · 105
That's how the game goes
Louise Dec 2020
The ball is in your court.
Will you hit it back?
will you pick the ball up
and walk off the court?
Dec 2020 · 485
False Memories
Louise Dec 2020
You think you know someone
they do everything in their power
to prove you wrong.
Louise Dec 2020
And once again all my happiness
relies on you.
You have all the power to break me.
And once you do it,
I hope you build me up
and do it all over.
Dec 2020 · 189
Anything vs Everything
Louise Dec 2020
To me, you're my everything.
But sometimes
I doubt if I'm even
anything to you.
Oct 2020 · 76
Texts and Stories
Louise Oct 2020
I'm slowly killing myself
trying to get to you.
With each text, I send
with each story, I hope you reply to.
But you never do.
Oct 2020 · 263
My everything
Louise Oct 2020
You used to be my everything.
Now we can't even be in the same room.
You can't even look at me.
Yet all I want to do,
is stare at you.
Talk to you till the sunrises.
And never forget you.
Oct 2020 · 95
True story
Louise Oct 2020
He can't even look me in the eye.
He won't even look at me.
He sits there,
5 inches away from me.
Talking to everyone around me.
And he can't even look at me.
Like he doesn't even know me.
Like we are strangers with a history.
Sep 2020 · 207
The old vs the new
Louise Sep 2020
You know when you see them as the person they once were.
Even when they have changed so far,
that they'll never be that person again.
Yet you,
you can't get rid of the feeling of seeing the old them
in the new them,
you can't get rid of the feeling of still loving them,
even if you still only love the old them.
Jun 2020 · 204
My Scars
Louise Jun 2020
I remember exactly what you said time that night.
You let my scars define me.
the one person I thought knew I am more,
let my scars define me.
And I was so stupid to believe you
Jun 2020 · 771
A broken Promise
Louise Jun 2020
I told him I write poetry.
He asked me if I'll write poems about him.
And I said, yes every time you break my heart.
"Well then I'll never break your heart"
That was a promise he never kept.
Louise Jun 2020
And it turns out
the butterflies in my stomach,
the ones you gave me,
were never a good sign.
Jun 2020 · 219
Louise Jun 2020
Everything about you
Makes me go crazy.
I want to talk to you.
But I can’t.
I don’t want to be disappointed by the words you have to say.
Jun 2020 · 172
Your laugh. Your smile.
Louise Jun 2020
I am the best at making you laugh.
You can't admit it.
The way you smile.
It's a different smile.
The way you laugh.
It's a different laugh.
But now you can't even look at me.

And all I can think about is:
If she makes you laugh like I once did?
Apr 2020 · 504
Your Name
Louise Apr 2020
Your name is like poison.
I see it, the memories come back.
I hear it, the pain comes back.
I say it the love comes back.
Your name is a curse on me.
Apr 2020 · 207
Louise Apr 2020
Don't you notice?
Notice the damage you've done.
While you're not even mine.
I've given you too much power.
But I don't know to get it back.
Apr 2020 · 130
Louise Apr 2020
Break my heart.
Break my heart.
Just so I can feel you
trying to fix it again.
Apr 2020 · 308
Look up to the Stars
Louise Apr 2020
Drain my feelings into the night sky,
where only the stars can hear.
Suffocate my thoughts with
the fresh midnight air.
The only light that reaches my tears
is the moonlight.
But I still only want you here
listening to everything I have to say.
Mar 2020 · 332
Like the world
Louise Mar 2020
Love me like the world is ending.
Love me like the world won’t last.
Love me like the world is dying.
But you never did.
You never loved me.
Mar 2020 · 164
My body
Louise Mar 2020
Take my body and undo the damage
I've done to myself.
Please let me love myself
like you once pretended to do.
Mar 2020 · 750
We are different
Louise Mar 2020
it's a blade for you
but it's habit to me.
it's a blood for you
but it's craving to me.
it's a bottle for you
but it's an addiction to me.
it's a scar for you
but it's a desire to me.

you see how we're different yet?
Mar 2020 · 192
My last poem about you
Louise Mar 2020
The happy ending
I always deserved
but never got.
Mar 2020 · 220
A book about just us
Louise Mar 2020
I wish our story didn't end there.
Our story was never a book,
just a short story.
But hopefully we can write
a book full of our short stories.
Mar 2020 · 317
You left
Louise Mar 2020
You liked that I was different,
But then you left me for the most ordinary girl.
I guess I was just too different for you.
I wish I was ordinary.
Mar 2020 · 480
Some Things
Louise Mar 2020
Some things can't be fixed
with tape and glue.
Some things can't be fixed.
Some things will always
stay broken.
Feb 2020 · 416
Our Garden
Louise Feb 2020
You neglected
the flowers that once
grew so high and so beautiful to
tend the weeds
growing in our garden,
while I was alone trying
to fix the flowers we grew together.
Feb 2020 · 347
Black/ Red Lines
Louise Feb 2020
I now draw black lines
on my arm.
instead drawing red lines
on my arm.
just because you needed
to care about me.
Feb 2020 · 143
Does he love me?
Louise Feb 2020
you love me
you love me not
you love me
you love me not
you love me
you love me not

Why is everything about you?
Feb 2020 · 143
Simple Text
Louise Feb 2020
And with just a simple text,
You planted a smile on my face
With which I fell asleep with.

I don’t have feelings for you.
*I do though
Feb 2020 · 352
Louise Feb 2020
“it’s going to be ok”
yea of course
that’s what they always say.
it’s a lie
just like when I text you
“I’m fine”
with tears in my eyes
while my skin burns with
all the “cat scratches”
Feb 2020 · 107
In Loving Memory
Louise Feb 2020
Even with the terrible memories of you.
I will have a great life.
I just need to learn to love myself again.
Even with the thoughts of you.
In (not) loving memory of the unlovable self.
Feb 2020 · 144
The Guessing Game
Louise Feb 2020
Guess I never meant enough to you.
Guess you never cared enough about me.
Guess you never liked me enough.
Guess I was never enough for you.

— The End —