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  Sep 2017 karma
Some days I look at her
and see remnants of the innocence she used to possess.
Other days
I don't know who this girl in the bathroom is watching me as I get undressed.
Although I know every curve and crevice of her  figure,
every freckle on her face.
Every imperfection,
every flaw,
every strand of hair out of place.

She is a stranger.

Her eyes are filled with a sorrow of a self afflicted pain.
Insecure delusions of her own self worth decorated in shame.
Some days I watch her paint her lipstick on to hold her smile in place.
Other days I watch as she swallows her  disguise from a bottle that grants her a small window of a pathetic illusion of a fabricated happiness.

She never cries in front of anyone,

But she cries in front of me.
I know her every expression,
even the awkward faces she doesn't let anyone else see.
She pleads for me to hold her,
but as I reach for her
she puts her arms out in defense,
She looks at me like I'm her worst enemy,
Like she hates the thought of my presence.
She constantly asks me why I exist,
My lips move when she talks,
But the words never make sense.
I try to present myself the way I would like her to be.
But I'm only the REFLECTION of a girl she used to be.
  Sep 2017 karma
Writing With Teeth
so many people
write about love with
a joint
a crutch

i don't have a crutch
and i don't have a crush
and two negatives equal a positive
so what does this poem even mean?
karma Sep 2017
A kiss,
A look,
A touch,
A conversation,
Heat courses through my veins like an erupting volcano.
It's at this moment I know I am done for.
Forbidden love tastes so sweet, my sweet tooth can't help but ache for more.
You look at me and your eyes anticipate more.

Our love was not love,
but lust and desire.
It grew;
Flourished into something so wild
not even Buddha could tame it
I fall again and again
karma Sep 2017
Let me show you that I'm capable of relationships,
That I'm capable of caring and opening up.
Im capable of everything you need but I know there's no chance.
I know that you've decided to run away and I know that I've decided to stand and face the truth.
The truth is;
a slap in the face,
a message unread,
feelings unsaid.
The truth hurts and that's because there's no excuse.
karma Aug 2017
Where are you?
-I cant reach you.
-I can see you.
You're justt out of reach.
I had you,
Where did you go?
Why did you go?
Did I push you away?
Did you pull back?
You mustn't have,
otherwise you'd be here.
What have I done?
What did you do?
Reach out to me.
Our fingertips almost touch,
-you pull away.
Please mum,
I need you.
we all need our mum, sometimes we need her more than we realise
karma Aug 2017
Where did you come from, sweet angel of mine?
I need not the answer to that.
- for life as we speak is bearable,
Life has gifted me with a companion,
A companion in which my soul shares it's entity with.
Liberty and Karma.
It's almost as if it were meant to be.
The pivotal moment of my youth has changed from once was a sea of unchanging grey,
-to an ocean of blue and endless possibilities.
I thank the heavens for blessing me with a sweet angel.
-and so i thank you, Liberty, for joining me on this journey.
For trusting me and allowing me to trust you.
For laughing with me,
For many life changing times yet to come,
But mostly for being my friend.
I adore you endlessly.

yours truly,
letter for a friend.
  Aug 2017 karma
Neha Srivastava
I am a woman , I should be timid - They say
I am a human , I know no limit  - I say,

My existence is not meant for your judgment
Crushing me is not a sign of your triumphant,

My love for you has always been abundant
Why am I the one to make all the adjustments,

Look into my eyes , you'll see a twinkle
Savaging it , is so sinful,

My demand for freedom makes you reluctant
Clothed in societal norms , I have to bear its repercussion,

How are the governing laws so different for Both
What makes you so nervous of my growth,

Why do I have to fight for what is my right
Why do you enjoy my plight,

Being submissive is declared my attire
No one hears what my heart desires,

I am not the one to dance on your note
I am a volcano that erupts on my own,

I don't demand anything extraordinary
All I seek is equality,

Equality to Breathe without fear
Equality to be safe my dear!!!!!
A tribute to Equality of a woman
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