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  May 2017 Lilly Tereza
i wrote a lot of great poetry when i was in love
i wrote even better poetry when i was in pain
i wrote the best poetry when i realized that the two emotions were actually the same.
Lilly Tereza May 2017
I was not supposed to get this far;
I should not breathe this air.
I'm riding a wave of borrowed time
I don't believe is fair.

I'm older and wiser
and fatter and poorer
and I'm burning my fuse
at both ends

But tomorrow I'll wake up
and put on my make up
And try not to let down my friends.
How is everybody? I think I need this outlet again. It has really been a while. It would be nice to catch up with anybody who wants to shoot me a message.
Lilly Tereza Nov 2015
I can't explain the thrill I get
When he sweetly holds my hand,

After a morning of wrapping those same
Fingers around my throat.
Lilly Tereza Nov 2015
"No!" she shouted,
Pushing herself as far into her bed as she could.
Pressing her hands over her ears,
blocking out everything
but the music
blasting in from her ear buds.

She dissolved into the sound,
Forcing her mind
To let go
Of feelings such as touch and smell
Until she was weightless,
Floating into a void
Rather than sitting in the smog
Of cigarette smoke and alcohol
That was omnipresent in her house.

Just relax, she thought.

Letting the guitars and voices
Of her saviors wash over her,
She fell into a half sleep,
Where the only thing
Other than the music
Was the longing to live here,
In a void of nothing.

Because if there's one thing she'd learned,
It was better to feel nothing at all
Than nothing but pain.
I can't believe you're making her feel this way. I wish you would just leave. I'd rather have no father at all than a father like you.
Lilly Tereza Nov 2015
Feels like we're tied
Up in a world
Full of people trying to
bring us down.
In four years I've watched
My best friends' smiles
Turn to frowns
Only to be replaced by
Red lines on skin,
Straight like the coke she snorts
Just to get high
And FEEL something
For a little while.
This is old but I can't sleep
Lilly Tereza Nov 2015
You cut me open with words of hate
You filled my gut with lies
You made me think the worst of thoughts
You made me hate my life

But I would do it all again
So your bullets wouldn't hit her
You ******* drunk just stay away
Don't touch my little sister

Daddy you're the devil
Without the trace of an angle's grin
So finish off that bottle because
Your heart is lost in sin

I'm all grown up and far away
I'm sure you miss your punching bag
Can't you see how beautiful she is?
Please, don't ******* hurt her, Dad
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