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I see you in my dreams, your face ever changing
But your body is still the same
Something I crave and want to try
Maybe only once
A second hit to make it real
But nonetheless
A one hit wonder of a fantasy
YUKTI Jan 2018
For once let me find you on my side at least once..
For once accept and respect my decision at least once..
For once stand in front of those who are making fun of me at least once..
For once just stop feeling hate for me at least once..
For once break the ice at least once
So for once I can swim the flood like life if you be my life guard.. for once
Lex Apr 2014
Just let me ******* kiss you.
Just once.
Just so I can savour the taste of your lips, for one moment.
Just so I can feel what I've longed to feel from you.
For one moment.
So I can wrap my arms around your neck and run my fingers through your hair.
For maybe more than a moment.
But let me show you the way I want to love you.
Just for one moment.

— The End —