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kayla Jan 2019
Trying to process
how you don’t need me
like I need you
God. I wanted to be honest and talk. I just needed some cheering up, but clearly you fell asleep and I feel like you don’t care enough. And that really hurts. I would stay up to make sure your okay. I would have liked it if you did the same. That way I could’ve said goodbye.
kayla Oct 2018
With the rain came the goodbyes and heartbreak.
Everyone knew but me.
Leaves me on read and I don’t know what I did. If you ain’t feeling it just let me know. Please don’t play me like this. I’m already hurt enough
kayla Oct 2018
not as in she is
but only  she was
because the feelings
that once were there
are gone
Who’s gonna love the dumb depressed girl in the end. Only princesses get saved.
kayla Sep 2018
Because who would believe me
15 years old,
and dressed like a ****
I have to tell him at some point, but I do I break it to him that he wasn’t my first that someone took that from me long time ago, that I almost killed my because I thought I was pregnant. I don’t know what to say or how to bring it up. I don’t want to make him sad or worry.
kayla Sep 2018
Do you even care about my feelings
I’m starting to think you don’t
Because why would something important to me
Mean the world to you
I wanted to be honest about what’s going on because he said I could go to him with anything. But here I am feeling ignored and stupid for trying to be honest. I get it his **** is prolly more important than mine, but I’m hurting and I don’t want to be here anymore.

This has been his only flaw, but I’m kind of regretting even trying to.  To get to know someone is this kind of way makes me feel vulnerable and weak. I have terrible trust issues to start with. I just really needed someone there tonight at least to tell me I wasn’t crazy for what I was feeling. Just some reassurance. Abusive parents are hard, hiding it from others is harder, but hiding it from people you care about and love is heart breaking. You want them to always be happy and telling them something like this will cause them to worry. But you feel like **** for not telling them, you feel like you’re betraying them and lying, going behind their back. I feel like ****.

I feel bad for even thinking about writing this because deep down my heart knows he cares and it breaks him, but my minds tells me he’s brushing it off like it’s nothing.

I’m at war with myself. I’m feeling so many emotions but so empty at the same time.
kayla Apr 2018
I trap my feelings inside
Meaningful words on a meaningless paper
Tossed into the sea
Looking for a special someone

A special someone who will keep me close to their heart
Read every word
And preserve from any tear

But I’m Drowning in salted drops
Slowly sinking to the bottom
Washing away at the ink
Stuck in a glass bottle
I wish I wasn’t afraid to share how I feel. Sure I can explain what happened and say if I cried or not. But not that I feel empty or unwanted. I wish.
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