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 Aug 2015 jay
Karen Nicole
do you still,
that you're holding my hand
instead of hers?

do you still,
care for me
when you hear
that i'm sick?

do you still,
ask your friends
if i'm doing fine
or if i'm feeling low?

do you still,
think about the what if's
like, what if we're together
what if we're not over?

because baby, i still do.
 Aug 2015 jay
*fūck up
 Aug 2015 jay
I laugh
At things that aren't funny
I cry sad and happy tears
Over things that don't deserve them
I frown
When I should be smiling
And vice versa
I eat ice cream
When it's cold
I have soup
When it's already hot and humid out
Doing these silly things
Might not help
But I like it that way
I'm messed up like that
But you
**** you
You're the worst kind of messed up
Because you
Kissed me harder
When you wanted to kiss another
Hugged me tight and whispered,
"I'm not ready to give up on you,"
When you already had
Looked into my eyes
Told me you cared
Even when you didn't
Because you're just that way
Messed up
 Aug 2015 jay
holding on
 Aug 2015 jay
bad days don't last

but good days
don't either
 Mar 2015 jay
Aleksander J Rain
when the language of rain
is in need of

when the parallel lines

when observing the time
by the pizza boxes
a ceiling fan.

when pages of
stories are skipped
to the end unread.

rain touches the lonely,
rain is weaving  
the hearts
with dreams.

rain colors the lonely
arching in color
touching the sky.  

droplets  of water
through your window glass
tapping of comfort
of watering eyes.
 Mar 2015 jay
Theodore Bird
What do you want, then?

Do you want marvels?
     Do you want comets,
do you want the entire night sky
     pooled in the bow of your collar bones?
Do you want love?
     Do you want heartache,
do you want spring blossoms
     flourishing between the lattice of your entwined fingers?
Do you want hope?
     Do you want burning smiles,
do you want the crushing weight
     of space, plummeting inside your chest?
Do you want pain?
     Do you want the broken places,
do you want the earth falling from its axis
     so you can find your place?
 Mar 2015 jay
Poetic Artiste
Maybe I expected too much,
A kiss with such passion it’d make me fall in love,
It would sweep me off my feet with its dialogue in tongue,
It would be every and anything I had thought it was.

It would be perfect.
Tilted head, parted lips,
Lusciousness and sweet glances,

A stroke to my cheek,
A gaze into my eyes,
Only to reach disappointment,
I slowly died inside.
When your first kiss with someone is not all you thought it would be...
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