I see you.
With your heart of stone
I see you
With your gilded mask
I see you
With your diamond tears
I see you
With your blazing tongue
I see you
With your glass smiles
I see you
With your empty eyes
I see you
With your fragile hands
I see you
With your broken lies
I see you
With your stooped shoulders
I see you.
Everything you are,
Everything you are not.
I see you
And I care.
I see you, because you are like me.
I'm tired but I can't sleep
I'm hungry but I can't eat
I'm sad but I can't frown
I'm lonely but I can't speak
I'll make the oceans sing
Your name and kiss the
Ivory sands with love
Not yet bittered by
The salt that runs
Deep in the weeping
Blue beauty
That rumbles under
My striking thunder
A poem of $ex
But not in this text
I just used this title to see
If you would come
Looking for fun
And read this poem by me
You will not find
Words of that kind
No moaning passionate steam
Two of the night
Not in this write
All of these verses are clean
Lips locking soft
Hearts now aloft
Maybe what you did expect
Candlelight aflame
Screaming a name
Glistening skin, beads of sweat
Sensual sighs
Quivering thighs
Erotic moments to trace
Euphoric throes
Fingers and toes
Sorry you’re in the wrong place
None of that here
Let’s make it clear
Nary a stanza reflects
Words that you see
Written by me
Titled, “A Poem of $ex”
sitting underneath the stairs, i realized suddenly:
i could die here.

i could die here,
and would anyone know?
i could die here, under the dirty staircase,
and nothing would change.

a friend of mine came for me eventually;

someone i don't know too well,
but well enough.

and she squeezed my hand and told me,
"you're not alone."

as my breathing grew ragged and my chest constricted and my eyes ached, i belatedly realized that was the most terrifying prospect of all.
only thing worse than feeling alone is knowing that so many others feel alone... hope everyone out there is feeling loved.
i can’t remember a time before i wasn’t caught
in the pearly whites of your canines, or an era
when i wasn’t perforated apart by your cannonballs,
shot down by the bullets of the glistening emeralds
you call your eyes.

i can’t remember a time when my poems
wasn't dedicated to memorising every detail
of your raven eyelashes curving to the sky,
or how the warmth of your palms transcend
the coldness i tolerated in my heart.

i can’t remember a time when i didn’t
have something to lose, and i think that started
when your honey-lidded gaze fall on me in the
middle of a crowded room with too much sound,
but i can still hear the ‘i love you’.

i can’t remember a time when you used to be static
-pure background noise, irrelevant, unnoticed
after all, doesn’t it drive you crazy how much
someone could mean to you?
at first, they’re a whisper in the dark and suddenly-

i cranked up the amp
to ten, as the chord rang out
scaled the speaker

         i could see townshend
from my peak; fell, splintered the
      bass. so this is rock.
Nearly broke my arm at band practice today. Guess how :)
You would not be the first
to slip quietly out of my life
faintest of footsteps wilting
gently into the first notes of dawn's overture.

And what rabbit are you chasing
down this hole you have found by the willow?
do you not fear its tears
will follow you down?

I mourn many mornings
no lyrical musings left in me
over the hands that slipped from mine
into the mist, unnoticed.

I have reached, and shouted
and screamed my throat raw
but I remain unanswered
before all these closed doors

Never to return to me, never to find
my searching hand in the dark
holding hope this tender light
it's flickering fading in your shadow

How often will I break my heart for you,
fair spirits too turbid for this world?
How often will I chase you into the maze,
trying to guide you as we lose ourselves complete?

And if I am left alone, to face the same temptation,
gently calling me home,
Whose ears are craning for petals falling
at the end of the very same song?
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