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Born into
a dying moment
dry breathing
and distant sounds
the Echoplex
of stacatto reverbetions
as Causeless care
is Shuffled lightly
each dealt
a sovereign play
of words - deeds
becoming seeds
the Flatline screen
the rooted vein
of blood -fed
averted versions
by abbrogated
in colluded
Instituted falsification
leaving each one
only the thinnest
of self- satisfying sanctuary
those deepest recesses
of absolution
that place
that never sees no sun
rooted deep
by rote remote repetition  until received - until believed there was nothing... Nothing nothing ... nothing we could have done.
Feb 21 · 38
incandescent darkness
The light strains in vain
to maintain
some distance from the stain
and does so without hope
to win this battle waged
for times eternal
it tries ,denies,
yet nothing
what lies... beyond
the boundaries pre-subscribed
to which each must abide
as shadows grow
and darkness drops
over the land and souls
humans have learned
to push back
by flickering flame
and ever present
A tribute to our ability
To find solutions
through evolutions
of failures facts and follies
yet we find a will and way
to stay
a tentative yet relative
hold upon the control
of power over dark and light
except within
the hearts of them
That allow only darkness
to permeate their soul
as it takes a bitter toll
Feb 8 · 58
whisper of
,A whisper of rain
washed over my skin
marooning me upon
those memories again
that often plants itself
like a garden of green
with its soft pink aura
standing out and for
all beauty of nature
ive know and ive seen
and then the breeze
caresses my flesh
with the softness of a lovers kiss
or maybe even
a slight bit less
like a tenderest of touch
a tender caress
and i watch the redbird
whos song i had heard
but till now  
had  remained
rushing away
ahead of the rain
while i choose to be
taken away
as  i choose to remain
to let it wash clean
any blues
far  away
to know i still feel
as the warm summer
droplets arrive
to know I am blessed
and to know i am alive
ATTENTION .  I looked over Noble poetry and notice the word mend where it seems amend would be more to the point . One way it seems to say they can amend rules which  means "arbitraly change "to me. ..whereas mend means to correct any mistakes to me

So color me slightly chagrined to recieve an e mail asking mecto screenshot the point to them if it is important to me.and went on to say sorry if this made me uncomfortable
My reply was No . No to joining. And NO to being uncomfortable and thats b/ c any site dedicated to words and their power who calls itself Noble should never send what they sent to me...
Why do people always want to start a fight
,when all you trying to do is help them
see the light
You don't want to see Them Stumbling around
Falling down
Landing on what the dog left On The ground
It's like they're alt saying
if you don't believe
what I believe
you cannot help me ,to even live
and that's hard to conceive When it comes to dying
They continue trying
Tightly packed  as they Interact And it's a sad fact
what the nurse said on TV
just  the other day
Sometimes it's just too hard
to hear the last words
They ever say
in that Breathless Rasp
Between it and that final gasp Kovid/ Corona it doesn't exist I'll be fine they
do insist
And that's when lighted eyes  Dim
And the heart monitor goes flat
You're not fine
I just don't understand why people don't see this
As a sign ... Like Perhaps Stop!
Just stop !
Jan 27 · 298
What comes of addiction
a predilection
A two times round
the same intersection
looking for an accident
a reason to get bent
out of shape
out of mind
out of the mendacious ...
...daily grind
that keeps telling all of us
you must work hard
Smile all the while
that your life is shrinking
your passbook is sinking
deeper and deeper
Take 2 weeks off
the change will do you good
but you know that behind the smile there is guile
theres no chance
to remain complete
in the face of defeat
when you and yours are addicted
afflicted with ....
a silly need to eat !
I feel as if the air is lighter, the nights are more inviting, the mood of those strangers we smile at -with eyes alone,- more receptive, like one of those spring mornings that is in the process of, or has just shaken off the crisp cool mantle of wet fog, to leave the ground saturated in the sound deadening effect [that] - in those rare moments- we can pause, enjoy and savor; before stepping back onto the conveyor belt of life ( modern humans lot), with the still lingering sounds of unseen birds singing to our souls from the bluer skies, those happier trees and the proudly more secure rooftops that seem to have suddenly regained the pride of being things of value, things of worth, those things  which I find absolutely worthy of rejoicing at no other time in my 2/3 century of living on this great planet!
Jan 12 · 44
How to be rich
Small steps create change , starting  a trail that others can follow ,adding value to principal and accruing interest - and we all profit.
Jan 3 · 157
no love to share
I don't have no love to share anymore
you took it all with you
when you walked out the door
now you're back knocking
wanting me open up
to let you back in
what makes you think
that I do that when
I don't know who
it is out past that door
besides I don't even live
I don't live there anymore
you took all of me away
when you wen......anyway
like I say
I don't have any no love
to more !
Dec 2020 · 59
Never Again
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2020
It is an ineffable challenge
to render...
any "real"
all imbuing
as to why
seems the only Quest
for those who have regressed deigning to live with less
than the full potential
that seems so essential
to the human Condition
yet so many push on
Sans any sign of contrition
they seem impervious
to any knowledge of...
their obsequious subservience adhering to so abhorrent a view that's so often of late
It seems....
as if it deems
A need to elevate, perpetrate instalate to dictate
perpetuate the growing hate
of a monger
that should no longer be relevant were it not
for the egregious deception
by those who believe
Our new starting point
will be the Inception....
.. by their god-given right
to appoint
to anoint
a criminal, a traitor,
A would be fascist dictator
their own fearless leader
that feckless man
who could not care less
about making America great
or in the future
or at all
certainly not every again
never again!!
NO ! Never again!
Dec 2020 · 33
Scrolling along
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2020
Scrolling along
My finger on high
Sudden stop scrolling back
To see what I just went by

A baby in a high chair
18 months - maybe ....a tater tot
On the end of a fork
.....dancing chaotic
Seeking to aim at the right spot
First thought I had was IDK
Young for a fork but who knows
Having a little trouble -and I
I start to think cute, and then froze....
...the fork she was using was between her toes
Then I get confused inside of myself
I realize it may be sad what I just said
I know that it's cute she's a little doll
With a happiness bright lit so easily seen
I battle myself as i get stuck between
Cute and/or tragic.cute or tragic ...
Neither feels natural as i try them on
So in compassionate relief I to myself
As i take in a wider view and thought .
Dec 2020 · 52
When I
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2020
When I reach out for you
And you're not there
I feel myself shrinking ...sinking
Into a deep abyss

When I turn to say something to you
But you're not there to hear
I feel myself falling - calling
Out to the one I miss
Dec 2020 · 67
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2020
         MISSING 51st    
state, now that its gone...
  I realize how beautiful
  the state of bliss really was!
Dec 2020 · 48
Always holding me up!!!
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2020
when I was a clock
you were too slow
to keep
up with me
when I was a wheel
I was always around
but you always seemed content just to  watch me roll on by
when I was a cloud..
... white or gray
It  never seemed
to matter much you
either way
when I was a question
you had no answers
when you had answers
I had no question
That when I was a nightmare
, You always remained a dream
When I was an open book
you made it easy
to always turn the page
and when I'd  fear
what I might find there
it seemed like you
would always skip ahead
making sure
my post is clear... making sure
that my ghosts weren't there !!

When I was a clock
you were too slow
to keep up with me
now that I'm an old man
I walk slower much slower now While  you could run so far ahead but, you're always there
holding my hand ....holding
my hand instead !
Dec 2020 · 70
Windows of the Soul
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2020
pay no heed to the frustrated
potentially addlepated
irritating convoluted
not even amplituded
but hell bent on clogging up
Your emotions, your reactions
your common sense
and your precious time
It's just that
they are a little bit
easier to see
by over looking the mask
Behold we have reached the dawn
Of the... Subliminal mime!
Keith W Fletcher Nov 2020
If it is - as they say
then GOD slammed
a couple of doors - in my face
It wasn't like I had not seen
that long haulway
set out before me
door after door...
...wide open - just as far
As I could see

So...maybe...just maybe
I was or chose to be they
began to slowly close

As I sailed along oblivious
to what was - not... what I miss
and then...BLAM
so quick the second
that I never heard it slam
what with my momentum
roaring at full hum

I knew right then
that my...
just now ex-friend
had created a wound
believed to be one
that would never mend
which was...
at that juncture
very much right!NO! wrong!
Right then
was that time to stop and think
About the depths
I was or was not
to allow myself to sink!

" You Know," I said " Its Been In
Your Head...from the moment!"

That moment - months ago
when that bridge was crossed
Set ablaze - burned to a crisp
no way back
across the divide
on one side
looking back
Across that void
regretfully seeing
the uttered...not muttered
words that I had heard
and wishing right then
that that moment
had never occurred!

As two white men we be
talking about BLM
as suddenly one would decide,
to deride , not implied
but simply replied
"But it's not the right time!!!"

I sat there agape
as if hearing
fingernails scrape
across a chunk of slate
married to an indigenous
blessed with beautiful indigenous offspring
who carried that native appeal
grandchildren as well- wait....WAIT!!

I wanted to scream "Are you MAD- RRRrrr Uuuuuu InSANE?

With motors overheating
I loosed that string
let that hot-air balloon
rise up and steadily drift away
carrying off a friendship ( of sorts )
a favor in the act
where wise men stop
to think..instead of react!

into the wind I watched it sail
as I stepped gracefully
back from the rail
Stopping dead in my tracks

So...was I surprised
as I watched...
... those doors
SlaMMing shut
so abruptly
amid today's nevermores?
YES! ...sort of
I guess you might say
but I pulled up my anchor
set sail on calm waters
Jettisoning my rancor
starting with reasoning
tamping down any hot embers
"Small fish of'n ave big tales!"
I read on a strangers porch
just today along my travails
My mind...
..suddenly remembers!

At first just a smallest of smiles
existed on my unwilling face
Before the laughter erupted
washing away all of it away...
...without leaving a trace!

   $mall price to be paying
that bridge so selfishly ignored
which turns out - as you knew
t'was not a willingly could afford!!

Then that breeze
blew over me..
...refreshingly cool/
replenishing me
more than I believed
was my right to be hopin'

A bestgone friend
a few hundred lost
so much was gained
than was to be lost
when all those windows did suddenly open!

That is today's truth... reality lesson.

Nov 2020 · 35
ever so often
Keith W Fletcher Nov 2020
ever so often
something will
filter through my mind
sweet and colorful
twisted and curved
like ribbon candy
being formed
as my mind slides back
the way you will
when walking up
the downslide side
of an escalator
then you stop
just before
you reach the top

what makes it so hard
to step across
always turning out to be
that backward slide
is there something to fear
that you feel exists
will not simply disappear
by it being denied

it's existence
yet your resistance
to its insistence
that you must go the distance
is keeping it alive

but there is always something
so serene
about that backward slide
that feels like
being suspended
somewhere between
life and a dream
caught in a stream
of consciousness.

go go go go go along. along along

life has so few
things to do
to bring that
ribbon candy...back to production

so to watch as
it is
taking form
soft and warm
sliding through
stopping and starting
folding and molding
itself into what
it will soon be
a hardened memory

so maybe thats why
why you always stop
before that step across
at the very top
as if you ever could have
kept those memories pliable
or truth deniable

okay okay
I hear you loud and clear
face my fear
take the ride all the way
to the top and step across
and be grateful that you
always considered it as
an escalator.
and not an elevator

top floor watch your step!
Nov 2020 · 45
Not I!!
Keith W Fletcher Nov 2020
I know not
why - we
collectively do
what- we
do not- or even
try to  understand

I know not
how- we
connect into
that which they
will not allow or endow
what we demand

I know not
when we
decided to
undo - not view
that knot
that was once
that strand

I  know not
where we
go from here
once we
don't get to imbue
Upon Our Land

I know not
who you
listen to
when naught
was said that engendered
to expand

even the smallest thought
or doubt - idea or regret
or what- might- be lost
by  those
who care not why...
... they just do !
Might that be you ?
... it's not me!
Oct 2020 · 35
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2020
The life of a human
Is a short time span
So we do need to look quick
at all we can ..
at all the things
that ...
..might be missed
any of which
could be
something that
should  have ...
on your list
and just might be
the thing
that could
gotten you
past ..
you needed ...
... to ...
.........resist !! .
Oct 2020 · 41
Lighten up
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2020
If you cannot see the humor
In some of the small faux pas
That you make each day
Then I feel sad for you
For all the big ones that
You've made along the way !
Oct 2020 · 132
How it feels
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2020
I've never really been homeless
but I lived right next door forever and ever
or so it seems
I've never been hopeless
but I've seen my light
go dim for a while
as I while away
without any dreams
I've never really been lifeless but I've had times
I could have lived
a little bit more
I never really felt worthless
but I've had those times
I felt like my life could have
had a bit more in store
never have I been homeless
so I have no idea... how
it really must feel
even though ...oh ohhhoh
I always lived soohohhhoh close
to that edge-  it's not
the same....
it's not how
do you feel?
Sep 2020 · 116
Keith W Fletcher Sep 2020
I can't say that I don't care
That I fell into disrepair
but it seems that I am there
and it really really is nowhere
nowhere that  I want to be
holds no views I want to see
I need to find a remedy
I am sick and I am tired
of this life in which I am mired
I don't have to be admired
just want to have a voice for choice
is all I have ever desired
choose the way you want to live
choose how much of you..
... you want to give
don't try to always relive those parts  parts of you....
... that you decided to give.... away
at last
to the past
I can't say that I don't care
that I once fell into..... disrepair!
Aug 2020 · 35
Yet to deserve
Keith W Fletcher Aug 2020
I paused to stare
-the void of emptiness
where I have tossed
so many promises that I
have made
all the memories and people
that time will fade
then the fog always seems
to appear
obscuring all there
that were just here
pushing me to move along
telling me that I was
some how wrong
To even give the past a chance  even taking a single glance and what do I do
I'll let life intervene
rise up and come between
start slowly shrinking
to suddenly disappear
and then I walk on past
the empty
shadow that I cast
if I could I separate myself
from all those memory traps
Where I always seem to fall
I find that I cannot help myself  always I seem to pause
to peer across the distance void where I've always lied decried  , as, as full of emptyness
when I truly knew
exactly what it is that I see
every single one of those
scattered memories
Like  mausoleums
inviting me to come on In ,,
While inside my head
Voices telling me to move on
before I release some  inner peace
Soothing out all the inner pain and ever-present nerve
  So away I go to avoid
Any  piece of mind
I don't believe I yet deserve.
Aug 2020 · 35
As at across
Keith W Fletcher Aug 2020
Stopping by the grammer store
I  bought a few pronoun bars to strengthen up my desciptabilities
A variety of verbs
To alter the activities
My proclivities .... danger
of being denoounced
renounced by pronounced
Excommunication exultation
Forming on the vestigages of
The voice once possessed
Now seemingly at rest
Unsuitably impressed by
The nothingness of
any redressed grievance
When sentenced to question
Ones own viability ...
reliability or inspirability
Without pardon ...
I left with a full bag
of prepositions as i wandered and wound my way  home  ...
Never knowing of the hole
Where in my wake
i left a trail behind me during
before and after ,up against
Over and through ,near ,for among and between here and there i lost them all but one
Hanging half out without knowing where at
Aug 2020 · 34
up to date lists
Keith W Fletcher Aug 2020
Sometimes I fear that our only hope
is those who can are extending the rope
to see how far the degradation exists
while keeping copious and up to date lists
Aug 2020 · 266
do not
Keith W Fletcher Aug 2020
I do not have
unrequited dreams
what I have are dreams
yet fulfilled !
Jul 2020 · 164
seeking reincarnation
Keith W Fletcher Jul 2020
I am slowly slipping
my fingertips
no longer gripping
all progress
in regress
and i do feel
a need to confess
that i base my decision
on a questionable guess
but then without more
then that's it  
naught  else to address
nothing more
nothing less
than a wordless postmortem
as  it takes its last breath
then goes to find  out
if there is life after death!
Jul 2020 · 56
I die every night
Keith W Fletcher Jul 2020
I cried out
to my demons
won't you- won't you
won't you please.... let me be
I've always known ...that
I would die all alone
but at least let me be
let me

the cost
cannot be compared
to the pains of others...that i have shared
I cared
and I've had to say goodbye
too many times
too many times
for anyone ...anyone
in one lifetime of despair

won't you won't you please
  let me be
simply do as I have done
and forget all about me
that I
I am no longer around
tell everybody
I just cannot be found

all the  places I have haunted
and the ghosts
that I have shared
shared all the wounds
that I've encountered
so why is it now
that I have been spared ?
okay ..okay...OKAY !
I see how it is
life wants to continue
to punish me punish me

so I live day after day
and I die
night after night .
when I feel so cold
as cold as stone  and all alone
Sometimes it seems
even to me
even to me even to me
I seem to be out
out of my mind
out of my sight
Jul 2020 · 70
Row me home
Keith W Fletcher Jul 2020
Row me along a path of...
least resistance ...and in my wake
I will leave no sign of passing

Row me through the rocky rapids
and in my wake ...
I will leave only my fear

Row me down a sheltered stream
and i will slow to watch the world
and all its beauty

Row me out into the vast
and endless ocean ..and I will be lost
without direction
So that is why ....i think of you as ...
my love ...and my Compass !
Row me home!
Jun 2020 · 98
Bigger View
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2020
there was never anybody
in my life but you
I never really saw it
because I didn't have a big enough view
to really see it...
....for what it always was

When my life got tough
and I fell on my face
I would  have been lost
if you hadn't given me a place

To take a deep breath
you said ..." its just what a real friend does !'

when I got stronger and  could stand
-on my own two feet
making  myself a promise that those
mistakes made I would never ever  repeat

so the one I  made should have shocked me awake
but I guess I never felt even the slightest buzz

then came that day I finally slowed down
taking a look around and back at people I had met
you stood out like a bright light in the darkest dark
I knew nothing would ever ease the pang of regret

for not realizing how important you
and what you did for me really was

Or for not seeing you
for who   you really were
how it never did occur me ...
...that you had to be
the one person
that gave me everything

everything I've got in my life
I want you to know -I owe - to you
so anything I have - if you need it
then it's yours simply because... it always was
but I guess I forgot the words you once said

" its just what a real friend does !"
Jun 2020 · 66
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2020
I'm looking forward
not to fall on my face
as that would only
add more pain
to all that I've lost
oh how can I
ever pay the cost
when there's no valuation
that could ever suffice
not everything
in life
not everything in life
has.  to.   have a price
some things are priceless ..
...especially when it's lost
Jun 2020 · 51
Live and grow
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2020
Love trusts
the way water will trust
the path thru hill and Valley
around Rocky turns
and that is how
a river is born

so that people who love
have loved
Will Be Loved
and will be remembered... ...forever
Like those  Sunday drives
and evening walks
for that is the kind of love
that keeps water flowing
keeping in its wake
so many  flowers growing ...
...always growing!
Just  love pure. so you can
live and breathe and grow!
Jun 2020 · 82
I didn't throw it away
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2020
she truly  loved him
His name was George
she watched him spin
in elliptical gyrations
rising higher than ever
she watched him go
shearing off the turn light
before flying
pedal perfect
through the shield
then to fall....under the wheels
stopping the monstrous advance
Oh God ! she thought as she watched
what a grand departure friend
A Tribute to
the partnership we did forge
I really loved our time together
she whispered past flowing tears
good-bye my bike... hero named GEORGE!
May 2020 · 300
Tumbling across....
Keith W Fletcher May 2020
Lunacy  zigs and zags.
across time and history
like crudely sewn patches
On the knees ...
...of childhood dreams !
May 2020 · 88
list of names
Keith W Fletcher May 2020
a trace of me (will be)
moving on
powerless  ( against)
the rising tide
pouring over me (as I am)
washed out ( where )
nothing is nothing ( and )
totally incomplete (is)
the inevitable outcome
that led me .....
right from the start
in futile search (I am )
gone without notice
facing a future ( of )
expanded consciousness
even in the garden of inspiration
dark days
color my  world
Chemicals (keep)
burning bridges
been here before
beyond the boundaries
beyond a dream
standing at the edge of tomorrow
( wondering )
Do I even exist ? (is)
my collection of rejections
my alpha and my omega (has)
the restless rider (been)
rising above
spinning a timeless tale (along)
the fine line
echoes of my silent world (across) 
the valley of infinity (so)
whats the difference
where do I fit in ?
I am but flesh and bone
hoping I never find me
every way I can
drawn in - dragged out (now)
Dialing back in  (to what is)
A Different world today
Aa couple dozen poems from my list to become ( maybe) a self published collection
Apr 2020 · 83
To want what i need
Keith W Fletcher Apr 2020
When you are rich
it must come with the fear
that one day you will awake
to find it did all disappear

So the advantage to me  
I was blessed to be born poor
I can give.away all that I've got
then go out and earn more

Not saying it's what one should do
just a thought to allow that bell to ring
Those times I can't afford something I want
wanting not needing then it's just a thing
A wifi modem issue caused a delay as I was penning this so to any who read or experienced an incomplete deepest apology. Thank you.
Apr 2020 · 217
Trial in error.
Keith W Fletcher Apr 2020
there are those that claim
that you - no you!- no you are to blame
so what is the truth?
when it really comes to be
that which was ignored..
...may have cost more
than anyone of us.... or I could afford

For power is often salacious
to those most most perverse
intent on halting all progression
putting the gears into reverse
meeting lawful non-conformance
with overbearing aggression
for them - any question becomes resistance
and reason for unreasonable oppression

long before ever existed our constitution
when Kingly whims were sacrosanct
John Adams spoke of that to come
as a nation of laws - not of men
And that would be great if only twer true
for so often these days and times
they don't apply to I and I
only to you and you.    

I am who you must obey  until you become I - YOU have naught to say
you must comply -you must...
...WHAT EVER I SAY FOR YOU youyouyou to do ! you must do!"

You may have been lucky enough to claim
Wasn't here ...didn't make the rules
meaning that I'm not... I'm not... I'm not to blame
I see no unjust inequality here ... being done to you
don't blame me because I'm not you
and we are not the same
  just submit and obey ... do whatever is said
by the mini- Kings of the day
until comes that time
when there are no more"yous" to abuse
the gun barrel... seeks out a new target stance
if then and only then
my friend... you realize
what many of us already do
that as a nation of laws..
... not of men
if all men "created equal" really is true
we are all the same ...who do we blame
for having not a clue...not realizing
that we are US And I am you?
Mar 2020 · 71
words once said
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2020
I do not have the time to unwind
or to help you unwind
the words you , chose to say
and at this point it doesn't matter
as soon as I rise up
from this layer of paint your wide brush left me under
I will depart as to start moving on
Beyond whatever it was we had.
Or thought we had...... Which is what
I truly find
makes it doubly sad

I have no plans
to read you chapter and verse
throw a fit or leave in an angry Huff
I figure I'll do something far far worse
by donning that all too familiar
grimacing and yet
remorseful smile
as truly
its the right thing to do
not my fault if that
is so much worse
than being assaulted by vile curse
so sorry...
but that's just not my style

I know you regret your thoughtless word
upon thoughtless word
as much as I regret having heard
sadly though ,life has no refresh button
allowing reset back to a place
before the damage occured .so I say   peace to you my wayward friend
Mar 2020 · 90
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2020
few things exist
in man-made terms
that cannot be rebuilt
yet , with deep regret
I believe I am witnessing
what very well may be..
.. the slow demise
right before my eyes
that most critical one ...
..of the few!

Then: ..when! ...what?
how do we reestablish?
any excavation of...
...without means to recognize
or understand any remnants found
..for what they really are?

Without the tools to reassemble
what our collective ancestry
by sticks and stones
pain and perseverance
add- ons and detractions
Acceptance , Needs, Failure
When once not wants
flies fowl of foul
those lies left of rites
when wrongs became
the claim of rights
by might of might

Kings and Knights
as darkness dons
the errant plights
that the light of dawns
healing rays
again and again
allows mankind to raise
what man(un)kind
manages to raze

Yet easily we can now see
through histories window pains
all that is lost
all that it cost
the forward progress ...
..through understanding
naught wrought by force
or one voice demanding

As cities rise from ashes
again and again
settlements become cities
civilizations become nations
while ancient mysteries fade
into histories...
...darkest abyss
some we still honor for value
to fan flame the light upon those
we happily dismiss

Few are those things
Built by the hands of mankind
that cannot  be reconstructed
by the tools man had in mind to design

And  yet I sit
in adamant descent
through fervent lament
by all decimation seen
wondering how we will find
any way to reset
when we've bent and rent
every rule,  tool and...
school of thought
if no one cares to be ...
...or not to be ...a Rose

For that is the answer
soon to be lost...
..beyond questions.!
Jan 2020 · 93
The Earths just a rental
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2020
or one big explosion
look them over and choose
the Earths just a rental
don't get sentimental
We really got nothing to lose
we've exhumed all that matters
ripped and torn into tatters
till there's little left we can use
we made our  divisions
voided out any and all revisions
simply put we lit the fuse .. once we started defying, denying
consistently implying
that everyone's lying
crying out that it's ...
all just more fake news!

Jan 2020 · 75
What life lacks
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2020
I placed an order with my brain
to refrain
from seeking  out
childish pavbacks
Stop believing I can walk  through life
without my leaving any tracks
always resist the need
to prove
your thoughts are actually facts  
visual eyes
how easily we turn blind
our mind
to accept not -as it distracts
so half-empty or half-full
matters not if oblivious to that glass
and all the cracks
you can pour
in a futile effort
feigning ignorance to all that
your life lacks
by lording over those without
do you gain a measure of pleasure
as  empty sacks
it doesn't raise your value
near as  much
as the doubts
in the eyes it often attracts
so to  reside inside
a pristine facade
to avoid seeing your life
and all it impacts
your core ...
... when more
concern is placed upon you
by way of how a stranger reacts
  is the incalculably high price
soon  paid
by the actor inside
who believes that their life
is perfect
and we are the critics.
bent on .....   personal attacks.
Dec 2019 · 100
The night Before...
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2019
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2015
Twas the flight before christmas
Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a computer mouse
All of the people and pets
Were nestled in bed
Waiting for a fat man
In a flying -reindeer sled
Just as I ventured
To slip off to sleep
A noise -- maybe a clatter
Was heard from the street
I ran to get me a view
Opening the window
I put my head through

Down on the corner
Across from the jail
A fat drunken bearded man
Was singing off key
Merry Christmas to all you boys
I hope ya all make it out without fail

The kettle had just enough money
To make my  own flippin bail
I was annoyed  so I yelled down
Go home you soppin santa --you stinkin clown
So the real Santa might actually appear
F* off you a hole he yelled back
As he popped open a beer
I am the real santa you * head
Then he sorta suggested
My reindeer flew off when I was arrested
Mrs. Clause is so cold
Them elves is lucky they don't get molested
But if you're worried ya won't get your gift
Then get your dumba  down here
And give me a lift
Hastily dressing I wondered
If anyone else might have heard
But the way they were snoring
Obviously they heard not a word
Grabbing a jacket I picked up my keys
Went out to take this crazy drunk home
So that he won't freeze
When I finally found him
It way back behind the dumpster
Where he was tossing his cookies
Being eyeballs by two coppers
Who looked like a pair of rookies
"COME ON " I pleaded  " lets get you home"

He peered at his wristwatch"sh* he exclaimed
I'm supposed to be delivering  gifts in Maine
He clumped into my new Volvo --stinking of *****
"A Volvo" he sneered why couldn't you drive a Ford ..comet
Then he mumbled some words below his stale breath
And my car floated up in the air  -- scaring me to death
He yelled out commands as my car shot forward
"Rides pretty nice" he muttttered" but not as nice as a Ford"
     "On Volvo .. On Volvo .. On ..oh heck .. Just hook a left
   No nonono I mean right
Then he yelled out the window
NIGHT.    ** **. Cough cough Hoooo!!
Dec 2019 · 89
, life has its protocols
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2019
I rang the bell
to no avail
I rang again to which
I was greeted with a total fail
so I knocked
so to not create a situation
and the door came right open
then started the strangest conversation

he stepped outside to whisper
  you the guy ?
I called this morning?
"I believe I am" I replied
" I ....wel..l.... I.. he whispered "cool!"

" then ...first look this over !"
and without warning
he pushed a piece of paper...
nearly up my nose

"You can deal with all that.....
( he suddenly turned it look in the doors open crack) I suppose? "
still in whispering tones

I  looked at the list- twice -as instructed
my mind did insist
no problem.... no problem... not really a problem and I don't know i found myself whispering "about that one... but it'll  be okay I promise
I know people I smiled
He didn't!

okay if you can take care of all that
without causing me grief
and her to have a fit ...then...

Then man ...
you will be the man ..the man with the plan the man who can ...too bad your name ain't Stan,!"

is this guy three days
into "a crankup in session ..or what?"

I was about to beg off
then I thought
just wait and see
hear him out then reflect
on the whole picture.

I'm here to be of service ..I thought
so why the hell is this guy
so freakin nervous ?

we both heard a squeaking sound
from Beyond the crack in the open door
and just like that
he changed
al  surreptitiousoddity vanished
like smoke up a chimney flue
"  gooddeal  "he said
she's riding her 30 minutes
stationary bike by video...!  you know ?

I smiled sweetly... still wary
"okay I'm sorry "said the guy
let me explain
what it is it's been making me so insane

I took a week off a ****
so I can relax
and deal with some of those things
Ive neglected  
around the house. ..ya know
But  could I? No!
NO!  she said!!

Then  she said "you can't.
You don't know the right protocol
and I said what protocol?
Protocol to spackle a wall?
"you know,...he sorta  grimaced...
door **** hole through  sheetrock? "

I nodded and muttered,( still whispering )

IDK Why!

"As common as sparrows" I said
okay then... I'll fix the doorbell  
she said you can't.. No!
You need to find the right protocol .

( hey YOU reader.. I already saw it on the list so ha! )

  then last night I went downstairs
after midnight ...mind you
to Google what the hell she's sayin
Or what it is that I'm missing
found some instructions ...some warnings abusive helpers  trolls full of crap
and that's it.. no protocols do exist
or are , nonexistent or
so nonspecific that...anyways...

and I hate admitting that I sat there
For more than an hour
just turning the knobs in my mind
seeking some mysterious power
To find ....
Trying like hell to ring some bell ...
...and that's when ... I accidentally
I nudged that Mouse along the pad
and up popped your ad

then I was mad... bad bad mad..then sad ..but  glad
all that in about a 3 second span
So i sent you that text
to save me
and you will be ...forever be... ever-loving
Pro 2 call
Then he flung  the door wide
in a normal voice he said
come on come come on in
So I stepped past him..ito begin
What i came to do

he shouted out loud
Honey!I found the man you was looking for the man ...the man with the plan ...the man who can
and his name is Stan; he winked at me
and tossed  me a grin

To continued on with
I got me a tee time at 10
and he gave me another grin
did a 180 spin
headed out the door! wow!
Whispering once more
good luck fella  see ya stan....

She opened the door  
said hello to me then said
what was that Stan ?

***  ...what the hell!

I said hello ..uh..He left
but I'm
To ..ahhh well... to fix the doorbell 
She hesitated... confused to which I related then said okay!
Im still 20 miles from Marrakesh
so I'll see you when I get there...okay?


She shut the door and the squeaking
began once more.
What a way to start the day and it ain't even 8:30 yet.
Dec 2019 · 73
Do we have a choice then?
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2019
Loneliness often
with depression tagging along
as they conspire
to completely unwire
the security systems Within...

Their bag of tricks
within its mix
what it needs to affix
with whom it afflicts
or those it restricts
by Monumental repercussions

turning any or all minor discussions
into a world of hurt
where all involved
try to skirt.. the edge
that is crumbling beneath
those suddenly so clumsy feet
until that ring.. tentatively held is abruptly dispelled
all involved - nothing solved
To a mind shattering halt
With none at fault

Just a slip a loss of grip
to fend for themselves
as they each reach out
To clasp onto
with an anchoring grasp

Desperate to pull themselves up and out where they will gasp
and often weep
While looking on
is loneliness and depression

Patiently waiting
for the outcome to provide
new clients
As  sadly they have come
to a reliance on us
when our stubborn Pride
Undenied ..yet set aside

When we abandoned those in need
in order to succeed
In saving ourselves....

Did we......?
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2019
A breakdown in the system
Doesn't seem to bother me
I'm too busy payin the bills
To worry about others misery
Revolutions have to wait
Till all the parties get in line
But they're all still waiting on uniforms
That noone has yet design

Working at cross purposes
From a thousand different ways
Just makes a working stiffs ....
           ......eyes go dull
Like they're walking in a haze
They hang like meat at the end....
                  ....of the day
Shuffled along with all their toys
That shields them from the real real world
Behind a great wall
of  consistent white noise

It will bring the world together
Said the spider king one day
And the world changed in a second
A thousand years faded away

While smoke hung like a curtain
And lightening lit the sky
Buildings crumble with ferocity
As people continue to die
Bringing the world together
Seems to push us more apart
Somehow it seems that every end
Is just...
...another new start

False starts beg the question
Is this the final dream we've sought
Cash in for what your buying
Cash out for what you've bought

Revolutions have to wait
For all the parties to get in line
I'm still too busy payin the bills
And now I'm working off my fine

A breakdown in the system
Doesn't seem to bother me
A breakdown in the system
Hope you're not counting on me
A breakdown in the systemmmm
A breakdown bre bre  aaakdoooo........
In the syyysttteeeeeerdm.....
Dec 2019 · 271
Was it worth it ?
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2019
Im serious ... serious as that
suddenly noticed... minut chip
... on the windshield of your......!
Then you realize
30 miles
And 20 minutes later...
You just spent all that time
Worrying about just when it will crack.
Was it worth it?
Dec 2019 · 208
One with you
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2019
My shadow looms largest
At the dusks dwindling light
Overwhelmed by darkness
Disappearing from sight
Leaving me alone to atone
For all that I feel I might have done
in careless disregard for others who
Dont realize night doesnt cover their shadow ...... It joins it to all become one.
Nov 2019 · 72
Keith W Fletcher Nov 2019
Was it the fitful dreams
Or maybe it was the annoying flies
Persistent in their touch and go
On the tip of my nose ..that opened my eyes
To be met
With the reality
Of a pillow drenched with sweat
From my bedraggled saturated hair
As that may have been more the cause
That rousted me into this sweltering putrid air
Not even the ceiling fan was moving
As the power had been pulled 2... or
Oh... who knows....... a few days ago
Outside the grimy fly spect window I could see
The rainbow bedazzled sailboat sail
Gently moving across the placid aqua blue water
From up here on the second floor  
I could see the entire lake is it stretched away
To seamlessly blend with the baby blue sky

Closer in along the shoreline a dozen little kids at play
Content in their animated movement as they skittered about
All brightly dressed little 4 or 5 year olds
Reminding me of gumballs as they spilled out of a torn sack
Watching carefully were the parents or guardians
Posted in somnolent but  wary guard duty
Along the peremater wall of park benches

Along the bright green manicured ground
Brightly colored and abstract blankets
were scattered around
Where people sat or lay back
To watch the lazy movement of cotton fluff clouds tracking north

Standing there taking this all in
I noticed two dead flies that had crash-landed on the windowsill
Victims of that invisible barrier to freedom
Good I said to myself  out loud
As I hoped one was the kamikaze who woke me from the sleep into this
Although I had to admit the beauty
All that life - Love - happiness and fun
Was something special to see  for
And I stood there sweat drenched
Overheated and overcome by the overwhelming desire to close the ****** curtain
So that's exactly what I did
And then lay back down with laced fingers behind my head
To stare at the ceiling and the fly that wandered around and around the  motionless ceiling fan blade
And I was ....
Powerless to do anything about it
Nov 2019 · 69
Losing all value
Keith W Fletcher Nov 2019
Somewhere somehow someone
That it's okay
To allow the water to be polluted
As long as it's downstream
From the elite and privileged classes

And if they please
They mow down the trees
Ignore the sign and pay the fine
Amid smiles and afflicted laughter
The glasses ring with a fine crystal ting
And they reset the finish line...
.... yet another time

While somewhere deep inside
Mother Earth shudders and sighs
Hope is torn loose from the truth
That no longer matters or applies
Serving as an example ,how to trample
The garden into total submission
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