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Keith W Fletcher May 2018
"Why am I walking in circles?"
Wait, I've heard that recently...
...or have I said that before?
Am I walking around in pajamas?
Well ...pajamas and a robe that's better
Better? Better what?
Better me than you ........Okay Samual
I hear you ....
.....where you hiding ...Is mom and dad home?
Where am..." Why am I ......
why am I walking around in circles?"
Here come those people ...I'm supposed to know them
They like it when I smile and nod
I've seen them before .....!?
Why am I walking around in circles ?!
Keith W Fletcher Sep 2016
How brave must one be
To open up
And to really see

The maladies
And fallacies
And accept them all
With almost joyous abandon

As being old friends
Never met... and yet
We know them as intimately
As we know
The pains that we carry
Along the pathways of our lives

Some will take the easy way
Putting the pains out on open display
Carried aloft like a victory flag

While others keep it hidden
Wrapped in ***** rags
Buried deep in the sand
As if then...
... It loses its power to control

Oh! but it does
As it always will
For no one can long deny
No matter the depth
To which they will try

So as a wordsmith artist
Painting what it is that we find
Relishing any stimulation or tribulation
In the deep recesses of the mind

Where we always keep going
Willingly knowing
... that we walk alone

Yet... We persevere
  Willingly going   places... where ...
....others simply fear

There we will root around
The dusty dark corners
Of those spirit laden rooms
We find down those long haunted hallways
With beseeching heart reaching
Echoes of pasts... lost or seeking            .....redemption

We are the bravest people ever known  yet we are overlooked
We still pursue
Still proceed
Opening those doors
Of  long past deeds

Brave... Oh yes
We must be -  we have to be
We always go alone!
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2016
All the blood was gone
As I had stood here ..knees locked
For no telling how long..
... About 40 years since  I had walked
Through the blanket on the doorway hung
That turned out to be a time machine portal
And here I thought it was just to help hold in heat
Silly me . RECOGNIZE . GOD  just touched a mortal
Just before entering here I was asking myself why
Why why why to a question I knew I hadn't a clue
AND NEVER WOULD! . So..why did I keep asking .?
I even knew That I knew
As I rushed down the hall and up the stairs
Across the landing and down the long cold hall
The redundancy of "WHY DID YOU DO THAT..WHY?"
All the way to that blanket and then into the warmth
As I stepped in and all the way back ....40 years.

I wasn't aware until suddenly I was standing there
Knowing I just got back but unaware that I had been gone
And in surrealistic repose was my half closed flip phone
Draped over my open left palm like a sea sick sailor
On unsteady legs asleep below the knees
I managed the  two steps distance -to my easy chair
Where I found the right levers to slowly ease
My cold, stiff and diminished mortal core
Down to where I might be able to gather myself
That was scattered all about
But first I had to close the flip phone
       That I had opened back in early September 1974

The television was playing right in front of me
But I never heard nor did I see
The fireplace was waining ----it's heat replaced by cold
I dragged a blanket over myself which I didn't even unfold
The day that existed outside the window
Scurried off
Stealing away with the light
As if it were checking to see if I'd even notice
How quickly the hands of the clock
Had painted in the night
I never even noticed --really .. I wasn't even there

I was sitting in my car in the grocery store parking lot
Watching strangers roll by as they cruised the strip
In a small town where I now lived for maybe two weeks
I was 17 a  longhaired city boy but if I was on anyones radar
     So far.... I hadn't made a single blip
One night as I sat  there
  A faded camaro
That had to be the ugliest green I ever seen
Rolled in to park behind my car
Quickly flanked by two more -
One at each door
I could see them in the mirror
I could hear the raucous laughter
This was what I had been sitting here for
What was missing that I was after
But .... I was as shy as I could be back then
Not the kind who could get out and just push right in
And then ......serendipity walked in
A cop car rolled past on the strip
And the wildhaired guy in the camaro just let it rip
WENT his horn and the cop whirled to turn in
Lost in the shadow of the grocery store he parked
As he emerged from the shadows I saw 5 ft 8 250 lbs.
And believe me now as  I give you my word
He demanded to know who was honking
Standing there 15 ft away
"I was piggy " yelled the guy in the camaro
I could not believe what I just heard ........or what I heard next
" Well cut it out Don" and into the shadow he disappeared
Then the camaro said "Beep!"
O. M. G   this guys going to jail.
The cop and him argued
The other guys split
I got out to watch from the trunk where I decided to sit
Before he went to the cop car
Cigarette in his lips
Encased in the most amazing grin he asked me
"Hey man got a match?"
I didn't and said I was sorry and they disappeared in shadow
Oh well I thought as I sat watching them get in the car
Illumination of dashlights allowed a set of silhouettes
And I could tell --what the hell-
He was actually lighting up with the dash lighter
Then  he replaced it and in straightening back up
He dragged his fingers across every switch he could manage
And the shadows came alive
With flashing lights, bells and whistles
The cop went spastic shutting it down --2 minutes went by
Then the door opened and out stepped the guy
The car drove away as the wildhaired maniac
Walked over to me fiollowing the lit cigarette and that crazy grin
"That was pretty funny wasn't it dude?"  I probably agreed
That grin was infectious as we talked a bit  
I'm keith _ I'm Don
Then he said "Hey !  You got a joint"
"No I don't "I had to reluctantly admit" And the grin sorta drooped
"But I think I know where we can get one"
From that point on and forever no matter how far apart we were
This guy Don became my best and  truly thick and thin friend
In that 4 month span
I met another person in that town who changed my life
His name was Tom and he was 82 yr old and totally blind
In fact he had gotten his eyes kicked out by a mule at 17
He wore no dark glasses just open holes in his head  
But he was so cool that I just didn't mind
He would drop into the upholstery shop owned by my older brother
And tell whopping tales of one kind or another
About hunting alone and bringing back game
Roofing his house at night because it was cooler
Able to tell color by just a touch but I didn't ever mind
I came to love the spirit that dwelled in that old man
My brother built him a loom in the back to Tom specifications
And he wove shawls on it from skeins of different colored yarn
Then other towns people dropping in would see old Tom
And tell the same stories he told and it wasn't long
For my sister -in- law, my brother and especially me
That any doubts we had about him
were absolutely wrong
He walked in and ran his hand over a large red velvet couch
Saying oh ain't that a pretty red I stayed silent my brother said
" Now Tom . you've heard us talking about this couch color"
Not mad but in a weary kinda way Tom said " No! I can tell"
So I had to know ...had to . I got two velvet scraps 1gold 1aqua
Here what color as he took the gold -quick feel "thats yeller
   What the......!
Before handing him the aqua I detemined I would lie whatever
He took the piece ..felt for a few seconds and hesitantly said blue
"Nope" I said but !....then Tom felt some more and more and said
"    weeeeeeel its green " his hesitancy and 2 color choices had me freaked
But I said "nope"  and that old man
Right then ....changed my life
From that second to now he effects every fiber of my being
He threw his open holed  black orbless socket to within an inch
  An inch of mine--- square on -- so quick I was stunned
..........An absolute quote here.........
  " WELL its blue green then durn it"  for me this was an epiphony
Don't doubt people so quick  Don't let anything stop you from believing  it can be possible  Always accept that it can be amazing And try to pass this hope on
So I've always tried
    The crazy guy in the **** green camaro became my friend
We became collaborators with his amazing ear and guitar skills
Over the years he had many vehicles almost always **** green
So That morning of December 23rd  2012
A bitter wind blowing from the north at about 25 mph and 10 ° f
I Went from the little room I was hibernating in
The only heated room in the old house
It was upstairs facing the dirt road
I had hung a string of Christmas lights inside that north facing view
In hopes of cheering me up after a REALLY bad year of loss
Divorce, bitter battle and more trouble and pain than I like to recall
So when I got up and went out that blanket hung to keep in heat
Took the dogs down the long cold hall down the cold stairwell
And all the way to the mud room wishing I had gotten dressed
I was in flimsy pajamas and floppy houseshoes
At least grabbed a jacket especially once I opened the door
I started out before I felt that wind so I let the dogs have it
I would wait inside the door and as I stood there I saw a bag
A white garbage bag with a bit of green wreath sticking out
I had had it for years never hung it
Probably saw it every time I  entered
So thats where the unanswerable question started
I do not know why
I dug up a hammer a few nails went out the door
I don't know why
Walked a hundred feet out to a field
Got my freezing ice - coated aluminium extension ladder
And carried it back to the house
I don't know why I didn't give up when it took so long
To get the dam thing to separate
Or when ...
I smashed my frozen fingers in the process
But I climbed 14 feet in the air on that north wall
I drove a nail above the window
And I hung that
Red holly berry  adorned
Green plastic wreath
Climbed down and took the ladder back  (really)
And then me and the dogs headed up to the warmth
With me asking maybe even out loud " why why why why"
All the way into the room  
And as I passed through the curtain
At 10:00 That Sunday morning  I saw the flip phone flashing
I had missed a call from Don  gonna wish me an early
Merry Christmas
So I'm sure I was smiling as I hit redial
It was his girlfriend Tammy
Hey Tammy how are you
She said "Don just died in the hospital 5 minutes ago"

The room was cold as the late shadows of a winter day
Were muting the view through the window
As I closed up the flip phone on 1974
And managed to sit down  

Late that night as I still sat there
I had a fire going now
I had managed to eat
And I was thinking of past times
The time he drove down to Texas to get married
He came back and I asked  How you like Texas
And he replied "it ****** man . I can't drive down there"
Why ?
"Cause man they got stop lights running sideways
- not up and down so I couldn't tell what to do.

Then I knew without a single doubt
And I did get an answer to the question after all
And just like the old man Tom and the red and green
Because any doubt I've ever had Ever Ever Ever had
About God and heaven or any version of something more...?
Evaporated forever
Don drove **** green cars because he was colorblind
He couldn't see red and green in the "normal"sense
And that green he said was the PRETTIEST RED HE EVER SEEN"
So on his way by he stopped in with that stupid infectuos grin
And shielded me from the wind
While that sum b made me hang that dang wreath
And changed my life one more time.
       I love you dude and you too Tom  (Hey Tom .   is this what you imagined I looked like?)
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2017
Off 2A mazing
Places 2B lieve
That 2C beyond
Whats 2D cieve
Those 2E gar
Seeking 2F ectively
Rise 2G neus
As 2H chieve
All 2I zee
Not 2J did
Or 2K rupted
So 2L evate
And 2M pres
Maybe 2N timidate
Seeking 2O pen
Pathways 2P eazfull
Existance 2Q up
And 2R ange
Ways 2S ist
Whats 2T deus
In 2U sable
Ways 2V nt
Inspired 2W SirVibe
Raised 2X pand
Only 2Y indup
Opposed 2Z neth.
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2017
Far far away- they seek surrender
From those who know not the cause
Of  the anger that they are feeling
Subject to constant ******* - without pause
They see no difference - and no future
In the past or in the present state
Insidious conflict being all they know now
Without direction- hopelessness - time will create
         Hopelessness does create

So they strike out in all directions
What we choose to call their Insurrection
By setting fire to their own homeland
Do they somehow believe they make a stand
If they do destroy - the place that they live
To a point where they resent all we try to give
To a point where in peace- death  will cradle
And in death - nothing but the past will they relive

So as the tanks roll across the dusty desert
Where hidden bombs blast holes in the streets
Trying , sometimes succeeding , killing  those coming  to their aid
Adding victories to their own defeats
In this war - now fought deep inside themselves
They're seeking peace in a game of blind man's bluff
And it's so sad that feeling of constant apprehension
Should cause such saturation of dissension

That it should cause them to **** their own people
By lashing out in such unrelenting hate
Will they not then insult the GOD that they worship and pray to
Therein causing GOD to resent all those who destroy ....
            ...what their  own GOD did create
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2017
Hello weary travelers .
to my living room
for in words
I have found life ...and purpose
in thought provoking
and sometimes
ego stroking words
that can if we're lucky
can ...
paint a thousand pictures
to hang proudly
along the walls
of any open mind.
as long as you like
come and go you please
.  The door has no lock
and there is always
fresh sweet tea for all
in the ice box .
My hope ...
is that my LIVING room
is where some will find
living ROOM inside themselves.
So please ...wipe your feet
Wipe your feet
you go outside.   thanx.
...I have been waiting to post this as I conquered a few hurdles.  I have in the last week gotten wifi out in these woods and a 19.5 inch desktop computer and dragon a bluetooth headset and a printer . ..7 + days later I can now turn it on so soon I will not have to squint and get myself headaches and painful eyes to read this small smartphone and I will be able to sit back and read the screen as if I'm at a drive-in theater but all this is new to me never had it before and I'm sixty years old so bear with me and I will catch up with you all as soon as I can peace
Keith W Fletcher May 2016
Just had a long talk
With someone I can't really say
I always get along with
To be perfectly honest
I really didn't like what I heard
As some of my beliefs turned myth
I guess it goes both ways
As I'm sure I failed the test
As to just where arrogance really ends
So as  we rolled and punched
Dancing. around creating a show
Knowing a cut too deep is a wound that never mends

So I realized  That I am a chicken
The Cowardly Lion without a heart
as time after time I will fail
As  time and opportunity meet
A greeting card has more honor
Then the blank sheets of paper left along the trail
That I tried to fold into some amazing origami

I can picture but can't produce
Confident that I really am trying to
Become  as honest as I say I am
That was
Until the conversation I just had
I came away knowing
That  I'm a liar
The chicken-hearted
Cheater of the dear departed
Now back-stepping
As if to get back where it all started

But there's no do-overs
No wishing wishes would come true
No one to blame but the you
That you've unlisted
No one in the mirror except the you
That you've insisted
Isn't you
Saying that there are things in life you say
And there are things you never say
Those things you want to say.  
Or the things you need to say  
Then allowing ourselves to put them away
For another day
It's those things we have to say ...must say
That can take part of our humanity away.
So you see.....
..... I am a coward....
a chicken hearted
Soon to be discarded
Bag of desiccated skin and bones
Because I had time to do the right thing but instead I let it pass ... let it pass
So I wish I had never had that talk  
So I'm about to stop and move away
From this conversation
That I've been having with myself
I don't really care what I have to say
Okay I lied I do care ..
.And I was right when I said
I had things I need to share
Need to say ......and need to say....
Because if I wait.... if I.... hesitate
To tell those that I love
Exactly how I feel
At first the words may seem a bit unrealistic
But the pains would be just way too real way way way too real
Keith W Fletcher May 2017
( a gift was written this morning at the request of a friend ,for her sister - who puts her hopes in dreams.)

Life would be too perfect
Were it all just a dream
But does that mean it won't be
When all the past is seen

In so much hurry to grow up
Like all kids do I suppose
Now we have our own example
Each with a mini me and only Lord knows

*** all those times we had
All those vacations at Lake Wapapella we shared
LOL along with the owner's son who liked me best
And how we would wander off in our world of dreams
I love our lives together back then along with the rest

Our shared lives without the intrusion
Of petty lies alibis..well one intrusion did occur
When love was tossed into loss and pain, jealousy and confusion

But like I said life would be perfect were it a dream
That sad maddening time when life interferes
Were that a dream more nightmare I swear
I would wake myself by my screaming drowning in my tears

We sure seem to be sharing life again
In so many indescribable Ways and Means
Where someday soon  again we will share our physical beings
Where we will again be able to share those late-night talks of life and love and dreams

So Michelle never let your dreams Slide Away or be tossed
Time has a wicked sense of humorous abstraction
For nothing is ever forgotten or ever lost
Sometimes it seems they reappear by means of distraction
But in any dream....there is one thing I will never lose
Is that we still have each other and our shared commonality
And that is a dream wrapped up in a dream packed in a box for delivery called reality

And that has to be one of lifes most wonderful gifts.
And what dreams are made from .
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2017
Wrapped in a body
Inadequate for the mind
To all those outside the confines
She is a warrior absolutely possessed
With mind warped obsessions
In conquering and possessing
Not only the bodies but also the spirits
Never reaching Nirvana but always getting so near it

Then back in the confines
Safely behind the walls
Of her private hell as well
As her unshielded body lay
Faded by the loss of strength and Fortified by that armor that she wears in public
Is simply a facade that allows her to be a god
Without ever letting anyone know... No one must know... No one must ever know

Wrapped in a body inadequate for the mind possessed
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2017
Wednesday morning I woke up from my first night sleeping in the camper, and  I had that  disjointed feeling that comes from unfamiliarity.  I recognized  the interior of the camper, so that was not what was  triggering that closed in feeling that enveloped me, not claustrophobic really, it was more: comforting.  It is hard to put into words that kind of feeling, but as I am supposed to be an aspiring writer ......It would seem to be my responsibility to do so,,  or at least try.
    So as I lay there cradling the warm afterglow of a satisfying night of slumber and with pleasant dreams of…I’m hungry ! I suddenly thought to myself.  No! Actually I am starving, and just one look down at Stormy , lying on the floor and staring at me and  it was more than obvious that he too was hungry..
    “Okay, boy, I know.  I hear you..”
     “All we ate last night was those Fritos wasn’t it?”Stormy just stared at me with those big brown, expectant and hungry eyes..
   “ Sorry boy !  I am new at this.”  I said as I was just  realizing that I was fully clothed, This fact reminded me that I had come into the camper cruiser nine hours earlier, intending to fix me some food, had seen the bed laid out , done while setting up camp hours earlier, so I decided to see how comfortable it could possibly be .
    I remember laying down and  saying to myself, “  this ain’t too bad.”  Looking down at Stormy -closing my eyes- and well , here I am, nine hours later,  starving and being stared at by Stormy .
    .  6:30 AM Wednesday morning- and both of us starving  .   "Man!   Talk about exhaustion.!" I said to the world at large .
    “Just hang in there for a few minutes more  and we  will both have bacon and eggs today....  Okay?”
To which stormy happily  wagged  the whole rear half  of himself in undying gratitude.
     After breakfast I had a cup of coffee in my hands, and a buzz in my head as I sat down in the lawn lounge thingy ( It had even come with the camper) and watched the other people  go about their morning..
     Was this my story--the ever evolving story  of… Come on dude!  I chastised myself,  this is not your mission, to write about camping spots,  and the ever evolving state of one parking spot that                they are occupying.   .  But as I was beginning to slowly realize  ; my story , just might be more elusive than I  had taken time to consider.
      I glanced down at storm to see if he had any insight, an opinion of some great revelation for me,  but he was in his own world; lying there beside me and watching with rapt interest the antics of a pair of foraging gray squirrels as they skipped and be bopped among the branches of a huge white oak;   wherein  Stormy, unlike myself,  saw the big picture,,  all the story he needed was playing out in the branches of that tree.  This tree was his tree ……of life..!
    “Crazy little buggers   ain’t they boy?”  I remarked to him as I rubbed his head and neck , taking away a few precious seconds of his squirrel watching while he looked around me before returning his gaze back to the  acrobatics  of the little be boppers of the tree..  I went back to watching my new neighbors,  for in a sense-that is exactly what this is . Nt much  different from  the cul-de-sac.  I grew up on. ..  With one exception-vital as it is . I mean  that I only have  the imaginary view of these people , not  the  reality  that I had with… But then, I reassess my thought,,  reorganize my pattern as I remember that morning  .
     That crazy day with all the police  and ambulances suddenly appearing in the street..  All the neighbors  having  been bunched up  in curious knots to wonder what was happening at the Angleton’s.
   Like wind swept fire  to a field of tall grass, the rumors began spreading through  the street.
   “He killed her!”  Someone remarked abstractly..
    “Who?”  They all asked in comatose reality.
    “George Angleton” they said, “he killed his wife  and then he killed himself--I think”
    “Whyyyyy?”  They   bleated .
    “Do not know-I heard they had financial problems,  maybe that was it.”  They quoted equivocally.
    “There was always something funny about them.”  The little man said   fumbling the ball
   “Who?”  They all questioned again.
    “Angleton’s…  It was strange, I wouldn’t  let my kids go up there  on Halloween.. and that time he gave all comic books!”  The little man said with an air of superiority.
   “   Why is that?”  They argued in question.
     “You asked me he was trying to lure them kids in.”  He blundered and fell
    “You are nuts!  He was a sweet old man… It had to be… financial”  they persisted..
     “Say what you want-  but I know what I know-and he was weird.”  The little man overstated.
    “You did not even live around here.  That year he gave out comic books-did you?”   Somebody pointed out aggressively.
      “Well.... no,,” the little man sputtered,, “bububut I heard about it..”   The little man  beleaguered now     “So you never even met George!”   Someone accused  ..
     “Not personally; but all  the…” The little man started.
      “Get the hell away from me little man.” the whole crowd expressed in screaming silent looks .
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2016
Keith W Fletcher
Dec 1, 2016

An insatiable thirst
By the flickering flames of change
As constant darkness
Opens up
To expose
The smiling faces........ arranged
In a ragged circle
As transmutation will
Click a quick tick
Time sets forth a measurement
And right then
Measurement becomes relevant

And the wall
Still and silent now
As it settles into the new place
Having moved backward......
Giving human spirit
A little more space
Nobody knew it right then
But space
Just got bent ..for the very first time

---------And GOD smiled---------

Coal carried the flame forward
Far beyond
Its original role
Iron became harder to tame
As they blend and bend
Creating and celebrating
The birth
Of the very first tool
And the wall slid back
Exposing a gap
In the continuum
As well as a broken chain
So GOD stepped in
Taking a chain in each hand
As to cover the span

Linking the past to the present
Creating a future
Where history will be amassed
To be categorized
Sorted and filed
And GOD held it all together
-------And again GOD smiled-------

That smile
Must have been
As GOD watched the intrepid airmen
Sail off the dune and fly toward the ocean
Taking a leap and an unfathomable chance
GOD may have laughed
As the slapstick unfolded
The two brothers laughing and whooping
As each does their version
Of a happy dance
To a whole new future -- to be
That they alone
Had the ability to see

It did change... quite magically
Unfolding like a roadmap
Inspiring technology
With each turn of the page

No smile could have been present
As fat man lumbered in
And little boy followed
Not too long after
And that guaranteed
The absence of smiles
-------The suppression of laughter------


The wall slid backwards
By more than the QUOTA
The pattern expected
Considering the folly of man
Whose intelligence suddenly rapidly
That bit by bit
Humanity split


Using a crutch
Saying its all just...
...TOO much
"If GOD wanted man to fly
GOD would have given us wings"

As others decry
"You spit in the eye
of. GOD who gave us the gift
of creativity
Intelligence and tenacity---
--maybe a bit of bombastity

All fathers want their children
To excel
So shouldn't that be true
For GODS children as well?

That wall is not to be breached
Undermined or climbed
We will never realize
The height necessary
To rise above the lofty wall
To see the sacred sights
Where GOD delights
In teasing us
Bit by bit
Inch by inch
Allowing us
To push the wall forward

Encouraging us to learn as we grow
As you know
We would have never  moved forward
Beyond the doubts of those
Who say that we're playing GOD
Then... burying their heads in the sand
Dooming us to crawl
Instead of proudly walking tall

If GOD didn't encourage those  children
By stepping back
And smiling upon us
As we seek to find wisdom
Just as we need it

We take pride in pushing ahead
As if we..... somehow
Actually did it...
... On our own
Managing move that wall
----And that has to give...


The biggest laugh of all !!
Fatman and little were the first nuclear bombs dropped on the  Japanese cities  of Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 1945 just barely forty years after the Wright brothers  first airplane flight at   Kitty Hawk North Carolina
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2016
I been livin-- upside down
For so long I've just been hangin around
I don't even know what keeps me bound
To these places -- where just traces
Of her....linger -- before time
Reaches up and erases
From my mind
I need some kind of
Emotional remote control
That I can use anytime I choose
To push the button
And to myself Be kind
Never forgetting to rewind
But I can't seem to find rewind
Can't seem to stop  losing all the traces
My memories of  her that
Just keep slipping away
Faces places smells and sounds
Like they come by just to tease me
Then suddenly
We're off to the races
Where I run so hard
Through the backrooms of my mind
Losing ground with each and every go round
Please ...can't you help me somebody
To help my mind and memory rewind
I'm begging you ...please
Please please please
Please rewind
Please rewind
Please rewind
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2017
I guess you could say
I had to get away
From the way words
Had began to grate...
......of late
For we seem to have entered
A season without reason
Where simple lies
Revealing just how unfeeling
People can be
So much so so much
Total insanity seems...
... To have slipped in, ripped in
To the very core of who...
... I used to think we were
And it never did occur
to the me I used to be
Before I had to look... Into the eyes
And accept this new reality
So I took myself out
And closed the door after...
... I locked myself in
Where i decided to start
A season of art
Climbed out of the web
And then ...when
I have the blues
Its somethig i can use
To make lakes or skies
Or lovely eyes
And for a little while
Pretend ....i put an end
To all the **** hate and bitter  vile
Because i got so tired
And being uninspired
by those who seek
new lower lows
While shooting holes
And their very  own Souls
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2016
I tried to imagine
My life without you close to me
And all I can ever do
His wipe away the tears
That cloud up every single thought
Of any life past being
By my side
Amazing me as you do
And so many wonderous ways
Making my life so pleasant
So  pleasant of a ride

And in the morning I wake... see you sleeping
I fight the urge to wake you...
..... to shake you
Just to see you smile......
.......your smile at me
Go a thousand miles with me  
On that wonderous ride
Where my thoughts can glide

Anywhere...anytime ...anyplace
When you my love....
When you...... are on my mind
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2015
If you're just walking
When you should have run
Then you'll have lost the race
Before it even has begun
If you're still talking
When the time for that is done
I you really want to know?
Or was it all just for fun

Are you......
....just going through the motions
Of trying to join the race?
Trying to convince the world
That you fit in someplace
Always crying that you never had a chance
All the while - up your sleeve is an ace
Are you ever going to measure up
To the you you're trying to trace

Are you ...
....just a carbon copy?
Of someone you try to be?
Or are you just the opposing picture
Of what it is that you see?
I saw the guys quick darting eyes
That slight jaw drop and look of surprise
I've seen It often as we walk along the park trails
And come to accept It for the truths that it details
I was 25 and she was 21 when we first met
A friends wife set me up on a blind date
That I did my best to politely refuse and...
Well you know friends wives and that debate

I rang the bell  and said Hello I'm... Here to...
The door buzzed loud and the intercom replied
Come on up left out the elevator the doors open
Here we go I muttered as I stepped inside the lift
3rd floor tile , wall hangings , plant urns and blind dates
Actually I really liked the decor that was on display
Not bright and glaring and not subdued shades of grey
I knocked on number 7 my lucky number " or was once.."
Open an inch so I started to push when it opened wide..And a beautiful smile on a beautiful face said Hi to a lucky dunce

That was almost 10 years ago now and we've been...
Let's see Married in June so in 2 months it will be 8
Sometimes life just rolls out the red carpet for those
Lucky enough to have friends with wives that
And funny thing is the looks she gets have increased
As the years go by she has just gotten more stunning
You know that saying..idk..oh.. something about fine wine
Anyway todays  Saturday walk through the
Now different from all those hundreds we've taken before
Where I've walked so proud and watched guys from 10 to......aint dead yet
Try not to show too much reaction as we pass on by , but I see
I understand the reaction , and I've known how stunning she is...and yet...
As we walked beside the duck pond where we would always stop
So she could  feed the breadcrumbs that we always bring along
When I turned to hand them to her I saw that something was wrong
She turned from me and cautiously approached an old woman
Sitting alone on a bench and staring into some far away place upon closer look I could see the tears silently running down her face
So I sat down about 10  feet away   as I watched her take  a seat
Are you okay I heard her say then I felt the sun and could smell spring
To take it all in , the sounds and smells and everything I closed my eyes
It was then , without the distractions to draw my eyes , my attention
I could hear them talking as the woman sputtered a bit, but then got started  
I don't know what to do , my granddaughter lives with us and she just ten she said
This morning after I watced her off to school I accidently let her dog out
He saw a squirrel as I was entering and...and was hit by a car! He's dead
She will never forgive me she sobbed And I'll never forgive myself Never never
She will forgive you , and you will both cry together , and she will hurt
But if she lives with you she probably had other pains to deal with..yes?
Couldn't make out what the woman said but I heard Elise say that's what I wondered
So I promise you she won't hate you and she will forgive you
But for her sake and her future forgiving yourself is an absolute must
With all she's been through it wasn't her dog that she left in your care ...allowed you to share
It was her ability to breath again , her dreams instead of nightmares her love and her trust

Dogs live to chase squirrels and I'm sure she knows that
But you need to realize that she didn't give you her love and trust lightly and she won't take it back that way either
We ,my husband and I are going to brunch
and if you want to accompany us....
.afterwards -if you wish ,we will help you home
And my strong man can dig you a spot,
Then together we will bury him so..she doesn't  have to see
By leaving some cups of earth she doesn't have to
And the earth you each scatter will be...
In the days to come
A good memory to share  in the face of such a tragedy

I opened my eyes to see this woman staring at Elise and I had no idea what was to come
  Where are you going for brunch..if you don't me asking
Elise let out a subtle laugh, if you join us the choice is yours our treat
Do you know Denellies Deli on...yes we do I spoke up and it's one of our favorites
  Mine too she said with the smile like sunshine breaking through grey skies
But I was wondering about that quaint little nick- nack place next door
Do you think we could find a suitable market of some kind there
Of course we will said my lovely wife as she helped the lady rise
And that man following us is my husband David and you are  ?
Elise turned back to look at me as I fell a few paces further behind
Giving me that knowing smile and subtle nod that said
she knew that  giving them space...
....Was what was on my mind!

So yes today is the day that turned out different
Because for the very first time I realize
To really see how beautiful my wife truly is
I had to see her by closing my eyes!
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2015
Look at the world at large
See how they all do barge
Noone can see right now
The way I see
My eyes do look inside
Reason finds a place to hide
Nothing frightens me besides
What nothing really is
Something rings a warning bell
They've opened up the gates of hell
Maybe... Its just as well

No need to close the gate
All done a bit too late
Something to set me straight
Nothing gives
Stop there ...don't go too far
Never know where you are
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2016
Just a few little words
Was all that it took
Suddenly everything was broken
An  uncaught thought
Running loose with no excuse
For ever being spoken

It'll never be the same
No need to even blame
Anyone for the damage
It wouldn't mean a thing
No words will ever ring
With truth
Or ever even manage

To break the awful silence
To take away the pain
To stop the sad decay
To turn loss into gain
To open up closed doors
To put back the love
To right the wrong once done
To not take push to shove

But it's done... done... done
From start to finish
I heard the starting gun... gun... gun
As my racing heart
Let love diminish

Now the cold wind blows
Across my empty dreams
And the warmth of my love
Is washed away downstream
Where it will sink to the bottom
In rivers of icy cold... cold thoughts
And find peace among the rubble
Giving up its final bubble
As it slowly rots
Washing out to sea
As if it never even existed
The inevitable fate
Of any uncaught thought
That should have been... could have been... resisted

Uncaught thoughts that should have been
Left out... resisted... never even listed
Among any spoken word
But because you didn't choose....
.... to pause
Didn't choose to think or realize
The brink that you were standing at
The awesome distance that suddenly existed
Complete with the echo of a connection broken
A word spoken
That should have been - could have been
Really should have been ... resisted
A word that really should have been
That could have been... resisted
A word... that sadly...
.....has now been
Has now been listed!
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2017
Sometimes the world moves on without me
And I try to pretend that I just don't care
Sometime I think that I move way too fast
And I'll burn myself out from the pace that I know can't last

And I know that there are things that I've been missing
And I feel like I may never know what they were
So when I found you and you seem to be able
To keep up and pull me back when my manic times do occur

Its so weird to know that you don't want to try to change me
Into some cookie-cutter version of a person that I should be
I don't feel that you now wonder if I'm worth all the confusion that I spread
As I paint with no regard for the numbers or the colors
In pursuit of the vision that I see going around and around in my head

I've never thought of myself as being normal
And I resigned myself to the fact
But the places that I've let myself wander
Led me to places from where I never ever came back
The gypsy road never took me down to memory lane
No such road even exists for the things that I missed
So now I look forward to looking back on us
And a memory as simple as just walking in the rain

I've never been as ready as I am at this moment
To create for myself a past
Where together we paint the paintings
Those memories that I never even saw
And to feel normal .....
..........For the first time....
                           ......At last!
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2016

I know that there are things that I've been missing
And I
found ywhen my manic times do occur

Its so weird to know that you don't want to try to change me
Into some cookie-cutter version of a person that I should be
I don't feel that you now wonder if I'm worth all the confusion that I spread
As I paint with no regard for the numbers or the colors
In pursuit of the vision that I see going around and around ibeing normal
And I resigned myself to the facts
**** I've let myself wander
Led me to places from where I never came back

But I dont undestand is how you ended up in colorado after al

And to feel normal .....
..........For the first time....
                           ......At last!
Keith W Fletcher Aug 2016
Overhanging words
Reinforced for stability
Gives no viability
No consolation

Overstating the reality
Will not create any more viability
Than what crystallizes like frost
On the blades of winter morning grass

Stare too long at the image
And you will never notice it's gone
Until it no longer exists

So turn that evil inner eye
From the portrait painted
By the inner vision

Still that will not contain
The ever escaping pain
When a need to prove
... Of self-evaluation

Only proves that you are the Creator
That held check...
... On open channels
Seeking the tunnel vision of self...
... WHAT ?

Not a good trade I don't believe
For the path you were denied
By the paint by number artist
You became...
... And the way you fell victim
To your own false pride!
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2016
Unable to finalize any purchase
For change in the last places that one searches
To the point I'm unable to ward off the throes of destitution
By devaluing those who have not made restitution
To the point of having to fight off the urge to curse
Disallowed by the prose that places value and give verse
Any credit accrued....maybe even unearned
With no accounting for the time you
Learning what you have learned
Depreciation or Appreciation
Cannot be quantified by the lack of someone.sayin thanks
Interest will eventually be of value
Once accrued... but for now I must accept
That I'm simply overdrawn at my memory banks
Investment in my own value
Will allow me growth
In my own ...
Checking account
Helping me in balancing  the books
Keeping me payed up and happy
Always giving others their true valuation
  So that ego doesnt become a currency
That is subject to... such a devastating inflation
Keith W Fletcher May 2017
There on the wrinkled landscape
Of  topographical coloration
I blast two staccato echoes
A subtle shrill arpeggio at fade out
So subtle a difference that I can't say I hear it
Though I am the director
Of that whistles orchestration

Far across the valley bottom camouflaged by pattern
They will appear somewhere among that sea of white
The receivers pop up in mirrored action
Tiny pinpoints of color among the sea of white
I don't need to be able to see them to know
The exchange of glances anticipation of coming attraction
This is what they live for.... that call to attention
As they await like teenagers or #45 for another tweet

Glancing now at each other and aware
Of that growing sense of  anxiety among their charges
My hesitation stemmed from viewing all the Majesty
But I am aware from way up here of the tension below
And with the valleys steeped in ever darkening shadow
The two miles trek to the awaiting gate and the holding pen
I blow a quick quip to start Sas  and Rocket to bring em in
Then as if of 1 mind they lead em home ...leading from behind

An  addiction to action where by  almost supernatural
Is their ability to move by nip and slip around the throng
Attentive to any wayfarers lost in transit
Encouraging less enthusiastic or lost youngster to move along
Sending the adolescents screaming in terrorized panic
As they are  absorbed into the mass of slow moving wool
And only after the last one of them passes thru
The pair allow themselves ...with the closing of the gate

That romp of triumphant joyfull play as they await their reward
They will receive for their day of working like a dog
That bowl of food that awaits them is secondary to the real prize
To that smile and well done pat on the head or belly scratch

From their beloved master for that is really what they live for!!!
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2016
I thought about this and around this for a long time, so I guess it's time to write it down.


There is a natural balance in Earths history and mankind's tentative balance along the scale.
  When humans began to band together and create communities, control of fire / light created a need for oil . Eventually settling on whale oil.
   So it was by the grace of whatever one might want to attribute it to,that let petroleum come into play at a time when whales are in danger of being annihilated and dead horses were clogging the streets of cities in the east, left dead or dying by the Cartmen who simply unstrapped the sick or dead animal and moved on.
  .Oil / petroleum led to the creation of the internal combustion engine.
   So again a hand stirred the ***.                
  Consider these improvements( if such they were )created rapid growth and burgeoning cities . Again Providence stepped in to create radio , telephone and airplanes, essentially at a time when growth of humanity was so great , that new ways of farming , new ways of seeing the world-  were  becoming more and more necessary to a shrinking world.
   Unfortunately, at a time when we, the American initiative creators of so many trends, ideas ,Innovations and inspirations around the world, were suddenly slammed a blow that at this point, 40 years later; it's very reverberations are still being felt.
   Consider if big oil and trickle-down had not ,for spiteful and greedy involution, taken down the solar panels from the White House roof, that Jimmy Carter had installed in 1977.
  How far ahead would we be now ,in clean energy and how much less damage to the ice cap and the atmosphere would have been done??  To date... my guess is that it is incomprehensible.
  So if nature does create a balance, it seems we are coming to a critical Junction.

Right now -metaphorically speaking- we are riding shotgun in a car with a driver ,who like us ,sees cars up ahead disappearing around the curve and all hitting  their brake lights. Now any reasonable driver at highway speeds is 65 - 80 miles an hour would at least take the foot off the gas in preparation of  tapping the brakes.
  So many politicians right now are refusing to accept the brake lights... see no reason to tap the brakes to interrupt cruise control, in all actuality, completely refusing to do anything except go around the curve at full speed.
   Around that curve we may find nothing but smooth sailing ,  or we may find a catastrophe in the making.
   Nature will accept the cruise Interruption now (maybe) brakes absolutely, but Full Speed Ahead will lead to the sickening crunch of seawater rising and  spilling salt water into the lands that are used for growing crops and food -  leading to millions , maybe billions of refugees with nowhere to go.

Or we will reach critical mass of sheer ignorant arrogance and nuke ourselves into a situation that does not have the technology or population to hammer at the planet so freaking hard.

Most likely the first scenario would instigate the 2nd and those of us who crawl up out of the ashes will start the evolution to revolution journey all over again.

Ain't nature Grand ???
Keith W Fletcher May 2017
Every so often as we move along the trail
We meet those who walk along beside us
Some for just a few steps before a direction change
Others a step and two - you start looking for a bus

So rare when out of nowhere a sojourner steps in
At least that's what it seems to be ...then after a time
You realize you really don't know who joined who
So rare is the honor given and recieved that sublime

Is the word that seems fitting due to.. its rarity of use ...
... height and breadth of its inclusionary valuation
Finding the courage to walk the highwire of conversation
Without a net and that is not the normal inclination

A breath of fresh air through a dusty dead air space
Conversation so often drags along creating a rut
But time harmonizing along the trail a foot or endless mile
Has a key to locked doors and  inspired need to open windows

That I as I'm sure ,like so many others,  have.....
                         at some sad impulse driven moment ...nailed shut !!
Keith W Fletcher Apr 2016
It's gotten to where I despise
That look I see in your eyes
It's not like it's any real big surprise
Been getting harder to even try to disguise
Did you expect me to really tell you lies
After all those failed and empty tries
Funny how new love can always tantalize
Just seems to take off and rise and rise
Flying like it owns the skies
Seems like nothing it wants the world denies
Then the universe seems to bring the world down to size
And it seems like the old rules no longer applies
When it seems like then not even money buys
Any kind of happiness or emotional ties
And as the minutes tick by they seem to hypnotize
As friends and family stand around watching as it falls and dies
Becoming pieces left only to memorize
Someday to pull out and look at when the mood applies
When the ghosts of better days  gone materialize
But it'll have no answers no matter how hard it tries
Then suddenly you find that you're old and gray
Looking in the same old mirror day after day
And then you say
I'm getting to the point where I just despise
That look I see in your eyes
But you're all alone... So you have no alibis
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2016
All I really wanted
Was someone who needs me
Thats all I really want
I play the game
With such precision
But I don't enjoy the hunt
You come around
With your fancy persuasions
And try to stay awhile
You try to be
The judge and jury
And put my life on trial

Do t try to cross ... burning bridges
Don't try to crosswire me
Don't try to cross.... open spaces
Don't cross examine me

I'll come to order
When I'm good and ready
Don't try to make me rush
You know the answers
That I'm gonna give you
Won't really tell you much

I 'll plead the fifth
If you really force it
And keep it locked inside
Take what you get
I'll give you that much
To keep you satisfied

I have no defence
When it comes to hurtin
The prosecution rests
You bound me over
As your own solution
Even though....I had confessed.

All I really wanted
Was someone who needs me.
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2016
Pessimism tells me
No need to even hope
So many knots exist now
Along the quarter mil rope
Stretched out full length
At one time it held such promise
Anchored to the foundation strong and straight
Passing through the Bushes damaged to where Obama's
Best efforts  to untangle and repair
No help from hate mongers lined up at the stump
One by one stepping up to make the same speech
Knot after knot was tied in our hope
Till that final knot and its *** not Trump.
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2016
It's never really easy
To put yourself out there
To let go the rung
Where for so long you've clung
But without the chances
Life has no dances
And who wants to live forever
With their feet on the ground

I've stood here waiting
For the bus to my future
I've stood here so long
That the grass no longer grows
In the shadow I'm casting
There only darkness and gravel
At this bus stop to nowhere
Where the buses no longer travel

I need to move on now
I have to get myself moving
Waiting was so much easier
When I had so much more time
Now-while I am still able
It may take some pacing
To find my way forward
Towards the dreams I'm chasing

How long now- have I been waiting
I just can't say for certain
It feels like the third act
Like they will soon pull the curtain
As my audience is waiting
To see what great way I'll be ending
So I must create one that'll be worth
All the time I've wasted and the money they're spending

Its never really ever been easy
To let me put myself out there
With all that time that I've spent
Unaware of all my hesitations
So now-without some chances
Life has no dances....
And who wants to live forever
With their feet on the ground.
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2016
Rance is eating in a restaurant when he sees a girl ,obviously hitchhiking, get out of the car, carrying a guitar case and then coming to the restaurant. As he's leaving he tells the waitress to buy her  a hamburger because all she asked for was water . Then he goes out to his van
            ---------      ++ -------- ++     ----------    
The guy with the large helium balloon floating over his head was saying something as he closed the distance between us on this crowded bustling Street. The people, for some reason, kept raising their faces to stare at me with lonely ,beseeching  eyes as they scurried by ,then instantly dropping their gaze back to the ground as they quickly continued on.
    " State of my..... state of my ....state of my head....".said the balloon man as he drew near me and I couldn't help wondering why the words weren't appearing in the balloon that bounded along ,dancing chaotically, in lock-step to the dance-like movement of his pace "state of my head ."  
    Unlike the other people who passed by, he never looked at me -in fact- he didn't seem to notice anything except the zone right in front of his next step .  
       "You're legs on fire!"
     "I could still hear the echo of his chant as it, and him, bebopped into the obscurity of the distance, suddenly becoming aware of the barren and empty street , and the fire that was burning my right thigh.
    "Your leg's on fire"  now these words did appear in symbolic cartoon measure across the face of the balloon. "Hey!"I  cried out and then heard the echo of the words as they came sailing back.
    "Finally waking up I see" continued the echo as it became a soft laughter-filled sound to my ears.
     Slowly I was  becoming aware that my vision was filling in with the world outside the windshield of my van. The last stanza of Shinedowns state of my head was just fading from the radio as.....
    "Thanks for the burger"
My leg WAS on fire. Okay , it wasnt really,but it was burning above the knee of my right leg from the sunlight streaming through the windshield.      
  I was busy patting out the fire and rubbing the sleep from my eyes when I heard the voice again "Hello?"
     Now though, it was a real voice ,as it came sailing through the window of my van. A female voice.
     A bit slow maybe, but I was finally beginning to catch up, so I knew before I even looked, that it was the girl with the guitar case.
    It was. As I peered over the door frame I saw that she was sitting three feet from the van, on a patch of grass and leaning back against the big oak that grew at the edge of the parking lot and had provided a nice shade for storm ....okay and for my nap.        
     Surely the crooked -and haltingly, embarrassment driven - smile that I managed to conjure up ,as I looked out the window and down at her, was totally inadequate.  I was attempting to move past it , so with great confidence ,and sua da vi I heard my words as I said.
   "Huh? "  oh god !My brain said to my inner voice "really smooth" --- my inner voice took the fifth.  
     "That's a heck of a watch dog you've  got " she said.  Somehow breaking the ice  and allowing me space and time to regroup. " He told me he was there , aware and in charge as I approached your window,but he did it by just raising his eyes and the slightest rumbling growl. It was obvious he was serious but he was so cool about it"      
   I reached ,almost ,unconsciously, to stroke Storms muzzle and the furrow between his ears. "Yeah, " I said " He's got style alright." as more than a bit of pride tinged my words.
    Her laughter was sudden and as free as a wild bird being released from the confines of a cage as it rose up into the air.It was one of those beautiful,,natural
voices of those rare people who are not embarrassed by their own spontaneity.
   "Style " she managed to exclaim among the peals of joy " I love that"
     " Hi" I told her " I'm Rance and my stylin friend is Stormy"
      Her movements were quick, agile and graceful as she bounded to her feet , quickly wiping any perceived dust from her right palm across the hip area of her jeans before reaching out to shake hands.  "I'm Penelope Woods , but everyone back home just called me Piney"
     Now it was my time to laugh. A slight chuckle accompanied my hand as  I reached out to collect hers . " Piney Woods that funny. "
    " Why ,thank you kind sir " she exclaimed with the exaggerated imitation of southern gentellity " I've always thought so"  then that freebird laughter , again came rising up ,to float over and then slide all the way down into the hollow,unused places of my heart . Settling there as though it were home......Maybe it was.
Keith W Fletcher Feb 2017
I didn't believe in love at first sight
So I had to take another look
She was all my eyes could stand
And that look was all it took

She came across like a line from a song
The kind that makes you feel so good
I had to tell her just how I felt
If I didn't then I never would

You're the woman I've needed
You're the woman I need
You're the reason that I'm all alone
There's a child in me... That nobody can see
A part of me that never has grown

I didn't think I could ever be free
Of this feeling that I've known so long
Something inside that I've long denied
Kept telling me that something was wrong

Looking at you I can see that it's true
There's more to living than just life
I want you now and I want you forever
So baby won't you be my wife

You're the woman I've needed
You're the woman I need
You're the reason that I'm all alone
There's a child in me ... That nobody can see
A part of me that never has grown

I never believed in love at first sight
But baby you're a sight to see
You came along and something went wrong
To the strong silent side of me

I had to tell her just how I felt
If I didn't then I never would
Keith W Fletcher Jun 2016
Rance looked at the speedometer. Set  at 65 and on cruise control ,which he was fully aware of - at least he should have been. He kept looking anyway.
   Every time he glanced at the speedometer , he had to lift the fingers of his right hand to see, as it was draped across the 12 to 1 o'clock Zone of the steering wheel in the most casual way ,causing his fingers, in drooping repose- to resemble an enormous back scratcher.
   His left arm rested on the window sill at the elbow as he was experiencing a slightly manic episode  of nerves,  therefore he was doing his best to stretch his left ear lobe  all the way down to his shoulder . Okay, maybe not that radical, but he was firmly  in danger of removing the inner layer of skin from his earlobe with his rubbing thumb.
    Quick glances to his right with darting eyes confirmed his fear .  He  also saw the absence of Largo's large grey head., so a quick backward glance into the rear of the camper- unintentional but habitual -allowed him to see that Largo was asleep beside stormy in the approximate territory each  had staked out
  It was as he was pulling his head back forward , that Piney glanced up from The Notebook to smile.  There in the co-pilot seat , she sat gracing him with a  warm smile , and as far as Rance could tell , those lips that  smiled at him- so friendly -/were totally natural and uncolored, and if she were wearing any makeup at all ,it wasn't enough to cover the four or five little freckles just above the tip of her nose.  The natural look  gave her face that timeless look.   She could have been anywhere from 18 to 25 or 30 he didn't really know and....he really didn't care .
    It was noticing  those walnut colored flecks, just outside the iris of her light ,hazel colored eyes that  started causing him such personal turmoil.  As it seemed - to his astonishment- that he seemed unable to detatch  his own vision from  those eyes.,  Until she looked back - that is.
    First happening to him when she had  accepted his offered ride and as she wss climbing into the copilot's seat. If it hadn't been for largo, who had instantly attached his chin onto her  thigh ,she might have noticed how he was staring .  Fortunately  he was able to break it off but he was still self conscious of that effect she was having on him.
   After he'd done the initial stumble in the parking lot , he had actually carried on with - amazingly enough  -surprising clarity. It was in those 10 minutes that he had learned of her hometown and  all of the time she had been on the road up to now. Which had been all of 30 miles.
    It was that nagging voice that  kept repeating - in the back of Rances mind- the thing that she had said. " I wasn't really planning to be stopping at that restaurant , but I had to get out of that car.   Although the rest of what she said mattered , it was that part that kept resonating .
  " Oh that guy ! "/She grumbled "was just getting creepier and creepier.  The farther we went down the road , the bolder he got ,as he began to get handsy.
First , puting his hand on my knee and then a little bit later a little higher up my thigh." She shuttered  as she spoke  , in a pantomime inspired gesture before continuing. "It was after he pulled out that bottle and then started taking swigs that things got really bad.   When we started coming around that long curve, just before we got to the restaurant he was unable to bother me and ,adjust  for the curve,  so he kept driving over into the other lanes. Then he over-corrected ,almost getting  us killed  by a semi that came barreling through in the slow lane.   Laying on the horn as it swerved away to miss us, and then I knew I had to get the hell out of that car. Anyway possible.
  " So right then I saw the restaurant sign and I tried to get the best lilt into my voice and the most calm that I could muster as I said  "Hey! there's the place  I'm supposed to play tonight. Pull over ..right here! RIGHT HERE!!!"
    But in his slow, befuddled ,drunk and almost run over  brain he stopped right in the middle of the slow lane . " Where we at?"
  "We're at the place I'm playing guitar music tonight " She said -that she told him this - to keep his attention so she could wrestle the guitar case out of the back seat ,over the seat back and out the doorway of the car.  Then just as she had it ready to pull through the open doorway she reluctantly said " Thanks for the ride." Then with a little thought and ****** attitude " yeah ...I'll be playing here tonight at 8 o'clock , so why don't you come by and listen" she lied
  A bit perturbed and confused but he was still able to find his inner creep as he spoke.... muttered .....gutterally.... whatever  "Yeah I'll do that and then me and you can have a drink and I got a little Coke " then he did that drunken kind of wink where they end up opening their mouth in  such a crooked fashion that it looks like a stroke victims Visage
  " Where is a fly when you need one ". Piney  said that then she pulled  the guitar case on through  the doorway , wrestling it the 10 feet over to the grassy apron of the road . Returning to close the door as  he asked "what did ja say?
   "Oh . I said I've always wanted to give Coke a try " and with that she closed the door -/just short of a slam.
 " You got it ba " he pointed his right forefinger like a pistol, but if it went off Piney never heard as she trundled her case across the grass area  in the most direct route towards the building and the safety of people.
  At this moment she was still in the process of confirming the abject fear that had Rances heart doing flip-flops, as he was aware that she was still sitting there ,reading his poetry.
    As soon as she had settled into the copilots seat, allowed Storm and Largo to introduce themselves and as they happily filed her smells away. Storm returned to his spot after just a half of a minute while Largo, on the other hand gently lay his head on her leg and for all appearances seemed to go into a trance.
     She confidently rubbed his head as she spoke in a slight cooing sound then looking up at Rance as he was guiding them out the parking lot and did the cruelist thing possible . As polite as a butterfly landing on the petal of a flower she asked if she might read some.
  To which Rance had said "Sure , go ahead " and then began trying to do damage to his left earlobe. After 30 miles he was beginning to catch up with his runaway thoughts.
   Any remnants of sua da vi that he had mustered up in the parking lot , now long gone -evaporated. Unfortunately now it was being  replaced by a carrousel of thoughts in poor Rances mind that spun to the cacophony of music from the most  sinister sounding Calliope.
   Though the music blasted a torrential sound wave throughout his mind it was not enough to silence the voice that kept repeating " oh man oh man oh man" - with annoying and echoing  persistance - from an obscure region--, somewhere beyond the Swirling carrousel.
   Then suddenly the crazy carnival and the voice came to a sudden mind shuttering piney's soft velvety voice interceded. " you wrote these...i mean ...all of them ?"
  A quick glance towards Piney was enough to.see this fresh faced girl with those magnetic eyes- now filled to overflowing  with tears -  was looking at him in a wonderfilled  way as she held the open notebook in right hand and with the other she stroked largos head.,Which had rematerialized.on her lap , just as soon as her voice had broken the relative silence.
    " He really likes you" remarked the reemerging Rance ,as he indicated Largo with his head. 'And yes I did ...write .....yeah all of them." Not really smooth he said to himself ..but okay.
    " This one " Piney pointed to a page that Rance could not take time to recognize " Somber Sunset. Its killing grandmother just went ...and went through Alzheimer's before she passed. "
    Rance was still staring out the windshield, in silent astonishment - at her perception- when Piney gathered herself to the point of unbroken speech. " that is what its about ...right ?"
      Rance turned a full face ..straight on and confident gaze into her tear glissening eyes ( sua DA vi having returned full force) "Yes " he softly acknowledged her perceptivity" as I read it ...yes"
      Thats  when that annoying voice decided to reassert itself . "  There is always something about a damsel in distress that always brings  out even the most quivering coward ...." SHUT THE HELL UP!! Lance barked out at the voice as he stared out the windshield while making a slight adjustment to avoid.a small box in the road.
   At that very moment the sleeping Storm opened his eyes to stare forward with both ears and eyes , as if he had heard his masters voice call out in angry distress. With no danger detected as he scanned the area, he was about to resume his squirrel watching -which had just gotten good before the interruption -/Storm let his eyes scan around and land on Largo ." Humans "he spoke to himself " good thing they're smart enough to befriend dogs. Now that Largo...that's a dog that poor Rance could learn a thing or two from." Then he closed down his eyes and calling out "squorrely come on squirrel where'd ya go"  as his slight snore began and his right rear leg began twitching.
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2017
First day of Rance s and stormys New Life.
After the first night of sleeping in the camper .
First  realization that he's  on his own ,for the first time in his life. First opportunity for Rance to find ,what will eventually become a great novel so to say hi and meet the neighbors.
An hour later,  back from walking the campsite not have found any great stories, a couple of people nodded back as we passed , and one returned how you ? To my How are you doing today?

. No Epiphanies and no happy mood  as he  cooked up some hamburgers, for himself and for stormy .
   As it came time to eat,   and Rance  does something else for the first time ever, and that is deciding to say a prayer- for the journey and for the meal.

Made some hamburger patties , fixed stormy some food in his bowl turned on some Aerosmith Circa 1982 and waited for what would be next. As it turned out it was just hamburgers. No Revelations , no approaching strangers/ Neighbors to regale with the most amazing story ever to be heard..
   So I grill the burgers, set out the condiments, fill the plate with chips ,open the can of dr. Pepper then did something I had rarely if ever done in my life I made up a prayer'.
    Dear God in heaven
Jesus and the holy Spirit
Thank you for this meal
Both mine and Stormys
And for the opportunity
To see...
..... Beyond my horizons

Lift Me Up
And I will look farther
Open my heart
That I may feel deeper
Fill me up that I may have
Something to give back

I don't know what
My sites should be set on
Or the path
That I should be taking
So I will put it in your hands
To guide me- to show me
Where to look and help me
See what I might otherwise miss

I asked myself a little while ago
If I would do anything different
Than the people who. are camped around me .
I don't know the answer
I would like to believe.... that
The answer is inside me
Where only time and your good graces
Will help me if ....
... .  Understanding is mine to possess.

In Jesus name amen

Then for some reason I decided , instead of spending the day and night - as planned -at 12:30 in the afternoon- I packed up ,checked  the map,  picked  what I believe would be a pleasant four our trip, then I shook the dust of campsite 12C modern from my clothes and waved hartily at all the strangers  camping down the lane- as I went past.
    One little boy of about 10 waved enthusiastically back at me as I roll by.
     An hour later I found myself traveling a. switchback mountain pass highway when I came around a blind curve to come face-to-face with large backpack -a very large backpack - in the road.
    The backpack - upon reflection - was on the narrow shoulder of the road and rode on the the narrow shoulders of a red headed guy;  walking with a  dog on a string and ,going in the same direction that I was traveling.
      As I passed by, slowly. as  the surprise from  coming around the corner and seeing the sudden backpacks appearance ,along with the steady uphill climb of the road had slowed me considerably anyway.
    It was the dog that nearly brought me to a complete stop , not the - enthusiastic hitchhiker's - thumb sticking out to his side.
      The dog was bone-thin with  ribs showing like Fingers through the flesh and the protruding hip bones that stuck out like golf ***** under the skin just above each hind leg.  A silver and black dog that stood about 26 inches at the shoulders and should have weighed 80 pounds....would probably  tip the scales at 45 or 50.
      I passed by this pair with cuss words on my breath and anger in my heart to suddenly see a pull off/ view area to my right.
    I pulled in with a sudden and violent yank of the wheel that earned me a hard look from Storm .
    I was probably a quarter mile past The Hitch-Hiker when I pulled in and it was large enough to move back away from the road to a point I could no longer see the guy or the dog.
    " Good God" I said to Storm " Did you see .... and then it hit me with the spirit , as sudden  as a bug hitting the windshield would do;  so I looked up to the heavens" REALLY ?" I said "This is my answer?"
   Then I knew right then and there that I had judged, I had assumed , "I saw a starving dog and never thought... maybe he was attached to a  starving human.
Keith W Fletcher Apr 2016
On those days when it feels
As though life has pummeled you
Beatin down in the center of the ring
Confused as to where to turn to
All you want is a neutral corner
A respite from the jeering crowd
To stand in the showers healing waters
And wash away life's painful shroud
To just lie back in benumbed reflection
Of how to entertain anothet round
As entering the ring is no longer viable
My mind is weak my heart is absent
The spring  gone on legs no longer reliable
But I eat my supper and gorge on media
Until sleep leads me to what dreams sleep brings
Then on wobbly legs I arise to meet the foe
Once the hands of time align and the hated bell rings.
Put em up
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2018
Sometime long ago I cast my lot
On to that spot where I no longer exist
But I couldn't resist because
Though I be not an existing entity
Occupying there ...where
I once stood long
Long enough to realize
It wasn't where I belong

It was my spot until that thought
Crept up like a silent non tail wagging
Non growl bragging... Watchdog
to bite me on my *** and send me scurrying on my way

With a pain to remember what never existed
Except for maybe those fleeting moments when I resisted change
How comfortable can become
That place you never were
Able to say you came from

Somehow it feels better
Than to speak truth to letter
And to spell out the words
I don't belong
Anywhere along
That road where I had become so weak
As I Stumble down and all around
Revisions... Decisions
Where I hum the tune
That has become my song
That place I didn't belong
That place I didn't belong that made me strong!
Keith W Fletcher Sep 2016
My eyes are beyond polluted
By the overflowing inanities
That paint wordless post-mortems
On yesterday's lost fantasies

Rolling over lifeless as dead certains
When obligations fall into disrepair
And the king of all invocations
Awaits power sitting in an electric chair

As darkness shrouds the uninspired
In  triumphant ticker tape parades
While the bewildered beast becomes the feast
A million glasses in toast are raised

To the jesters unequivocally basphemous proposal
To the queen of all frustrated converts
Who Once Upon a Time willingly surrendered
To the impresario pretender
Who fooled the world by laying siege on the empty house of cards

And with all the power granted
By the grace of obscenities triumphant screams
Separating me from reality by infiltrating my failing vision
With the polluted overflowing inanities of these cellophane dreams
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2016
With obsolescent clarity
Amid moribund metaphysical
As the iridium ball rolls
From eponym to epitaph
Engeneering an epoch diarama
In surfeit metronomic hysteria
While time chases time into infinity
Episodic vagaries celebrate
The metaphoric metamorphosis rising to
Metaphysical majesty as vacuous
As any minutiae will
When abstract vagaries
Become the vagrant epitome
Of a mordant mosaic
Made entirely of the lost causes
Torn from the very core
I surmise
As being the virulent....
.....Tragic and irridescent pieces
Left along the allegorical antipathy
Where those that are left behind
By the stigmatation
Of any irascible involutions
Mired in the mesh
Of scribbles and scribes
After the iridium ball rolls By
Leaving vacuous irridescent
Symbols of epigraphical
Stymied by
The absolescent clarity
Amid moribund metaphysical  mutations.
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2016

mixed now
l aweTo realize
the day.
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2017
As the sun
Begins to set
I know my day
Is not over yet
So much to see
So much to do
So much to share
Now that I've found you

The time that's gone
Beyond the bridge
Does not effect the colors
Now forming upon the ridge

As abstract as what
We now have
Should I have tried....
......To see
Any vision
Any future
Any thought
That I would have
With whome
To share
The setting of the sun

Now I realize I was
All mixed up
And am just now realizing
I am not viewing the setting sun
I'm in total awe....To realize
We're sharing a brand new sun
And glory
To the making....
.....of a brand new day
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2017
I'm at a loss to explain
Or even understand
The way we got to this point
350 million strangers in a strange land
No joy comes from the methods I deploy
To exclude the thoughtless ,rude or crude.
Who neglect respect thinking a few words will fix
For me Apologies are not words... they're an attitude.

Keith W Fletcher Feb 2017
Everything seems to be so complicated
Understated or overrated
Out of bounds or poorly created
Faded Kings with shining crowns... peddling mattresses on sale after the prices have been inflated

Promises are nothing more
Than an eight letter combination lock
That seem to crumble to dust with just one click of the clock

So we stand in line and await our time... to be sheared
And then we will be able to join a sympathetic flock

But at some point....

The truth became a spare tire for that car we keep up on blocks

Instead we walk with a limp down the road... our shoes full of lies like tiny rocks

Thinking that we will get a pass from all the heartless haters that

Rely on those stumbling, painful, non gainful... Ghost like images of a rat

No one will trust you to be just another fortune teller that's   always drunk on cheap wine

Yet they say it's okay... because all you want when you're drunk is just another sip
And then ... without a price to pay or gold to gain
The truth is the truth this time

But still things just seem to be so **** complicated, understated or completely overrated.
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2016
As if from out of nowhere
Gnarled Twisted fingers
With jagged rusting fingernails
Reached out ... Grabbing me
Dragging me... Back
From going over the precipice

Stopping the headlong tumble
Into that deep dark echoless Abyss
At that critical moment
Of complete systems failure
When the call of the Void
Seems impossible to deny

That falling through the darkness
Would seem as if I could fly
I sensed
The siren song was calling to me
As it had been all along

Just as I let Go ... Leaning in
Relinquishing control
Those wrinkled withered hands
With the Twisted gnarled fingers
And those rusted over fingernails
Pulled me back.... With
Strength  incomprehensible

Freeing a Sinister scream of agony
Pure pain and despair
Ripping out and splitting the air
As it rose up from the depths
Of that deep Darkness... that
Echoless void

Someone had reached out...
... To save me
So I turned to see who... it was
That had pulled me back
Wondering how it is...
... That they knew

There was no one there
Just the last fading remnants
Of a shadow on the wall
So I smile to the Fates
As I gather paper and pen
Making a note for my future
Lest I ever forget and Tumble back in

Then with withered and wrinkled hands
I Hold Steady to the notepad
With rusting fingernail adorned
Twisted and gnarled fingers
I begin
A whole different flight
As I begin to write
Hello, Poetry?  Keith W Fletcher   Poems     Dec 2016 Back from the edge

It will soon mark 7 long silent filled years since the pain and ended up inspiring this poem. During the band days of yesteryear we always had a chance to get together on this summer autumn holidays in raise hell and make noise and it was like a big family and so I post this on this for whatever I can get out of it this time and for all that all who need, then by all means for you as well!

As if from out of nowhere  Gnarled Twisted fingers  With jagged rusting fingernails  Reached out ... Grabbing me  Dragging me... Back  From going over the precipice   Stopping the headlong tumble  Into that deep dark echoless Abyss  At that critical moment  Of complete systems failure When the call of the Void  Seems impossible to deny   Convinced  That falling through the darkness  Would seem as if I could fly I sensed  The siren song was calling to me  As it had been all along   Just as I let Go ... Leaning in  Relinquishing control  Those wrinkled withered hands With the Twisted gnarled fingers And those rusted over fingernails Pulled me back.... With  Strength  incomprehensible   Freeing a Sinister scream of agony  Pure pain and despair  Ripping out and splitting the air  As it rose up from the depths  Of that deep Darkness... that  Echoless void   Someone had reached out...  ... To save me  So I turned to see who... it was  That had pulled me back Wondering how it is...  ... That they knew   There was no one there  Just the last fading remnants  Of a shadow on the wall  So I smile to the Fates  As I gather paper and pen  Making a note for my future Lest I ever forget and Tumble back in   Then with withered and wrinkled hands  I Hold Steady to the notepad  With rusting fingernail adorned  Twisted and gnarled fingers  I begin A whole different flight  As I begin to write Keith W Fletcher Written by Keith W Fletcher  Oklahoma                490        naǧí, ryn, Ami Shae, Keith Wilson, J Robert Fallon III and 1 other Ami Shae  Ami Shae  Wow!!! This is one of the best writes I've ever read! Gives me hope! Thank you!!!   0      1 reply   Dec 2016
Keith W Fletcher Sep 2016
Gone too far now
To turn back the clock
Should I even want to
I made sure there was a lock
As change is not ever easy
Even toward a better accommodation
Where appreciation may be
Forthcoming for efforts of inspiration
That too often fly by on silent wings
Just a slight whisper in the wind

Completely unnoticed by the robotic drones
So reliant on the mass acceptance
And always wary of deviant freethinkers
 keeping watch so no one ever condones

But by God ! to hear them speak
The pride exuded for their upgrade
They always feel that they are so open minded
actually achieved by norms of life not obeyed??

And this... they truly seem to believe
I don't argue anymore
I don't attempt to show them any light
I just... Sadly I say this
I just get up and leave

Believe what it is you want to believe
I have absolutely no problem there
Until that belief comes full circle
And you believe in free and open speech
Allows you to post such things as
That fellow burning the American flag
Should I see him doing it I'll shoot him in the head that very spot

Or the woman who posted
Any veteran who votes for Hillary Clinton
Should have their right hand chopped off
And hundreds liked and agreed

I'm aghast at what people so often speak aloud
But I'm absolutely mortified by what they actually post
If only they would take a second or two
To look at what they actually wrote
And then really really really succeed
In being able to actually read!!!
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2017
my perceptual imbalance regardless of talents spread out over a
   chronological lifetime
gives an obfuscated vision of a murky aberration  unfocused on
  all but the aperture
overwhelming  blind ambition especially when wrapped up in
   raiment of religion
becomes translucent in the implications and applications as they
  writhe into obligation
laid out in prostration in their zeal appealing to an ever evolving
  version of Valhalla  

even now we see demonstrations of new world rationalizations
  mired in implications
Machiavellian machinations as we seem to suddenly find need
  of insentient insensate
willing partisan participants who believe participating in sacred
   rights annihilations
in total disregard of patently salacious overbearing lying denying
   terrorizing  abomination...
............A SAD SAD TRADE FOR  WHAT WAS....
                .. OUR GREAT....OBAMA nation.
Keith W Fletcher May 2018
Came to a point
where I was lost
On this long **** journey
Through the valley I crossed

Dangers lurk in ev..e..ry
shadows dark depth
a repast of pasts overt reactions
aware of my share of..
...short-lived attractions
I stumbled along the rutted pathway
Sloshing through the thickened mire
Of fallacy and morality and ...??
...All that has borne such sad inactions

In climbing up the valleys edge
I find my wearyness weighing down
The shattered frame of mind
Where I fear as I  get here....
How much of what I want to be or
Once hoped to be is scattered along ...
            ....the trail i left behind.

Came to a point where i was lost ...
                    betrayed by ....
      this backward swing of time.!
They stand in blatant disregard
Unmpressed by how deeplly scarred
The lives are
As they roll through
Protected by the coded hue
The twisted visions and pirate pose
Avast and untouched area grows
A veritable smorgasbord  
of victims wait
and saturate
In the oily slime
Of those committing legal crime
Doing all they believe they can do
With anonymity
  and  assumed impunity
Behind the thinnest of veiled ruse
Blue lines and the sides each
will choose.
Keith W Fletcher Aug 2016
You made me money
You gave me *******
And sat so heavy
Oh my poor old brain
Did your best
To  drive me insane
I had the ball
But you provided the chain

I got so nervous
And I got so sick
I get so banged up
That I'd look like a wreck
I'd crawl around.... Looking
For just a speck
I broke the mirror
When I saw what it did reflect

I said goodbye
And you wished me well
Then you grabbed me
Drug me straight through hell
I got a ticket on a one-way trip
I felt the fingers
Of your icy grip
You said you need me
And that I needed you too
That might have been....
.... But I've got..
News for you

I've left the highway
Now I'm headed straight
Had to
It was much too late
Back there is nothing
So I'm looking straight ahead
The highway is clear now
I can see
Where it led
It will lead you in circles
It will dizzy your head
Keeping you spending... Until you..
End up dead !

You made me money and you gave me *******
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2015
We know what reality
Becomes .....when the banality
Of everything
Has gone stale from overuse
Try to find  a spark of life
In what is rapidly
Becoming rife
Nothing is worth fighting for
But if you will
Just take a pill
And let it conquere every ill
Feelings ...that you
Just can't comprehend
And in this state of blissfullness
You miss your stop and then you end...up
Coming to the conclusion that you are lost

None of this will harsh your bliss
Unless you find ...that what you miss
Is destined to
Never ever .. Come Back Around

So if the army that you've unlisted in
Doesn't care if they lose
Or if they win
Is that the reality you think
That you have found

Because if it is then what it says
Is nothing but....
A pack of lies
Staring down the open pits
You realize that it's
What used to be your eyes

Then everything comes crowding in
Pushing you to defend
The status
That you never --felt
That you had earned
And then you find
You can't unwind
The tangled mess that you possess
Thats commonly  refered to as
Your daily grind


For all the pains that I have chained
To myself and noone else
Ever really knew ..that I
Even carried it around

The weight of the world
Wrapped around me like a steel cocoon
The only hope I can see
Is that someday --a better me
Will rise up to take what life will bring

Chrysilis is at the heart of
All my hopes and all my dreams
But chemicals keep putting holes
Chemicals keep putting holes
In all my future wings
Keith W Fletcher Feb 2017
Those appalling words
Just keep falling
Liquid lies ....seemingly
Without end ...emote

From that cavernous portal
Tumbling down...from
Heights imagined as.....

More grand than any mortal
Before or after
Will ever be equal to ...

This ostentatious ungracious... ......sacrilegious mutation

Sending out RSVP invitations
To the party to end all parties

A  last look to see whats trending
Then an all-out assault assigning fault
Before  defending the ending
As his legacy.....
....And his greatest creation

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