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Kabelo Maverick Nov 2018
The identity is not correct,
God’s people dishonored
and in a state of aggression,

Geographically topsy turvy,
the history is miseducation

Blasphemy spits in the
face of the Motherland
like mocking the wrath
of a silent Beast

Like scorching the sky for Thunder
We’re provoking Divine Intervention

Ben Fernekees Jan 2012
The party has begun
and the faces are covered
the mask hiding truth
and eyes showing reality

those unknown circle together
as the music continues
and strangers mingle
under false references

yet there is one without a mask
the truth open for all to see
nothing to hide
and eryone stares

this man who is different
he is not accepted
those who are hidden rebel
and the one who shows the truth is lost
Pete Oct 2015
Yes I'm wrong and I'm sorry
Please forgive me those times that I wasn't there.
Yes I'm stupid
Please give me one more chance

I wish when we were still together
I should've done my part.
I'm losing my job, my life. since the day I lose you
I know it's too late to apologize
But I just want you to know how much I loved you.

You're the reason why I changed,
The reason I lived,
And the reason why I cried in front you
I wish I can turn back the time
And do all the things I should've done when I was your man

— The End —