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JT Nelson Jun 2019
These shoes are worn
This soul is torn

My empty glass
Was once half full

But as Mondays wear me down
Fridays don’t come fast enough

I tune one string
Five more go flat

I whittle my stuff down
To things that matter

A simpler life, a happier life
I love what I have around me

Even if it’s worn shoes, an empty glass
And a guitar that’s out of tune.
Kabelo Maverick May 2018
Ample time means timeless
Emblems, pride seems mindless
People are just crazy and free
Pupils must fairy and flee
Who wants to be a Mason…?
When you can be amazing…
Sourodeep Jun 2015
I don't want to be the big banyan tree
majestically standing tall in the field
jealous men scratching it all day, I can see
stealing it's shadows and breaking the branches
still it offers home to all these lonely birds
in all this brutality, how tolerant it can be !

                         I am not worthy of all this empathy

I choose to be a small ****, instead
hiding in the beauty of so many like me
and making this barren land, bucolic green
I am happy with a butterfly, hugging me once a while
for after a short life, I will either satisfy a cow's appetite
or be stamped to death by the ignorant juvenile
                 Wishing­ for happiness, but being stealthy
                      *I am not worthy of all this empathy

— The End —