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Ever changing
No shape
All Grace.
No name
No features
No face -
Apart from when I need you
and then I'll start to call
You appear amidst my chanting
in all your glorious form.
Maybe you're a Michael;
a Mary or a Zeus,
You might even appear as the Lord Almighty, Jesus.
Just for me
You're a gentle mist of compassion,
Light shimmer,
You're an energy that'll help me transition
from negative
to positive.
I trust.
I believe.
When  you  are  young.
The  village  seems  only
one  field  away.
You  can  skip  it  in  no  time.

Middle  aged  it  feels
two  fields  away.
And  is  getting  a  bit  
of  a  bore.

When  you  are  old
it  seems  like  three  fields
Almost  Impossible  to  walk.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2017.
I can't eat Ramen.
Which *****, cuz I love Ramen!
The broth is so good!

Curley fries are great.
They're better than normal fries.
Nobody knows why.

DVD's aren't dead.
I like the commentary.
That's why I buy them.

Thesauruses help,
But is using them cheating?
I will never know.

Okay, I'm done now.
Seriously, you can go.
They're just dumb haikus!
This is what the brain of a poet looks like. We all think in Haiku. X3
Through a portal in the flowing sands of time
We travel back into history,  1849
Where we find an intriguing man
who can pen a nice line!

He was no craven, he flew with a raven
And you're wondering who is this man
Everyone know the master of poetry
Edgar Allan Poe ☆

Alas, we find Poe upon the streets
        Of Baltimore, all alone
in severe distress
Gasp in strange clothes dressed
        And none were his own!

Astonished were we and deathly ill was he
And not misbehavin'
   Only unshaven!

Swiftly he's whisked away to a hospital
             Washington College!

Whereupon four days later
the grim reaper greets him,
"Hello, Mr. Poe!"

Oh Poet!
dust and smoke
old bones
and rusty thrones
fade in the mist
our train
heading to a new place
will we be missed?

will we forget the smell
are we destined
forever to dwell
on stories
and words
that swell
out of eyes
and hands
and feet
out of
foggy tunnels
and ***** sleet
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