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Oct 11 · 27
Mowing the Lawn
The grass is tall
The grass is small
Back and forth
Back and forth
Back and forth I go

Mow, mow, mow
Mow, mow, mow

I hear the mower's motor
It cuts grass with its rotor

Mow, mow, mow
Mow, mow, mow

I'm trying to thin up a poem
As I'm walking along

I love the smell of fresh cut grass
As I'm mowing the lawn
Oct 6 · 45
Autumn Thought
"There's always next year"
Doesn't mean what it used to
Now that I am old
Oct 4 · 177
I'll Never Forget
Early morning snow
On the first of October
Nineteen sixty-two
childhood memory
Oct 4 · 260
Maybe Nirvana
Imagine yourself
Absent all self-awareness
But fully conscious
Deep thoughts, existential
Sep 28 · 149
We are the sunset
Love-flung to the sky
Lost in each other,
Looking back
On the world.
Sep 27 · 28
Along the Way
I have to stand somewhere
Until I find
A good place I can stand.
I really don't like shifting sand
Or muck that you sink into.
Isn't it much the same for you,
Looking for firm ground
As you're on the move?

And I have to hang onto something
Until something comes along
That I can really hang onto.
Isn't it similar for you,
Clinging to one thing
(The very best yet)
Until something else comes through?  

And I must find someone I can trust
Until someone comes along
Who I can really trust.
Leaps of faith I've made a few,
Landed hard and changed my view.
Isn't it sort of lie that for you?
Looking for the truth
As you're passing through?
Sep 24 · 155
In Fall
Autumn winds blow strong
Filling air with falling leaves
Parted from their trees
What I see today
Sep 15 · 95
If everything that
Existed didn't exist
There would be nothing
Sep 13 · 93
Final Season
In the end
The heart knows its way
And when my life begins to fade
My love for you
Will fade like
Summer's green leaves
To brilliant colors
And my fruit will be
The most abundant and sweetest ever
Before it falls to earth
Leaving me with branches bare
And nothing left to reach for
But heaven
Sep 3 · 60
One of those people
Who you think you'll see again
But you never do
Aug 30 · 36
In the shade where it's cool
A little stream ran
Making its way
Over pebbles and sand.
Forget-me-nots blue
Were growing nearby
Scattered like stars
On a grassy, green sky.

One evening in August
We stood there in silence,
Lost in our thoughts
As the water rushed on.
In time, we discussed
The forget-me-nots
And how they had lasted
All summer long.
They do last
Aug 27 · 102
Morning Walk
Early Autumn chill
Feelings of summer passing
Where did they all go?
Low 40's this morning
Aug 25 · 215
Half Empty
The graveyard is large
With many empty spaces
Waiting to be filled
Aug 24 · 43
They Know
Watch the leaves flicker
See the story of your life
The past and future
Aug 24 · 122
Wall and Shadow
The wall is our world
The shadow is the sun
Caressing us

The wall is the people we know
The shadow is our feelings
About them

The wall is our hearts
The shadow is the distance
Between them

The wall is the truth
The shadow is what we say
About our lives

The wall is your lips
The shadow is your breath
Flowing between them

The wall is the total
Of our experience
The shadow is my memories of you

The wall is my body
The shadow is the dust
It will become
Aug 21 · 53
My Stories
All of my stories
Romances of drifting clouds
My reality
Aug 20 · 155
Summer Clouds
All of them are clouds
All the loves of my long life
Summer clouds that drift
I ground her words
Into tiny flakes
And smoked them
All afternoon
After that, I fell asleep
And woke up on the moon
Aug 18 · 56
A Sad Poem
Maybe it was big spiders
From underneath the eaves
Or maybe just a little bird
That came down from the trees
Or maybe some fat garter snake
That crept up from the lawn
In any case, the next morning
All those four were gone...

Poor monarch caterpillars
Plump as plump could be
Contented, moving slowly
On their sweet milkweed
All four gone for ever
We'll see them not again.
Pretty butterflies on air
Alas, they would have been...
That time of year
Aug 16 · 580
Writer's Block
No rhyme at this time
Empty heart and empty mind
Can't love or opine
Aug 11 · 143
Jumbo Manhattan
Filling the yellow-bird glass
Friday night, at last
Aug 9 · 162
The wind in the leaves
Crickets chirping in August
Summer sounds we love
Jul 30 · 334
We make up stories
Trying to convince ourselves
Of what we believe
Jul 29 · 159
Butterfly shadows
Nothing more ephemeral
Nothing less either
Infinity--the great equalizer
Jul 23 · 346
Mountain Summers
Brief mountain summers
Come and go like humming birds
That hover and dart
Jul 21 · 113
Trying to Explain
I am the red sun rising,
And you the dawn's warm glow,
It's not exactly just like that
But similar, I know.

You are the moving ocean,
And I the rising tide,
A very hard thing to describe
But at least I tried.

You are the pure, white snow drifts,
And I the Winter chill,
That's a close description
But that's not quite it still.

You are the mountain air,
And I the eagle flying--
It really isn't just that way,
But I keep on trying.

It's like the barriers cease to exist
When bolts of lightning merge;
We pause--the thunder rolls away--
Then feel another surge.
Jul 18 · 55
Dust to Dust
Steep rusty roofs
On faded red barns
Dry stubble fields
Tall silos forlorn
Abandoned homesteads
Stretch cold empty arms
Silent remains of
What used to be

Gone from the fields
The crops and their yields
Gone from the homesteads
Families and kin
Old barns stand empty
It seems like a sin
And land that was dust
Is now dust again
Changing times
Jul 16 · 182
A Party
The wine is deep red
Sensual, smooth, semi dry
We revel in it
Jul 9 · 113
One Afternoon
Sitting on the porch
Sunlight splashing on the lawn
Summer moving on
Jul 2 · 158
Welcome Guests
In the summertime
Old memories from childhood
Visit frequently
Jul 1 · 62
Lost in Thought
Gentle summer rains
Falling on ponds and puddles...
The circles they make...
Jun 28 · 104
All Green
The leaves on the trees are all green
Green, green, green, green, green
Calling us to life
Do you know what I mean?

The leaves on the trees are all green
Green, green, green, green, green
Even in darkest  night
Do you know what I mean?

The leaves on the trees are all green
Green, green, green, green, green
They sing in the wind
Do you know what I mean?

The leaves on the trees are all green
Green, green, green, green, green
Seems they'll always be green
Do you know what I mean?

The leaves on the trees are all green
Green, green, green, green, green
Like I've always loved you
Do you know what I mean?
Jun 26 · 233
Wisdom with Age
You are what you are
You aren't what you used to be
You'll know when you're old
Seasons of life
Jun 23 · 121
Don't You Wish
Down on the green fleece jacket
The one with the piping white
Green like emeralds the jacket
Her hair, coal black like night.

The golden heart suspended
And chain about her neck,
Spend the hours close to her--
In heaven, I expect.

The hair net worn professional
A trend for fashion sets
When all beneath beguiles the eye
A crown on her it rests.

Once, I saw her run the square
A brisk and steady pace
Dressed in black from head to toe
A stern, determined face.  

I'm wishing I could run with her,
But that can never be--
Except maybe from time to time--
In a fantasy...
From way back when
Jun 18 · 197
Huge, white clouds that drift
Stately, shifting, rounded shapes
Younger days recall
Jun 15 · 235
The Philosopher
Does a bigger brain
Penetrate reality
Or make up stories?
Jun 8 · 159
Death:  no consciousness
A minute, a billion years
Exactly the same
Jun 4 · 172
Winter in Spring
Dandelion seeds
And apple blossom petals
Drifting springtime snow
May 30 · 690
Unrelenting Green
Unrelenting green
Is a very short season
Here and gone too soon
It begins shortly, when every leaf turns green
May 23 · 106
Misidentificatiion Haiku
Is that a dead fly?
No, that isn't what it is--
It's a bit of lint
Those little, black bits of lint and wool sometimes look
like flies.  Our minds can play tricks on us.
May 6 · 191
Time Travel
You seek time travel?
Then go to where time exists--
Go to your own mind
I think time is a product of our minds
Feb 25 · 44
Winter Blues
Winter's a time for philosophy,
When deep snow covers what we love
We make up stories to convince ourselves
That nothing we care about matters that much.
Or we feed our hopes with memories,
Warming ourselves around that woodstove,
As if keeping those fires alive
Keeps the things we love closer
Even as they become more distant,
Or keeps us ready for their return,
Though they are never coming back.
We dance, waving our arms frantically
In the smoke, playing games in the snow,
Keeping things alive in our minds
As if memory brought them nearer.
Pictures on shelves
(Showing how it was for us)
Sit and gather dust.
We bathe in happy memories
And try to look ahead,
Hoping for summer again.
Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Jan 9 · 72
A Memory
I was picking blueberries
With aunt Pat and Carolyn
We had just come upon the best
Patch of the day
When we heard thunder
And it started to rain
Aunt Pat said we had to go
She hurried us back across the field
And into the house

I've never been back there,
Until today
Oct 2018 · 149
Mystic Dream
John Niederbuhl Oct 2018
Every bug, fish, cat, elephant, human
And every other living thing that ever
Existed or ever will exist, anytime and anywhere,
Lives in the light that goes on and on
In the endlessness of everything that
Ever was or ever will be, and everything
That any of them ever did or ever will do
Lives in that light and exists in the same moment  
Of what we call time, but nothing that
Lives in the light knows anything of time--
All any of them knows is the light.
Deep thoughts?
Oct 2018 · 465
It's All About Me
John Niederbuhl Oct 2018
A gentle breeze
Blew a big leaf towards me
Along the sidewalk

At first
I thought it was a turtle
Then, I realized it was just a leaf
And moved on
Self-centered poetry
Oct 2018 · 202
Dream Girl
John Niederbuhl Oct 2018
It was fall when I fell for you,
Gazing at hillsides of varied hue--
Red-headed girls in saffron dresses
Coming to give me hugs and kisses,
Moving in droves from outcrops and ridges
Crossing the valleys and brooks without bridges.

You, of all, were most fair,
Your hair,
Piled like clouds at sunrise,
Passion and excitement fierce
Burning in gray-blue eyes,
Particles of light aglow
Surrounding you in mist
That totally envelops me
Every time we kiss.

Now, you tease me like a breeze
And hear what I don't say--
I throw my troubles in your fire
They're gone,
And joy remains.
I love the fall colors
Jun 2018 · 222
Our Romance
John Niederbuhl Jun 2018
we'd float like two clouds
through the sky all day
from the rising sun
'til its setting ray

the hours would pass
like minutes at play
and all things but us
would just fade away
Apr 2018 · 153
Life on Venus?
John Niederbuhl Apr 2018
A billion years is
Time, long or short, depending
On your perspective
A lot can happen in billions of years
Apr 2018 · 128
Still Alive
John Niederbuhl Apr 2018
Ghosts of the past summer
Linger into late fall
Then most of them move on
To a timeless sleep that never ends
But there are some really old ghosts
That come back every spring
Just as the snow melts and
Before things get green
To recall the people they once loved
And the places they once knew
Sensed them on my morning walk
Mar 2018 · 174
Memories of Summer
John Niederbuhl Mar 2018
Scattered, gray-white clouds
Bygone summer days recall
Drifting north to south
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