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 Jan 2019 JL Smith
K Balachandran
On elephant’s back,
Mahout tenuously perched,
Swoons over moon!
I hate you for coming in to my life
I hate you for giving me those laughs
I hate you for making me happy when I am with you
I hate you for making me feel that life can be beautiful
I hate you for caring for me
I hate you for standing up for me
I hate you for not staying back in my life
I hate you for leaving me in lurch
I hate you for not giving me a closure
Every so often children throwing tantrums
Catch parent faces, bracing fallen sourness
Where outlines wrinkle rosy outlook sadly
Raisins having pits

Logan Robertson

Read CC's blog at Poetry Soup, describing  sapphic stanza with a jux. I found that form interesting, spent hours marveling and researching. I attempted my first one. Not sure if this is correct-11/11/11/5. In this poem I wrote of a parent coping with a child's misbehavior. The effect of such leaving a wrinkled image much like a raisen on the parents face with the juxtaposition at the end of the poem, which is a play on words, too, raisens/raising.
sometimes the world
just seems so big
almost as if it could
smush me

one wrong move
and i bear the weight
stressors pulling
anxiety pushing

but i open my eyes
and adjust to the changes
viewing the world
as i should be

it's not that big
it's not that scary
there was love and acceptance
for me when i could see

that the pain
wasn't infinite
but couldn't be cured
by a couple of good deeds
I love you,
I say it constantly,
I grasp you tightly,
I don’t want you to leave,
I love you,
The words roll off my lips so easily,
Because I mean it,
I mean it more than ever.
I love you,
I love the way you move,
The way you speak,
The way you look at me.
I love you,
I know things don’t last forever,
But I want this,
Oh how I want this,
To last forever,
I love you,
Never leave.
 Jan 2019 JL Smith
The end of the world
Concludes the prophecies told
While narrow gates close
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