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Logan Robertson Jan 2019
Every so often children throwing tantrums
Catch parent faces, bracing fallen sourness
Where outlines wrinkle rosy outlook sadly
Raisins having pits

Logan Robertson

Read CC's blog at Poetry Soup, describing  sapphic stanza with a jux. I found that form interesting, spent hours marveling and researching. I attempted my first one. Not sure if this is correct-11/11/11/5. In this poem I wrote of a parent coping with a child's misbehavior. The effect of such leaving a wrinkled image much like a raisen on the parents face with the juxtaposition at the end of the poem, which is a play on words, too, raisens/raising.
Jude kyrie Nov 2015
My Seasons of love

*The cool winds of the Rockies
sent a chilling snow covered winter.
For me the pristine Canadian snowfall.
Was a season of joy and love.
In our small cabin my love and I.
Filled our needs in each other.
Me fat with hope and joy
and you my sweet baby girl.
With the late spring of the mountains
everything was sown for summer.
But you were here with the new lambs.
We celebrated life’s renewals together.
The animals and me.
It fills me with amazement the newness
of the earth in the cool spring days.
I shall cover myself in warm blankets
In another far off winter
another season of love.
And I shall sow once again.

— The End —