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JL Smith May 2018
I was fascinated by magic
Until you chose to disappear

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
At times my memory fails
Yet, your words remain clear
It's ironic how you doubted my writing
Never gave it much thought or adhered

You attempted to break my spirit,
But instead, fueled this fire
You planned to bury me in your dust,
And here I am, sprouting higher

All it took--a little confidence
Commitment to my words
A belief in these syllables
Faith in a few strong verbs

I conjure feelings
I share stories
I bleed truth
I give glory

My poetry reveals this heart
You disrespected both,
But some day you will see
How I now touch the lives of strangers I call friends
And through these words,
They believe more than you did--
They've accepted me

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2018
You may see something in me
That's captivated your heart,
But don't attempt to mold me
Into something you're desiring I'm not

I don't long for a sculptor
Instead, a friend I can trust
I'm complete on my own
And believe in Love unrushed

I'm unabashedly me
Proud of the stories I've lived
For I molded myself through heartache and laughter
And the love I continually give

I won't judge your honesty
I'm magnetized by authenticity
Our pasts shape our present
Autobiographies lacking simplicity

So, tell me your story
I'll stay awake with the stars
Share what has shaped your heart
Individual pasts may form a shared future that's ours

© JL Smith
JL Smith Mar 2018
Today was your birthday
I didn't forget
Your first in four years without me
How was it spent?

Maybe that's why
You've crept back into my mind
Our birthdays, so close
The only part of us intertwined

I don't think of you as often
I guess that's how I know
I'm moving on
And I'm letting go

As much as I hurt
And as much as I learned
As much as I hated
My heart remains concerned

In time, I'll forgive
But for now, I'll heal
Happy birthday to you
A heart I once could feel

© JL Smith
JL Smith Oct 2018
Who could ever understand a heart like mine?
What a mess, what a maze, what a caged bird awaiting flight

And yet a few relate, those who take the time
Comprised of patience, generosity, compassion and sunshine

Most may call them strangers, but I know them as friends
Each expressing emotions and moving mountains through pen

Your humble hearts hurt more than most,
And your vulnerability often leaves you exposed

But promise me you'll never stray from your truth
Because I'm more confident today
Knowing pieces of my heart reside also within you

© JL Smith
A dedication to a few of my dearest writers who have taken the time to get to know my heart--who understand it because their hearts beat to a similar song. I'm blessed to call you my friend.
JL Smith Jul 2018
Please, don't leave me
You're all that I've got
I'm not ready to trust again
So, I'm alone
Here with you
Making sense of these thoughts

Only few understand
The power behind your art
I was gifted this talent
As it consumes me--every part

Others broke me down,
But you've strengthened my belief
As you flow freely
From my mind and veins with each heartbeat

Don't fail me, Words
You're all that I've got
You've lifted my spirit
To write is to share what life has taught

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2017
Alone again,
But not lonely
Accepted solitude
As tranquility
Your fear
My freedom
Exploring my depth
Releasing my demons
Core settles
In tune
Mind opens
Heart composes
Serenity and beauty
Heeding inner voice
Spiritual rejoice
Emotional latitude
Flows freely
Rejecting the judgmental,
Open to growth
Affirming an oath
Confident in myself
Purpose in moving forward
Trusting my gut
Relying on Superiority
The One and Only
Alone again,
But not lonely

© JL Smith
JL Smith Nov 2018
I sense darkness
Something hiding behind those genuine eyes
You've hinted at it before--
The fear suppressed inside
I'm not one to pull, to pry
My heart is patient,
My heart is kind,
But know the whispers of your secrets
May conspire safely alongside mine

© JL Smith
JL Smith Mar 2018
I remember how I wrote for you
Rhyme after rhyme
How you pretended to love them--
My words, every time

I remember how you said you read them
But I soon realized you lied
Eyes devoted to your electronic screens
As my stories laid beside

I remember how I valued your opinion
Any emotion my words may evoke
You knew they came from deep inside me
Yet, you lacked the depth for them to soak

I remember how you asked for help
When you needed something written
As you sat beside me demanding
I pick up my pace, write quicker

I remember when you scolded me
Exclaimed I couldn't write
You knew how much it meant to me
How writing is my life

But now I've learned my lesson
And I'll remember it for years to come
I don't write for you, but for me instead
You weren't worthy and no longer will I succumb

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2017
Promises roll swiftly
Off sultry lips
Kiss me, you demand
And my tongue begins to dance

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
I sit down at my desk
Placing trust in these keys
My world comes alive
As blood surges through me

Every letter I punch
Each stanza I create
Transfers a piece of my heart
Across this paper--my stage

An audience who relates
Commending acts of my play,
But never a witness behind scenes
To an emotionally intoxicated Hemingway

For the performance you see
Is my truth and it takes toll,
But reliving memories while writing
Is worth touching my readers' beautiful souls

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
My mind, madness
Overpowered by rhyme,
But no reason
Just emotions embedded
Beneath my surface
Exuding words
Written, not spoken
Dreaming in syllables
Replaying rhythm
Piecing poetry together
From what most keep hidden

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
No fruits from the trees
Nor honey from bees
No meat from the livestock
Nor dairy's finest cheese
Could satisfy my appetite
For I crave a love too sweet
Fulfilling this hunger
Savoring each heartbeat

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2017
You say my name
Like it's your favorite

© JL Smith
JL Smith Sep 2018
City lights
Divided highways
Lead foot
Chasing midnight
Accelerated thoughts
Crisp breeze
Rear view mirror hindsight
You deserve better
Than a runaway
Trusting only
Her headlights

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2018
I may not make much money,
But I make myself proud

My IQ isn't ranked genius,
But I can captivate a crowd

Neck and wrists don't shine with diamonds
Yet, my beauty radiates all the same

My tongue often twists and stutters,
But my script puts the best to shame

I seek solitude for peace,
But my loyalty is fierce

I may not know my destination,
But my faith is letting Him steer

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
By definition, you're a stranger
But from my gut, I'd risk the chance
To sit beside you
Get to know you
Hear your story
Fall under trance
You say my words are magnets,
But your own attracted me
To ask for answers
Seek your truth
Reveal my secrets
So effortlessly

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Today it almost slipped
Those words right off your lips
You know the ones I speak of
As our bodies aligned

And in my chair
I sat, not scared to fall
You walked right up
Behind me
Leaned over me and

Remember when you
My name into my ear
I almost felt you say it
Those words I know we

I often wonder what it'd sound like
Not to read them or
Imagine in my head
For you or I to claim it
And yet we hesitate

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2018
I never knew strength until it's all I had left
Stripped of everyone and everything; a victim of theft

I never knew strength until I was visited by death
Pleaded with God until His hand helped me catch my breath

I never knew strength until I faced myself
Staring in the mirror, buried by emotions I felt

I never knew strength until I chose to move on
Acknowledging my future is brighter now that you're gone

I never knew strength until I loved thyself
Standing firm in my convictions while accepting help

I've witnessed my strength; I no longer doubt
But in time I'll learn, I'm capable of much more inside and out

© JL Smith
JL Smith Dec 2018
So many ask,
"How are you?"
Without intention of
Listening as a friend
But I ask,
"Will you sit beside me?"
As you share how
Your story began

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
You took this heart
And devoured it whole
Digested it in pieces
Lunging after my soul

You dimmed the light
Gleaming from my eyes
Coerced tunnel vision
Blue to black skies

You silenced my dreams
Bringing nightmares to life
Sleep deprivation
Demon wielding a knife

You belittled my spirit
Envious of my growth
Made me pay in your anger
Sworn to secrecy,
Hidden oath

© JL Smith
JL Smith Sep 2018
I love you in ways
You could never fathom
Beyond doubt,
Past what any creator can imagine

I love you as passionately
As the pianist plays his keys
And as devoted as the sinner
Prays upon his knees

I loved you before I knew
The depth of your heart
As the sailor sets to sea
Placing faith in his chart

I'll love you as long as the sun
Rises in the East
And remain as loyal as the moon
Commits waves along the beach

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
My half of the world's fast asleep
Both hands stretch to twelve in a reach
And as their minds fill with dreams,
I fill paper
With the spilling of my blood and ink

© JL Smith
JL Smith Sep 2018
It's worth letting you
Borrow my heart
So, you can feel
What it's like
To love yourself
The way I do

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Though the SUN chose to sleep
I awoke
With your, "Good morning"
I felt its absent warmth

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2018
I'll wear myself out
Carrying this load
The one I believed I must burden

Embedded in my mind
Long ago
To heed echoes of the more "knowledgeable" person

But I'm learning in time
All they exclaimed as what's best
Doesn't fit my mold, it only worsens

Disregarding their judgement
Abandoning expectations
Looking within to sculpt my greatest version

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2018
Don't come too close
My edges are sharp
These shards of glass
Protect my heart

But in you stepped
Wounded, yourself
Oblivious to my defenses
A heart compelled

It once beat slowly
Now you've quickened its pace
How did you manage
To bear its weight

You're strong, I see
No novice to pain
The reasons I'm guarded
You've already sustained

Different pasts
Yet, similar journeys
I'll bandage your wounds
While you kiss away my worries

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2017
Oh, how I fear death
But welcome your touch
That stops my heart

© JL Smith
JL Smith Sep 2018
Every cloud
Has a silver lining,
But Love,
You struck my heart
Just like lightning

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
My head lowers
And you lift my chin
Doubt festers
As you take me in

Concealed struggle
Catastrophic tailspin
But your belief in me
May help this end

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
Loves casts a shadow
Through your glance
While concealing its confession
Behind lips
Fleetingly blinding my world
As the moon masks the sun
By eclipse

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Knock on my door
After the sun sets
When the world goes dark
Before I regret

Grab my hand
Lead me into the unknown
Caress my cheek
Your lips on my collarbone

Force my memories to fade
The ones you know well
Speak truths to me
Our secret, I won't tell

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2017
Memories of my past
Forgive me,
I would ask
Not at fault
But at your feet
To earn your love
To hold my keep

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Five fingers, a palm
Rough texture
Yet, soothing calm
Diligent, precise
Your heated touch
My body's paradise

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
I take my time
Stand behind the others
Listen before I speak
Then confront what they run from

You can tell me what to do,
But I'll learn my own way
I'm as hard-headed as they come
Whatever's forced turns me away

I won't duplicate the norm
I create what others can't
My ideas are abnormally structured,
But come alive through my two hands

Too many think the same
And so the world continues to circle
Yet, I question if it can change
As I dedicate my existence to its reversal

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
For months
I've locked the deadbolt
To this
Battered heart
A few keys
Have tried
To open it
Failing the part

And as another
Comes and goes
A secured gateway
From the start
I've forgotten
All Along
Who holds my master key
The One who never departs

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
Please don't attempt
To presume what they want
Inspiration may lead to action,
But sharing heartache
Evokes warmth

You so easily judged and labeled:
"Woe is me"--imaginary fluff,
But let me remind you
Job and Shakespeare coined that phrase
Knowing well, how this world is rough

I'm reflected within these words
You can't choose which I share
Not all of what you read will you comprehend
For your shoulders are inexperienced
Of the burden mine bear

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2017
I'm harder on myself
Than you will ever be
You're more concerned with my world
Than your own scenery
It gets under your skin
The way you watch me progress
Contrasting yourself
Surrendering before success
Judging my every move
Accomplishments and failures
Embellishing the latter
To suit the envy you've tailored
Shift your energy and focus
It's not too late to start over
Accept I am my own worst critic
Yet, I continue planting seeds like the sower

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2018
You're there for me in ways
I cannot yet fully explain
I may not know your name
But our passion is the same

Let me share with you
What I feel, too
It took some time before I knew
This path we share, should be pursued

Through these words
We express our thoughts
Our fears, our desires
When our tongue's in knots

We doubt their power
Question its effect
Yet we continue to write
Adamant to perfect

The mark of an artist
Dedicated, through and through
Piecing together stories of beauty and heartache
For those unable to

We share a connection
Most won't understand
Old souls, storytellers
Stranger, take my hand

And remember, my friend
To believe in your words
From what I've read
It's imperative they're heard

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
Tonight, I dedicate this to you
My one-hundredth poem
To the reader who loyally returns
Day after day, view after view

For your support--warm words
Your encouragement and critique
And for the wisdom you've offered
I pray my poetry continually intrigues

You have a friend in me
If you've connected with my verse
I attempt to inspire love, kindness and growth
While revealing that your passion is a force

Do yourself a favor
Seize your greatness
Banish all cynics
Believe in your abilities
And live mightily courageous

Heed these steps
And watch the world around you change
The lives you will touch
Spread miracles through our gifts exchanged

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
How could a smile
So radiant
Write from a place
Of such pain?

This question
You asked me
As you walked
The surface
Without digging
The terrain

For my roots
Have traveled deeply
Around rock--
Through dirt and clay,
But my limbs
Bear fruit of beauty
After the rain
Has washed away

© JL Smith
JL Smith Oct 2018
For some time now
You've been watching
As I walk along the edge
Wondering if I'll fall blindly
Questioning if I'll trust again

You know well
How my heart split in two
Please don't subject its mending pieces
To experiencing déjà vu

I now sit upon the ledge
Feet dangling for your view
Will or won't you catch me
As I allow myself to be loved by you

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Tears drop
Leaky faucet
Face buried
Behind hands

Repressed anger
Exploding rocket
Fists clenched
Gasping air

Anesthesia fading
Comfort counterfeit
Heart throbbing

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2017
I can recall every detail
On the top of my sneakers
The faded red
And ***** laces

I can recollect my hands
Crossing my fingers
Increasingly clammy
In between spaces

I remember
The wall, ceiling and floor
Cracked and stained
Bland in places

I summon to mind
Your long-sleeved shirt
Buttons and collar
As my memory retraces

I remind myself
Of what frightened me next
The contact we made
As my heart races

And so I relive
The most precious of moments
As our eyes finally meet
Their passion embraces

Don't let me forget
The depth of connection
As our souls were exchanged
Through the windows of our faces

© JL Smith
JL Smith Dec 2018
Don't let me forget
My high
Flying above the earth
Peering out narrow windows
Through opaque skies
Watching familiar lands
Fade into unknown territory

Don't let me forget
The scent
Of summer's sweet drizzle
Driving through double rainbows
Crossing mountains
Concealed in lush greens
As my face beams

Don't let me forget
The spirit
Of grand cities
Bustling beings
And evolution of architecture
The accents of ancestors
Accepting my history

Don't let me forget
The power
Of voluminous river waters
Falling over a hundred feet
Crashing upon boulders below
Soaking my skin in its mist
As I approach its thunderous base

Don't let me forget
The love
Of new friends becoming family
An invitation of warmth
Delicious dining
Late-night laughs
And sincere, Until-next-times

Don't let me forget
To learn
To love
To live

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
Don't wait
For a reason
That may never come
Be kind regardless--
It conceives love

© JL Smith
JL Smith Dec 2018
Crashing waves
Compose uncertainty
Within the walls of my heart
Until your Love
Walks the waters
Calming tsunamis
As doubt departs

© JL Smith
JL Smith Mar 2018
It's 1:43 a.m. as I sit here and wonder
If you're awake, asleep
Or in between where we dream
It's times like this when I think of you
Question if you think of me, too

Has your heart been broken?
Are your dreams coming true?
Is life everything you wished for?
If not, do you continue following through?

I know, it's crazy
I wouldn't recognize your face
And yet, I feel we're connected
Just need the right time and place

We're guided by Above
You face your trials, while I face mine
I pray you're somewhere out there
And when we're ready
We'll find each other
In due time

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
I don't know
Which is uglier
Your jealousy or pride
I grew too closely
Then you changed
Like the seasons
And I drifted
With the tide

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Like anchors drowning in the sea
Eyelids are heavy
Dreams beckon me
I resist, I contest
As I lay by your side
Mutual surrender
As we drift with the tide

© JL Smith
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