I sing to you my words;
I dance for you my feelings;
I painted you in my world—-
You make life worth living.
You're the new living creation
The new era of the world
You're the ravishing beacon of hope
The new beginning in middle of the threaten ending
You're the life amongst the dead
The sun overpowering the sky
You're the star that outshine the night---

Everyone adores you
They all exalt you
The whole word trust you
But, Darling...

What have you done?!
© 2018 Sheer
All Rights Reserved.

Hello there! Thank you for your time reading my first piece. Hope you enjoy. Cheers! :)

Comments and suggestions are very welcome!
Love never grows old
neither becomes cold,
nor doth it fall sick
as to become weak.

Nay! not by its strings,
but the lovers themselves.
tightly hold my hand,
let's go somewhere far away
just like neverland

your wendy.
When the rain comes down,
   it's okay to cry
But stay firm--hold your ground
   I'll be there to clear your skies
I'm always around;
   can you feel it in your heart?

If clear skies go black,
   know I'll get you through the storm
Just don't look back,
   and be strong
Soon, you shall bask
   beneath our stars before long

When the wind is a wisp
   at your back;
if it should send a crisp
   chill down your spine,
that's just me... as I wish
   for you to find you way to me

If you lose sight   of the moon,
   let Orion lead the way
Follow the light,
   and don't you stray
We wil find our wings,
   then each other, one day
I can't wait until you breathe on me at night!
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