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I'll keep snoozing
you will
wake me up.
Ilang beses man sinubok ng panahon,
Ilang beses man lunurin ng alon,
Pero di kailan man mauubos ang pagkakataon
upang magpatuloy at maka ahon.

Sa bawat paglubog ng araw
ay may kadilimang umiibabaw
pero ito'y hindi panahon para magluksa
kundi ito'y para panahon para makapagpahinga.
Pagkatapos nito'y isang panibagong umaga,
ito'y pagsisimula ng panibagong kabanata.
Sabi nga nila,
sundin mo kung anong nilalaman ng puso.
Sa bagong simula nato
Di na muna ako makikinig sa kanilang payo.
Ayaw ko munang sundin
itong malakas na pintig ng aking damdamin.
Gusto ko munang i-alay tong puso ko sa Kanya,
Siya na may-ari nitong lahat, ating Manlilikha.
Ipapaubaya ko muna sa Kanya itong lahat
Kahit saan man ako dalhin,
pero sa aking tingin
sa iyo pa rin ako makakarating.
Don't follow your heart, just surrender your heart to God and let him guide you.
This night,
I looked at the stars above
remembering the past
that we've been together,
those moments of laughter
those moments you cry on my shoulder,
those moments that our lips touched each other,
those moments that we felt like in heaven,

but that was just a memory,
a fragment of the past
and I am left here

As you walk unto me
I stood still
As you speak to me
I listened closely
As you look into my eyes
I looked down
As you hold my hand
I feel ashamed
As you opened your bag
I open my palm
You gave me this mug
This mug of friendship
This mug that couldn't have been better
This mug that would last forever
for a friend of mine
I just can't believe my eyes,
In my front is an alluring lass.
With pitch-black hair and radiant smile.
With silky skin and warm vibes.
With a soft embrace and skinny thighs.
With pink lips that kisses like a sun rays,
which blows all the cold night's haze.
I am missing your warm hugs and kisses
kang nasa aking panalangin.

kitang gusto yakapin.

kang nasa aking damdamin.

Pero ngayon

hanggang nakaw muna ng tingin
hanggang sa iyong mapansin
itong aking pagtingin
sa maabot mo ang iyong dalangin,
sa makamtan mo ang inaabot **** bituin,
sa ikaw ay lumingon na rin
sa iyong likoran
at makitang ako'y andyan pa rin.

na ring
ang panalaning
nakamtan rin.
Araw ng mga puso na pala,
pero bakit kasi ito'y inimbento pa
kung pwede namang araw-araw tayo'y masaya.

Di na kailangang maghintay
sa Pebrero katorse para tayo'y maglakbay
habang magkahawak ang ating mga kamay.

Kahit saang dako pa ng mundo tayo maligaw,
tayo'y kakanta lang at sasayaw,
at ikaw ay pipiliin pa rin sa araw-araw.
I was thinking
why was I pushing myself
to what I can't do
to what my body can't handle
to what my head won't work

then I realize
it's what I want
it's what I need
it's what I **love
Still dreaming

of the reality

that I couldn't have you
I've been told
what the future holds

full of nightmare,
fear and despair,
hatred and terror,
and destruction's reign

the gates of hell opened
and the sky rained fire,
the seas became red as blood,
and the righteous fall before the wicked,
the creations trembled before the burning hell

War will rise
between good and evil,
between angels and demons
the Heavens fury shall strike the earth
mortals vanished
in a blink of an eye

the end is coming
(salvation awaits)
Life is a mystery.
At one point,
We could be happy,
one mistake,
could end up in misery.
Akala ko ako'y kanyang pahinga,

Pero yun pala,

Isa ako sa mga bagaheng pinapasan nya.
Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Sa mga bagay na wala namang kasiguraduhan.
Sa mga bagay na di natin hawak ang kalalabasan.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Sa mga bagay na gusto nating makamtan,
Pero sa bandang huli ay pwede tayong masaktan.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kahit alam na nating wala nang pag-asa
Ay pinipilit pa rin nating umasa pa.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kailangan pa bang idilat tong mga mata,
Para lang mamulat sa katotohanan?

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kahit alam natin na tayoy pwedeng mabigo,
At masaktan ang buo nating pagkatao?
Kasi mas iniisip natin ang posibilidad
Na tayoy maging maligaya,
Yung ramdam mo ang tagumpay,
Yung abot mo na ang pangarap mo sa buhay.

Kung di ka susugal,
Kailan pa?
Kung di ka susugal,
Talo ka na.
I'm falling into my shadow
holding my breath
I'm waiting on a deadly night
living in a dream
living in a nightmare
I smashed the stars
and the night covered with
the black paper moon

I look up staring the shining moon
looking what's behind
this chains of destiny
locking me up
confused, no one can destroy it
break the spell
that keep us bounded
I've been living like a black paper moon
When it's blurry,
Keep it steady.

Take a deep breath,
and take is easy.

Hold my hand,
and let's move slowly,

One step at a time,
'til we can see it clearly.

There's no need to hurry,
we won't go blindly,
but together,
We'll reach our destiny.
I dreamt once,
A realistic trance.
Then I saw you at first glance
But I never had the chance
To hold your hands.

Then I woke up,
And stood up,
Facing the reality
That we might never see
Each other

It may be just a dream
Or maybe I'm just insane,
But I could feel your existence.
I know it doesn't make any sense
And it is hard to achieve
But I want to believe
That you are real.
I would kneel
And pray.
I don't care what they'll say.
I would distort space
Just to see your face.
I would bend time
Just for you to be mine.

Time and space is no boundary
To make you my reality.
The science of danger,
it's burning like ember,
it left me like cinder,
but I can't bear the hunger,
take the risk or suffer.
Love is dangerous, but what's more dangerous is not taking risk.
What do I have?
I don't have anything
but fear.
I'm always last of the line
having no one, alone.
They once believed in me
but I ******* up
now I'm confused,
what should I do
to clear things up?
**** this ****!
I don't know why,
but I think I am crazy.
I'm always out of my mind.
I just can't get you out of my mind.

Am I crazy for always thinking about you?
Or you're just driving me crazy.
Your name also rhymes with crazy xD
Cupid must be crazy
For he strikes me at the heart
At the very first time I saw you.

Cupid must be crazy
For he strikes you at the heart
When you're not looking at me.

Now I'm becoming crazy
Looking at your dazzling smile,
Listening to your sweet voice,
Feeling the sway of your hair,
Without you noticing
I've been there all the time.

It's just the way it is,
Cupid is just f**kin' crazy
Playin' with my heart.
Simple day, ordinary night
walking through the pavement
daydreaming in the crowd
with all those noise,
silence rule over in my head
illusions is all I can see
as it takes over my mentality
with the reality becoming blur
still dreaming of a fantasy
being drown away
     from my reasoning
still dreaming of a hope
dreaming and still dreaming...
my prayer.. my dream..
Day one

Is it done?
It has just began.

I just can't run,
And let it all just be gone.
I don't want it to end.
Hopefully we can get back on track
Day Three,
I know it's scary.

The north wind that bites,
the loneliness it invites
in these solitary nights.
Just hold on tight
so our future won't be out of sight.
Day two,
And still not there with you.
Stay strong,
and all these troubles will pass through.
I am always praying for you.
My head had gone rough
no I can't, that's enough
never had a chance to laugh
still my heart is standing tough
Di ko alam paano magsimula,
Di ko rin kasi alam kung paano "ito" nagsimula.
Kung paano mo ginising
ang puso kong himbing na himbing.
Kung paano mo ginawang makulay
ang boring kong buhay.

Saglit lang ang panahon na tayo'y nagkakilala
Pero sa panahon na yon pinaramdam mo sakin pa'no maging masaya,
Pinaramdam mo sakin kung pa'no tumawa
sa likod ng mga problema.
Binigyan mo ng kahulugan
ang buhay kong walang pakinabang.
Binigyan mo ako ng rason
para gumising at bumangon
sa umaga, at inaasam kong marinig
ang matamis **** tinig,
masilayan ang mga ngiting **** daig pa ang araw
sa pagbigay ng liwanag na sa akin at pumukaw.

Di ko na alam paano paano to tapusin,
Basta't ang alam koy ayaw ko muna to'ng tapusin.
I'm always dreaming of holding you
by my side.

Distance doesn't matter,
the further we are apart
the closer I feel you are.

Even my loneliness turns into strength
when I think of you.
A heart only beats
nothing less, nothing more.

Fake smiles, fake tears
no sorrow, no joy
no love I can feel
There's nothing but emptiness inside.
Promises turn into words
Words turn into lies
Lies turn into actions
Actions turn into promises.

An endless cycle,
An unceasing pattern,
An eternal rhythm,
that was already been shattered
by the beat of my heart
that trembles the unbreakable pattern.
No more promises that turn into lies,
Only words that turn into actions.
And ignites the beginning of a new cycle,
The endless cycle of Love.
Love is not just about hugs, kisses, and surprises.
It's about acceptance and making sacrifices.
I love you so much.
There's a fire
that's burning my very soul
It scorches like hell.

There's a cold
that's freezing my heart
It bites with misery.

Madness growing on the inside
With fear shackles the light.
Darkness taking the lead,
controlling this black heart.
Evil is dominating
devouring my black soul.

Enduring with what's left
in my humanity.

*After every darkest night,
A very bright morning will rise.
In the silence of the night,
there's a sparkling star in sight.
Virtuous flicker like a whit
glimmering like a dancing fleet.

A small, chilly voice whispers,
like winter cold teasers,
passing with a glacial breeze,
those angelic voice makes me freeze.


It was you all along,
swaying while I am alone,
singing with a voice of an angel,
enthralled me under a spell.

You're the one shimmering like the stars
guiding me like a sailor lost in spars.
You may not see me,
        but I always look at you.
You may not hear me,
        but I always listen to you.
I am may be nothing to you,
        but *you are my everything.
I had nightmares

but still

got my head up high
My mind has lost at the moment
When our eyes have met
Pretending nothing happened
But it’s not what it seemed
Obsession I can’t handle
But you’re the one who light my candle
You are my addiction
You are my direction
Sometimes I got the feeling that you’re looking over me
Was that just a dream or fantasy?
Silence is my enemy
When you’re in front of me
You make me feel the heaven’s way
But why can’t I say
I don’t want to lose you
But I don’t know what to do
I just have to find a way out
There has to be way that I could let it shout
I just have to look into your eye
Maybe it’s worth a try
Maybe those ears are willing to listen
To my heart that already beaten
To fall for you
Only for you
Staring at the window
looking at the dark side of the moon
hearing the voices of the shadows
though silence reign over my mind

The ice burns like fire
thinking I would freeze to death
but it hurts more than a scorching flame
and still I continue to breathe

My soul have been drained away
losing my sanity
abandoning the human that was left in me
lying to the road of infinity
You may not be the sun
who lights up
everyone's day,

You may not be the moon
who glows in everyone's
cold night,

You may not be the stars
who flickers everyone
with a smile.

But you are my gentle firefly,
who gleams with me
in this dark tunnel,
who keeps me company
in this solitary drift,
who glitters me with hope
to hold on and continue
as I tread this burrow.

Please stay with me.
She looks with a fiery eyes,
But her warm smiles
melted me away.
Wherever you go,
I'll forever flow with you.
Wherever you go,
I will follow you
even when the
sands of time
flickers away
in the ocean waves
Time is precious
but you're priceless.
You are worth
more than a lifetime.
I will wait for you
even if it takes forever.
I will wait for you
even for eternity.
Bad communication
leads to broken feelings

But please Lord,

Bind the wounds
of her shattered heart.
Easily built.
Easily broke.
It always starts in friendship,


sometimes it also ends in there,
nothing more.
She is like a blade of ice,

so sharp and cold,

yet so beautiful

that freezes my heart.
When you thought you're just a kid
When you thought you're all alone
When you thought everything is gone
When you thought there's no home
When you thought this is the end.

I'm doomed.
you look at me
my heart skips a beat.
Going down the deep ocean
seeking for the only one
with a pearl of dazzling shine
hiding within the line

Seek, seek, and seek
until it reaches to the peak
Hide, hide, and hide
forever on guard

One may haven't notice
the pearl alone in crisis
seeking the only spark
hiding and lonely in the dark

Jealous of the truth
that could never be reboot
that is what is seek has been with the other
and stealing couldn't be the answer

Though pain could rise
enduring it with despise
this hiding won't last forever
but forever seeking to be together
Akala ko, di ko naman siguro ikakamatay,
Kung hindi ko mahawakan ang iyong mga kamay.


Hindi ko yata tanggap ang buhay
Kung saan di man lang ako sumubok magtagumpay.

Handa akong harapin ang katutuhanan,
Kahit pa ito ay walang katiyakan,
Kahit pa may pangamba sa iyong kasagutan.
What's the most
excruciating pain
a man could ever feel?
Can I just disappear?

I felt too small,

so dispensable,

so replaceable.
Sun rises and sun sets
And the light fades away
As soon as the shadow reigns
In the dead of the night.

Agony covers the sky
Yet stars twinkle
And the moon sparks
With gentle ray.
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