Love never grows old
neither becomes cold,
nor doth it fall sick
as to become weak.

Nay! not by its strings,
but the lovers themselves.
tightly hold my hand,
let's go somewhere far away
just like neverland

your wendy.
When the rain comes down,
   it's okay to cry
But stay firm--hold your ground
   I'll be there to clear your skies
I'm always around;
   can you feel it in your heart?

If clear skies go black,
   know I'll get you through the storm
Just don't look back,
   and be strong
Soon, you shall bask
   beneath our stars before long

When the wind is a wisp
   at your back;
if it should send a crisp
   chill down your spine,
that's just me... as I wish
   for you to find you way to me

If you lose sight   of the moon,
   let Orion lead the way
Follow the light,
   and don't you stray
We wil find our wings,
   then each other, one day
I can't wait until you breathe on me at night!
Rejection is a grim reminder,
so I hide my feelings deep within.
If you only knew
I’ve been dying
to grasp just one moment
to talk to you.

I can see you from afar,
I just can’t seem to go near.
My heart is terrified
of irrational thoughts
that might lead me to tears.

You’re waiting for superman,
the one who hurt you.
he can still save you from pain,
yet you never realized
my existence.

I can’t fly you
to distant places
and offer everything
your eyes desires.
But I’m not afraid
of kryptonite,
I’m just afraid of losing you.

They say, to love
is a greatest sacrifice
and to be loved
is a greatest gift.
I guess,
I will be just here
waiting for you too.
All Rights Reserved © 2013
no one in the water yet.
the smell of chlorine cuts
the noise, which is so loud
you can hardly remember why
everyone is here.
shadows step on you,
the pressure growing as
the sun sinks. you want
to sink with it.
instead, you outrun the noise
and you dive.

You slice the water, slash it, push it
behind you, but it never fights back.
You slide through the water and it
caresses you softly, as though
it has been clinging to the sunlight
all day, just for you.
You cup your little fingers, hands
slapping the surface. The sounds
of the people and their shadows
alternate with the fast-moving silence

of underwater.
At the deep end of each lap the ground
falls away, but you feel safe.
Air would have let you fall.
With each breath you are more eager
to plunge back into the warm
support of water. Breathing
is a hassle.
When your limbs ache with a pleasant
soreness you cannot ignore, you drag

yourself out of the water.
Gently, it tries to pull you back.
The rippling splashes fade into
Where they come from. Whatever
you throw at it, water can heal
its own scars.
His scars would not
heal. Water is the universal solvent,
and he needed to dissolve.
You don’t know him.

You know only the cold hand that
reached into your heart
and twisted it,
painfully, on its axis as you watched
Grandmother’s eyes when she
mentioned him, in passing,
by accident.

But the noise,
then the silence—
you can understand
why he wanted this.

It was the faint smell of chlorine
on your skin; that’s
what reminded her.
Not five minutes after your
wet hair had begun to dry,
her tears spilled over and
ran down her cheek.

(Fight or flight,
air or water.)

You told her
they were there
to stroke her face.
I would love to feel love,
but rejection is a grim reminder
that I should not let myself
to be fallen deeply in love.
That I should never
misheard those sweet words
and to never assume
that you feel the same way.

Every little thing
that don’t make sense about me
make sense only when I’m with you.
And I’m ecstatic, for I hope
to hold your hands forever
into that whimsical place,
but I should not fall into love,
I might fall into pieces.

You made me confused and static,
and I need you to know
how my heart trembles
whenever I see you, but I couldn’t.
I’m just afraid I might loss you
in the end of this battle,
and what I’m feeling right now,
at this moment that I think of you
is indescribable.
All Rights Reserved © 2013
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