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Jessica Evans May 2017
I’m sharing cookies with the monster under my bed
And feeding candy to the one inside my head
Not letting go of the words that I have said
Jessica Evans Jul 2016
Tangling my fingers in the curls that rest on the back of your neck
But they’re not your curls
No these are blonde or sometimes green or pink
But when I close my eyes
I can pretend they’re darker than the night sky

Through him I felt something
But it wasn’t enough
His touch was needed and addicting
But it wasn't yours
Jessica Evans Nov 2015
I don't want to lose control like you do
I can't understand how anyone can drink so much
They lose their thoughts
Their compassion.
You cut with your tongue and don't even remember.
Then you tell me to let go more often
Have a few drinks.
Yet you're the poster child for why I never drink.
I see my mom hooded eyed and slurring
Falling off a bar stool.
I hear your voice telling me horrible things.
I see the spark gone from his eyes because there's too much
Alcohol in his system for it to live.
I can't lose control like that.
I don't want to.
Jessica Evans Nov 2015
I sometimes wonder what you told her
And what she told you
All those things I said in passing
I assumed were said in confidence
The secrets that bled from your lips to hers
I've thought about your little talks
And whether you were really "just friends"
'Cause it seems more like you were spies
Plotting against me
Discovering my weaknesses
What would hurt me
What would **** me
I wonder if you knew
How much it hurt
When you'd disappear
And I'd find out you were with her
I never wanted to be the jealous type
But somehow you always brought out
The worst in me.
Jessica Evans Aug 2015
I miss the stars
The way they used
To shine over my house.
I could lay out there for hours
Making up constellations
wishing for better days.

But alas
my wishes came true
in a city without stars,
And I'm making up constellations
From the freckles on your skin.

The hours are now spent
lying with you
Under a dark sky.
Yes I still miss the stars
But there's beauty in
Orlando Lights
on paper this looks so pretty, it made an oval :(
Jessica Evans Aug 2015
If I believed in signs
I'd say they all point
Directly to you
Jessica Evans Aug 2015
My generation is the technology generation
We are connected 100% of the time
My generation is the "selfie" generation
A generation of self love and positivity
My generation believes you can love someone
Even if they're thousands of miles away
My generation is the download generation
Music from every era is at our fingertips

They'll tell you all this is bad
They'll say we're a generation ruled by technology
And we are, but that's not a bad thing

My generation is the one being killed in the street
For the color of their skin
My generation is the one yelling "hands up don't shoot"
And reminding people Black Lives Matter

My generation checks social media
And hears about news before CNN or Fox
My generation uses pictures and videos
To dispute the lies we're being fed
My generation has the power to change the world

They'll say technology is ruining my generation,
It's not.
It's ruining theirs.
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