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Jessa Nov 2018
I've cried more
Than I laughed with you
Yet love......
Has never changed for you
I've felt alive
But I've died so many times with you
Yet passion......
Is still the same for you

But now I see
That you don't belong here
Not with me
You’re not even mine
For me to hold on to
And I could sense
How restless you are
Pretending that there's us

Just walk away
And keep moving
Don't turn around
For you don't deserve
To see me cry
Just keep going
For I don't want you
To stay longer
With or without you
I'll still die

-Jess ©
Jessa Aug 2018
More than skin
I want to be touched
Deeper than dark holes
I yearn to be penetrated
Not just singing
The melody of lust
I crave to speak
The language of passion
To understand every motion
And to memorize
The moment of love
When my soul
Pierced by your light
Such a spiritual healing
I could feel inside
Your breath on me
Is a rebirth of a new beginning
And instantly my heart
Engraved with your name
For you've completed me
As a woman
That could endure every pain

-Jess ©
Jessa Jun 2018
I can't steal the star
From the sky
To furnish
Your dark canvas
Nor I can be
The moon
To shine within the darkness
I can be your diary
That holds your secrets
A presence
That will listen
To your devilish rhythm
No judgment
No execution
Just confessions
From heart to heart
To ease the burden
You carry inside
As the morning comes
I'll be vanished from your sight
But will forever stay
In your heart

-Jessa ©
Jessa May 2018
Such a wild world outside..... You said
Filled with danger
I wanted to explore
For I knew
There would be pleasure too

Such a beautiful grief.... You said
When I walked away
What's the point to stay
When we could never
Start new

So keep those words silent
For we both knew
There’s not worth a fight
For something
That wasn't meant to be
For me and you
But remember on thing
That I've loved you
So true.....

Jessa May 2018
I was smiling
With a crown on my head
I was pretty
And happiness
Shown in my eyes
But now....
There’s no more image
To define me
There’s no shape
To picture
How I looked like
Just dull colors
With torn paper
Stained with my tears
For I'm the faded portrait
That you used to paint
With love

-Jessa ©
Jessa Apr 2018
Eyes couldn't see
Blindfolded for eternity
Mouth couldn't speak
Frozen tongue with misery
So silently I grieve
Over the death of my sanity
The day I said "I Do"
Marrying my own agony

Jessa Apr 2018
I could never
Breathe easy
Without you in my life
Nor I could
Inhale the air
When you're no longer mine
I'm choked more
If I choose to stay
By your side
Asphyxiated with your lies
I'm not the love
Of your life
So here I am
Looking at your face
For the last time
You.... I will miss
And I hope
You'll breathe easy
Once I'm gone from your sight

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