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  May 2018 Jamie L Cantore
Holly W
If you love someone set them free
-They say

But I couldn't help myself.
I held on too tight, until you couldn't breathe.
Until I killed your soul, and no one could recognize you. Except me.
Because I am also dead.
Lose me in his labyrinth, in his futile endless maze, for when the hunt is over I'll be lost upon his gaze.

He is not curious as a cat nor furious as a beast, we are just men within this maze but too him were his feast.
Daedalus- the creator of the labyrinth in which to hold the mighty minotaur.
Is the sky the limit?
Can't we reach for the unknown?
Or are we just restricted, bound to our earthly home
Apollo 11- July 20th 1968 man walked on the moon
You are mine I am yours
Lets ignore our flaws
Let's ignore the facts
That you're not me and I'm not you
But opposites attract.
Magnetism-Not 100% on this one but I'd thought I'd share :D hope everyone is having a good weekend
I need to be led, say what's to be said, show me how to be as the answer I cant see.

Teach me how to learn, show me to discern or how can I expect to be the true reflection that I see.
Hiya guys I'm really sorry I've been gone awhile my creative juices have kinda dried up lately due to overbearing stresses I cant wait to catch up on everyone's new work !!
I always try too hard to make everything I do look effortless, I am my own puppeteer, too scared to cut the strings incase I crumble to the floor heaped and pathetic.
Was in the mood for a puppet theme just some old work I've been playing with, thank you everyone who liked my work when I was inactive :)))
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