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Holly W May 2018
Floating in the air above me:
that's where sleep goes on a sleepless night.
Taunts me like a black desire.
Everything is such a fight
Holly W May 2018
If you love someone set them free
-They say

But I couldn't help myself.
I held on too tight, until you couldn't breathe.
Until I killed your soul, and no one could recognize you. Except me.
Because I am also dead.
Holly W Apr 2018
Sometimes I forget that I am made of glass.
Thick shards of my piercing words digging into your beautiful fragility.
Careful now, I remind myself.
For as much as I can hurt,
If you leave, I will shatter.
Holly W Apr 2016
How long will you be here?
How long until you're gone?
How long until I lose control?
How long will I be strong?
I need to know the truth,
My heart is a pounding cave.
How long will I be happy,
before I need to become brave?
Although sadness is my strong suit,
I pair it with a smile.
I know love is like a ticking clock,
happiness is just for a while.
Holly W Nov 2015
Sorry to tell you,
but we are not one in the same.
Bloodily tied by our fully extended limbs,
we hold onto different blame.
Attached by cordial hellos
and torn apart by distance,
we should never have to try this hard to find consistence.
Although time has become just a number, and hurt has become my armour
I will never forget your choices.
Holly W Feb 2015
Here is the funny thing about being your shadow.
I follow you everywhere, with only two exceptions.
When you turn off the lights and pull her close in the comfort of darkness.
But worse than that is when the sun is shining directly on you and you are happy (then I am really gone).
Holly W Nov 2013
I kinda wish you'd give me a shove
slap me in the face, or direction,
Then at least when I trudged down the sidewalk I would be dignified
Bruised but not scarred I could cry you out
But here I am
Caught in limbo with long nights and short chats
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