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Jamie L Cantore Jan 2017
Words Studied For This Writing:
English: Zoup, please.
What it sounds like in German: Die Zoup bitte "Or" The Zoup? Bitter.
English: Uh, the night tea is great!
Pronounced in German sounds like: Eww. Is nachte. It's Gros "Or" Eww! Is nasty! It's gross!
English: Here.
Pronounced in German: Here.
English: Ha! I see an icky Sir's downin' Zoup.
German: Huh? - Ick- Taste. -Sie - An Icky herran down en Zoup
German: Ja "Or" yeah
English: Skinny rides here. Skinny? Hmm.. horseback.
German: Dunne fahrten hier, Dunne. Hmm?  Holtzit back! Or.. Do not **** in here; do not! Hmm?  Holds it back!
English: Oh! I beg!
German: Oh! Ich bitte "Or" Oh! It's better!
English: Come back, Father.....
German: Comeback, Vatter "Or" Come back, Fatter
English: Nexxinline
German: Next in line.

Let's make a story with this .

First Act

-Enter Customer 2 in an American diner. She orders a
unique zebra-flavored soup called Zoup, created on American soil, but it's claimed to have had its origins in a restaurant located in Worms, Germany; as per usual proud fashion.

Customer 2 to Rude Waitress: "Zoup, please."

She sipped the complimentary drink placed before her as she awaited her order. Iced tea, ***** glass. It was reportedly their best tea, brewed by the Barista on the night-shift, whom did only speak in broken English and Spanish. Therefore, when the customer enjoyed her tea, she was glad it was nightfall and privy to the better drink and expressed her approval.

Customer 2 to Night-Shift Barista in simplified language:

"Uh, the night tea is great!"

The Barista nods politely.

Rude Waitress, apparently jealous because she makes the Day-shift tea, is curt to Customer 2:

"Here." she growled, slamming the Zoup on the table.

Things get quiet.

Just then, Customer 2 recognizes a crusty man who claims to have been knighted in a former life before joining a Native American tribe. She addresses him sardonically.

Customer 2 to Crusty Man

"Ha!" " I see an icky Sir's downin' Zoup!"

Crusty Man responds, unmoved:


Customer 2 cautioned him that he was being tracked by the infamous international assassin, Skinny.

Customer 2 to Crusty Man in mock Native American tongue:

"Skinny rides here ...

Crusty Man: "Skinny?"

Customer 2 (deepening voice)

"Mmm, horseback."

She makes gestures with her hands of a man riding a horse.
And follows it up with mimicking a successful hit on Crusty Mans life, complete with tongue hanging out of mouth.

The rude waitress then pleads to a deceased priest aloud to return to save them whilst making holy gestures frantically.

Rude Waitress to a deceased Holy Man:

"Oh!" "I beg." "Come back, Father...
Father Nexxinline?"

End First Act

This Final Act was created using the same exact words used in the English language, those in  quotations that is, as were in the First Act: but then translating them into German, the conversation then became a bit more humorous. The Background was filled in to fit the context of the meaning of the words sonic qualities, as certain German words sound similar to English words, though they generally have different meanings. The German word sounds brought a whole new meaning to the English words spoken, and with this contrast I finished the Final Act. Since most do not know how to pronounce certain words and dialects of German language, I took the sounds created within the language and converted them to English words of phonetic similarity. These words were not translated back to English, as that would put the conversation exactly where it began -I rather made them easier to perceive.

Background Final Act/. Skinny from First Act is now in a diner in Worms, Germany, (pronounced like Vorms with  a V.)

We begin with Skinny's response to being asked how is the Zoup by the German Waiter.

Skinny dryly to German Waiter: "The Zoup?" "Bitter."

He takes another spoonful into his mouth.

Skinny: "Ewww!"  "Is nasty!" "It's gross!"

Skinny to German Waiter in disgust: "Here!"

And he pushes the bowl of Zoup into the waiters face.

German Waiter to Skinny expressing consternation

: "Huh?"

Skinny commands him: "Taste!"

The waiter does so reluctantly and winces in clear disgust.


"See?" " Icky heron down in Zoup!"

German Waiter to Skinny knowing German Zoup  is flavored with heron, not zebra, and failing to see the point retorts

: "Yeah?"

Skinny then crude and vengeful 'expresses' a good one from his basest dwelling silently; but deadly with a grin. It was a most foul smell.

The waiter is exasperated with this crudeness and makes commands of his own.

German Waiter to Skinny

"Do not **** in here!" 'Do not!"" Hmm?"  "Holds it back!"

The odor horrid reached culmination with another waft of steam from Skinny and  resulted in the excommunication of Skinny.
Skinny yet found himself vindicated and agreed to leave the establishment as was demanded. As he exits in self satisfaction, our waiter tells him not to forget his Zoup and the prideful waiter Stolz mocks him in jest by spooning a mouthful into his jabbering jowls, as he does, he turns pale and ill and silenced, reassuring Skinny he had a reason to be disappointed.

The German Waiter refusing to admit defeat tells him:

"Oh, it's better!" Referring to his bias to the Zoup from Worms, which should be renamed Houp, but the words don't translate that way.

THEN Stolz realized his best customer, Skinny's hefty brother, Fatter, was running out the door in an attempt to escape the stench which lingered and but grew in force, and the waiter pleaded with him to return.

German Waiter to Skinny's brother:

"Come back, Fatter!" but Fatter kept running and giggling sophomorically.

The German Waiter to a diner full of people gasping for fresh air and no desire for Zoup at this moment said in defeatist sheepishness, gulping before asking wishfully... pouting, whispering:

"Next in line?"
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
By playing Tic - Tac - Toe on a calculator, you can come up with the following pattern:

123 + 321 = 444

396 + 159 = 555

147 +519 = 666

519 + 258 = 777

369 + 519 = 888

147 + 852 = 999
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
ohlil'elf I SPEAK magictricity
            boastsevenafter manyayear                    
                myluv TO THEE, 2b a dynamo
myheritage isasoft taleincandy apple gold
AND  THEE IS HER,  AND SHE   IS THEE, dirtdiggerdigup edgars poems; AND TO W H O  M   I  REFER.

andso COULD SHE BE oncemine
                                   protectherfromAS MUCH damage
as oncewas INTO ME itseems
we'll see
    rocket TEAR,
                   stars WILL NOT GO TOO LONG moon
ringing UNANSWERED HERE, opalstone
iou FOR HER SILENCE HURTS,  BUT IS  inpearly gems
 R     A     R     E.

benfranklin deadseafrom SO FAR AWAY!  acrimsonsky and YET SO NEAR! even tiny bugs heedseen

we arewherewe are
lone BECAUSE stars
early ON SUCH OCCASION light
silver MUST UNWIND, streak
bombs SO AS TO burst
solely BE a sole
                                   RETURNING AS GLORIOUS and
mighty AND AS FRESH AS THE NEW DAY SKY, might he
luving SIGH. ofluv

fortunate I  PLEAD WITH THEE TO MANUMIT cookie
wrench YOUR TIGHTENED CLASP chromium
calcium THAT BINDS, petalstems

ouija  heArts knoweth
asdf REST fdsa
zxcv YOUR WEARY vcxz
lkjh HEAD A BIT ON MINE, hjkl
yeseth                                         ­                            noeth
isitasif or asis youwillhaveme
pay AND I AM YOURS AND YOURS AM I  notmuchattention
to me yet
openmetoyour -I AM RESTFUL SLEEP. interpretation
Read the bold print first
read the lower case print next
finally, read it as a whole
a whole lot of mumbo jumbles!
2.0k · Jul 2015
God Keep You Safe
1.5k · Dec 2014
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
We strings of
parallel animations
stand      apart
even if only by the
merest measure;
howbeit always of the
same instrument,
and we are eminent in the
Grand Design.

                          So as the human race                                                      
                    -frequently to the same tune-
we try to stay in time.

A silvery music
plays unerringly
when the
softly strummed
strings ring

but if
as a
note sustains
and bends
we hear the cry
waning demons
and agents of evil
that shriek
in discord
and in strife
and in
dark echoes
of din,

we leave
to haunt
the arteries
of Hell
as a
furious ember,

while we
saved souls
in the
rapturous currents
very elegantly,
like a swan

-a swan upon a perpetual
lake of timbre.
Written September 15, 2012
1.3k · Feb 2017
Palindrome Play
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
Saippuakivikauppias  -World's longest palindrome
Finnish language: Means soap stone vendor.

First ladies rule the
State, and state the        -
Rule: Ladies first.

Racecar -Palindrome

A man, a plan, a canal; Panama. -Palindrome Phrase.
1.3k · Feb 2017
Quantum Mechanics 101
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
The Weak Force is responsible for what type of decay?
*Hint: I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones. Enough to make my systems blow.
Welcome to the new age the new age
Welcome to the new age the new age
Whoa oh oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh...

Still having trouble? Imagine Dragons holds your answer.
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
Not for all eternity
Will sadness streak my cheek
Or curve me with a sightless weight
That bows my kneecaps weak.

Nor evermore shall I mourn
A departure so abrupt,
A constant fixture in my world
From it, so sudden plucked.

Even all time, so short and long
I dare not wish nor pine
Each blessed day that passes by
Each night would ease my mind.

But for a lasting moment
Each smile, each laugh, each breath
The memories shall hold me now
No longer left bereft.
1.2k · Dec 2014
I Am A Work In Progress
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
He sprang into thought as much

                           As was in his capacity for such.

He settled there supposing naught
      In instances that amount to squat.

Hunger pangs now bang the drum

               Of higher ambitions left upon

A shelf within his lonely room
       His unfinished works began to loom
-For at length he knew his Doom.
A work in progress
1.2k · Nov 2014
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
The harsh wee calls
Of whip-poor-wills
On the night wind travels
Telling me how it feels**
        *-to be
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
How many can bring into being at will
the fire that in the most essential part dwells?
Though the vital principle yearns forever,
it is on occasion mute and still.

In profound wonder,
on days like these,
the total
Self suffers.

So, ye must labor
towards discernment
most deliberate,
and then by breaking thru
the despondent
can the task of
be therefore executed,
(if the person is not thereby deterred but determined.)

Thereafter the lowering, threatening aspect of
terrible Doubt is cast off from within,
so as to no longer be suffered.

And when ye do lie
warmed by
a spontaneously
emerged and helpful
thence be thy own
to that restraint exercised
over Temper's violence,
and over
hasty Impulse,
troubled Emotion,
lustful Desire,
if ye do so choose.

That being stated,
the struggle is then

if at a loss for
it's less daunting and less haunting
to just ask askance;
for the one who knows
question is to seek
and he seeks to ask
by it's translation,
can therefore make
a request hence,
of elderly Experience.

And then ye
must simply
put forth the query
to the
who is in the
highest degree

So a child of tomorrow
did long ago
pose it in this way,
"How does one find, when
weak, the will to win over Virtue?"

Then the Elder, he sought to tell thee
by matter-of-fact
in this way,

"It is a false belief
that ne'er will the
weak something inspire ,
but 'tis true that the weak will
is something that ne'er inspires."

And with that
he left the poser still
with question,
and in dismay,
for he
never really answered the poser,
which is his way,
in stealth,
to posit with his own question,
which speaks for itself,

"Do not ye think ye must find that out for thy Self?"
1.2k · Nov 2014
Keepsakes In My Mind
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
A pearl of rain
In the eye
Of an inveigling
                 Flower glistening,

The immense untamed
                             Woods lending the umbrage of an array of native trees,
The dynamic ardor with which the songbirds sing,
                        And the caracole effect the wind has on the branch and It's showy leaves;

And in ev'ry region upon the knoll,
A new pageantry to see

                  ---All this I value more than gold,
                         And keep for my mind's
1.2k · Feb 2017
Query of Theory
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
How is it that space is infinite and still produces a vacuum? Normally, in order to create a vacuum you need to have an enclosed space. My answer will shock you, but I want you to attempt to answer this query.
1.1k · Jun 2015
Two Girls With Green Eyes?
Jamie L Cantore Jun 2015
Essentia of magenta in
Each twinkling eye.
A goddess of Valencia,
A princess of Versailles.

Each dance, flit, jive, bob,
Conga, cut a rug.
Yet, only one do I intend to woo to Love.

The smokey air! overdue heat! Can NOT  contain.
Ahh!!! and without a care, I waft Away  the steam.
1.1k · Feb 2017
Nature Walk
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
Every coulee, thirsting, gladly drinks,
Every basin and every sleepless hollow;
Where duly each charitable droplet sinks,
Whither hasten the novel spring follow.

Yet it goes, unfolding as a tempo mosies
Shoots will shiver open their split edges,
To strip, unclothe their budding posies,
In the timber, the garden, and hedges;

Weaved is a grove of anchored love
A Finch or Sparrow to meet another,
A nest, a cloak, a marquee high above
A den for father, hatchlings & mother.
1.1k · Feb 2017
Keystrokes VS. Brushstrokes
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
I ne'er half thought of you as best
Painted, frozen on canvas, still, set?
Static & unmoving...  but I do rest
In my bet you feign'd it. The man Thus, he is as a criminal! If hold he Must you as possession -Beauty's Pageant.
A sun proving to ne'er grow Stagnant.
Go'th then, swept in wind, smooth &
Seminole, with no frame to so seal In
YOUth within his lines -rather reel In
Lines of my rhymes to sustain YOU Ever
Both A's & Q's. No pause, Sure Forever.

Inks & links rather than oils soon Cracked &
Dried out, faded with careless Neglect
And old Time, proving Spell checked
Words, ripen'd on a vine, (freely repro-
Duced,) is better than stretchers 2 show
In one place, wired/hooked on a dim wall
Of your captor. His penchant 2 refuse call,
Or to face, why your smile wert so small.
Unbeknownst to the brushed up painter,
Who with gobbledygook stained your
Heart, but took you as his Sitter bitterly.
So if your Silence art your bitter Mystery,
Then book Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
As my pen chants only 4u -a wonderwall.
Wonderwall- Barrier which separates the mundane from a transcendent Reality which has a slit where the observer catches a glimpse of what lies beyond.

Not a reference to an imaginary friend who saves you from yourself.

A's=Answers Q's=Questions or (Cues.)

The Argument: Writing is a better way to sustain a person, because when copies are made of the original words, they still have the same value as opposed to copies of a painting. Also, a portrait locks the Sitter within the parameters of the frame, whereas the lines of verses set the subject free.

Or perhaps she is better painted now that I put things in perspective, if she is both the canvas and the paint -I will let that sink in for a while. Update* Did anyone fig it out? I  half-implied she is self absorbed... Lol
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
My name, Hombres, is Pancho,
I work on an outta z ways rancho;
I make just 5 pesos for the day.
It is a hard job to do for the pay.

I go out after. Go see Free Lucy.
Then, I asked her for the Pousse;
She just slapped me in the face;
And a took my 5 pesos anyways.

             : ( What did I say?  :(
Pousse (rhymes with loose, not Lucy)-Multi-layered colored alcoholic drink.
Free Lucy is a free-spirited bar maid.

P█ancho and Lefty,( sung best by Willie,) inspired title. Had Pancho knowns The Pronoun z Ation, mighta not be a soo corn fuzed.
1.1k · Jan 2018
The Axiom of Love
Jamie L Cantore Jan 2018
Loving in axiom, and eager in Poetry heart to show, that she may reap some comfort of my pain: joy may animate her to read, which may allow her know, understanding may charity win, and charity beauty obtain, I sought right words to draw the darkest sight of woe, surveying devices fine, her thoughts to entertain: often tossing others' wits to check if then it's flow some new and healthy rains would come upon my desert brain. But words sprung stooping forth, needing devices stay, Device, a poet's young, escaped Knowledge's blows, and strangers feet seemed obstacles in my way. Thus great with kin to speak, and defenseless in my throes, gnawing my fugitive pen, chastising myself for spite, Twit, said my inspiration to me, peer into thine soul and write!
1.1k · Dec 2014
Mathematical Poetry 4
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
0 x 9 + 1 =  1
1 x 9 + 2  = 11
12 x 9 + 3  = 111
123 x 9 + 4 =  1111
1234 x 9 + 5 =  11111
12345 x 9 + 6 =  111111
1234566 x 9 + 7 =  1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 =  11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 =  111111111
123456789 x 9 + 10 =  1111111111
1.1k · Dec 2014
Mathematical Poetry
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
1x8+ 1 = 9
12x8+ 2 = 98
123x8+ 3 = 987
1234x8+ 4 = 9876
12345x8+ 5 = 98765
123456x8+ 6 = 987654
1234567x8+ 7 = 9876543
12345678x8 + 8 =98765432
123456789x8 + 9 = 987654321


1x1= 1
11x11= 121
111x111= 12321
1111x1111= 1234321
11111x11111= 123454321
1111111x1111111= 12345654321(1.2345e10)
11111111x1111111= 1234567654321(1.234568e12)
11111111x11111111= 123456787654321(1.234568e14)
111111111x111111111= 12345678987654321(1.234568e16)
Note the ascent and descent of the numbers on each side.
1.0k · Sep 2018
Mightier Than The Sword
Jamie L Cantore Sep 2018
Allow it in -aye, 'till when?
All at such cost, none are lost
Lo! then, what is foretold men,
Fiery talks or the coldest frost,
And breath & word alike swept
Away again, swept away in vain
A breadth as wide as death, except
We sustain all humanity, the refrain;
Yet forlorn we are in an age torn -
Such a number high of tongues cry
For mourn dost they must the morn,
Nary a ryhme of these words be lie.
The world can sever, and whosoever
Is taught to pass or stay brave & fast
Shall be learnéd & it prove no effort
If it be times as is the last that's cast.
Victory is what the sword can afford
Yet a poets pen can lord their sword.
1.0k · Dec 2014
Mathematical Poetry 8
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
Square root of 123,456,789
111,111,111 - 123,456,789

Square root of 12,345,678
11,111,111 - 12,345,678

Square root of 1,234,567
1,111,111 - 1,234,567

Square root of 123,456
111,111 - 123,456

Square root of 12,345
11,111 - 12,345

Square root of 1,234
1,111 - 1,234

Square root of 123
111 - 123

1 - 2 = -1
1.0k · Nov 2014
Intimations on His Creations
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
There is a certain elegance in lines,
a grace that attracts the eyes
to that which is cloaked within the
echoic mystery of an ever clever guise.

All that is knit
from the fabric
of a most frantic                  
                                       ­     illusion in space,

borrows movement
                 from a riddle,                          
       poised in a mostly empty place.

It enchants the mind like a diorama
                                                         ­     hung
                                                       ­               upon the
                                                                ­                   fiber optic
                                                           ­                                         sky,
with pictures of the thoughts behind
           the artists telescopic ><><><><><><   eye.

Our      surreal      desires    are    drawn    boldly
  ­                                              from the breathing palette
                                        of a bright reality,
                                   with living loving strokes
                               that portray our very substantiality:

and never will it betray
          the flaws
           in neither an other worldly
                                               nor the immense complexity
of some alternate geometry.
Collaboration with my father Dr. Randolph Smith
1.0k · Nov 2014
Silently Still
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
Silently still was the dawdling in dawn,
it dallied slowly as the tremulous air was stunned,
but that air still pervaded with an influence of an expressive moan
in quality and tone;
rare, soft, delicate, and of a certain air all her own.

Her hand, the wind in a mermaid's golden hair,
the subtle sunrays began to glisten with an olden care:

and all assurance is on that the dayshore's thus begun,
unfolding like a whisper in the va~por~ous sun.
986 · Nov 2014
Making The Bold
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
In unconventional form my thoughts are not restrained,
nor is my curious charm, for neither shalt be tamed,
and those unchained thoughts fairer are
when incongruently arranged; and wilt be perceived by
sights power and the apprehension gained.

Therefore, against all burden I resist, and readily carry the
suppleness of my worthy bearing
-here where I literally speak no words in a
wordplay tryst unerring.
969 · Dec 2014
A Poem Within A Poem
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
softly I SPEAK in sweetest
whispers TO THEE, fondly,
truly. AND devoted am I to prove
that I love THEE by Jove!

the universe IS HER, center stage
above AND below.
for SHE IS THEE, my little dove
snowy white AND pure,
her beauty to be admired.
she is the one TO WHOM I REFER. with glee.

I ask God, COULD SHE BE with me
for AS MUCH as an eternity?
She has wrecked INTO ME so I am a wreck.
It seems AS I AM INTO HER? We shall see.
If yes AND IF SO, I want her
to respect THEN THIS PLEA FROM ME which comes sadly
now WITH WOEFUL  but happy
falling TEAR, hopefully my
affections WILL NOT GO TOO LONG being that
call that goes UNANSWERED HERE, that would be
I pray FOR HER SILENCE to go away
perhaps because it HURTS to be forgettable.
Yet it BUT IS what it is.
Such beauty is RARE. I must admit.


We are where we are

BECAUSE it is in
you MUST UNWIND, your soul
soley BE  a sole
fragrance that is REBORN IN THE MORNING SHINE, this
day and the next, RETURNING AS GLORIOUS
AND AS FRESH AS THE NEW DAY SKY, that is my wish.
AND you
OR a mightier
SIGH. of loveliness.

THAT BINDS, you sadly in slavery.

HAS COME rightly
AND I AM but what I am,
Read the all caps in bold first, then read the poem as a whole.
956 · Feb 2017
Stepped On A Landmine
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
This morning, I stepped on a landmine.
I tried using a twig to clean each line,
I spent a while, a very very long time,
Using a twig to depoop the very bottom
Of my shoe, & my dog thought, (Got'em.)
So as he's laughing at my bad situation
I used my noggin and vented frustration.
Found his brush & he stopped rollin'
As I scraped away what was holdin'
Fast to my left shoe. The moment; golden.
Don't worry, only half the story is true.
952 · Jun 2015
Sing A Sigh, Sweet Wind
Jamie L Cantore Jun 2015
Gently so, the wind did go, go on a-whispering.
And thru the night, into the night, a-whispering
It did go. Go, Sweet Wind, go on a-whispering.  

In mellifluous tones, to the height of Christendom,
Sing a sigh, Sweet Wind, to the ears of ev'ry man.

Gently so, the wind did go, go on a-whispering.
And thru the night, into the night, a-whispering
It did go. Go, Sweet Wind, go on a-whispering.

In mellifluous tones, to the height of Christendom,
Sing a sigh, Sweet Wind, to the ears of ev'ry woman.

Gently so, the wind did go, go on a-whispering.
And thru the night, into the night, a-whispering
It did go. Go, Sweet Wind, go on a-whispering.
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
Ruptured heart does not want to in this heed.
You've already gone so far away
and even echoes have ceased to return
my deserted screams .

I'm reduced to a trip to Tabula Rasa
and back with nothing, nothing in between.

And if my slate could be wiped pure and clean
you still to me would more mean.

Oh, what agony!          Oh, what pain!

Do you think you could forgive me
for letting you break my heart
923 · Jan 2015
I Seek To Come To Know
Jamie L Cantore Jan 2015
I seek to come to know the Present by scrutiny, without perceiving
myself to be, at least not here; not here where there's not a soul around, and where day surrounds me in sunlight clear: but the Future becomes born as I seek out the moment I have bound, where I am falling into the depths of Misery, which is and will be, inaccessible to your view on my paths overgrown. Yet o'er tears and reflections I see, reliving my tattered Tragedy within, as I trod the
often traveled moments of my Past --my thoughts are trampled
by my echoes therein.

I seek to come to know the Present by inquiry, without realizing myself to be, tempered by stones and crags, in  the depths of Eternity:
--but the light falters before bursting, scattering upon the Autumn
morn, whereas I harvest my Sadness like a brooding reaper in
Spring, as the Sorrow is again reborn.

I seek to come to know the Present by reverie, without finding myself a being, thru the valleys enveloped in a column of light; and souls encircling me like ivy green, which severs me from a pain that
died, and this time my Happiness is reborn; reborn out of the Gloom, and into the Light that bears my fond memories of yore.
918 · Nov 2014
Addressed To Your Attention
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
O' bride-to-be,
delicately pleasing to the ear
and eye,
in good humor
and kindliness steep,
and a particular illumination
will flow
from your bright eyes
-even when the sun
is stationed opposite me
and the moon is still
in a
stage of infancy...
my affections sweet,
which are in defiance
of the night that has fallen,
will e'er be:
and I will remain your
romantic suitor
calling up to your window ledge,
all-in for all eternity
if we do so pledge.
908 · Nov 2014
Scarlet Rose
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
Scarlet rose
-sunset star upon my castle terrace!
                         that ascending elegance
that you possess,
speaks of your vestal innocence...
                                            where surely words miscarry.
So saintly your complexion gleams from ev'ry
                                facet, such as precious gems do shine
with a master craftsman's arresting artistry;
                        and your incense carries as sweet divine,
as the first days of our present history.

T'was so long ago that I did pick'dst ye
                          from the wild rose fields, for your bounty,
grace, and absence of the ******
that cause the
                       wound which takes
precious moments to be
-but a breach that Time knows heals.
                 You do for that absence sacrifice such a defense
that protects, and from this does so splendidly come
                  promise; but I solemnly do promise to defend ye,
and solely for your sake: I shall not your safety compromise
                                                      ­          -I shall not thee forsake.
897 · Jan 2016
Old-Fashioned, This Love
Jamie L Cantore Jan 2016
I may tend, 'gainst the wind, finding wee rest soon;

this evenin' even, Dearest, Favorite Friend, whom

I may seek now & then to swoon. When mere rest stays this hand, 'neath midday stars or midnight sands, I speak! I sing! I croon! I ne'er want to let you go, tho your body is not here to hold in this land where you fear to turn. Can you naught see that I love you so? Pray tell me that you can, and know that I know you know -and you may e'en one day my love return.
886 · Jul 2016
This Satan
Jamie L Cantore Jul 2016
I will proclaim God to be The Almighty!
I will try to reach as many as I can.
And nothing will stop me, not even
This Satan who continually attacks man!
882 · Jun 2015
The One That Got Away
Jamie L Cantore Jun 2015
I dedicate the songs within me,
To you, tho I forget their theme,
Be they many, yet these to thee.

And ev'ry atom, a part of I alone,
Feels, moves, breathes you alone,
For with you, I know life goes on.

Move a bit closer to me, patiently
Whisper your thoughts to me,
And I will kiss you deadly.
876 · Dec 2014
Flood of Ruin
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
As the murk
in the daedal
sky endured
and the
brume upon
the headland
peaks wound
all around
in a

the fluttering
winds carried
a bouquet
of ions
that were
but still
danced about
in an undulating
figure of eight;

and when the
distent distant
cloud could
no longer
it's rain
fell upon
wilted form
so desolate.
January 9, 2014
868 · Dec 2014
Emperean Corridors
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
I enter one of the gates of pearl
                               that does veil
the emperean corridors,
I have assumed immortal
and now unburdened
by physical wars,
I say adieu
the womb of time

I am reborn.     I am anon.

In this lofty state
            I can ride bestride
an air
of pure energy.

All is good.     No, all is great!

Or have I merely slipped
into my very
own reverie?
854 · Mar 2017
Rainbow Multiplication
Jamie L Cantore Mar 2017
32 × 21=?

First digit of first #
Multiplied by first
Digit of last number= 6

2nd digit of 1st #
Multiplied by last
Digit of last number = 2

Now multiply 1st digit
3 by ( last digit) 1 & it =3
2nd digit of 1st # which
Is 2 × 1st digit of 2nd #
Which is 2 & you get 4
Add 3 +4
Insert 7 between the 6 and 2
You get 672
Kid stuff.
852 · Mar 2017
Hillside Grave
Jamie L Cantore Mar 2017
In a faraway place, his grave
Resides on a hill by the wave;
Inland of the sea he lies alone,
Seeking sun. His name in stone,
Carved deep to resist age & decay.
The years pass so quickly away,
So his grave is long forgotten now,
The visitors all have passed & how;
And the birds have become so rare
In their passing steps by him there.
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
Oft in the secluded quarters of the
intellect, lie a poets
unpaid debts
of deeper thoughts
hardly written,
therefore surely unread.

His notes are past due,
but they may subdue
the sublime in kind,
(upon the turning of every runic stone in thy head.)

But in those moments of
creative famine
do direful phantoms
make a struggling poets thoughts
their ruinous home,
a response
-thru which we bards are touched to the heart,
the nucleus,
the core.

'Tis the acumen of the unchained
where lies
the tranquil pleasure
of discovery,
which can be found alone,
here beneath the tree
which we
call the laughing sycamore.

Suffice it to say,
we must have that need to write
or feel blank
and hollow, lying quiet,
there where
our inspiration also lay,
dearly killed,
by another sullen day,
whilst surrounded by the
many offensive forms;

and every essential structure
of our being, being forced
to shut out
the ghastly tidal wave
that has ever poured o'er our
personified dream.

It is a dreariness
which foreshadows
the greatest theme,
that mustn't be

Therefore e'er will I seek
the nascent flame of ideas,
searching solely to feel
inspired, bright, and clear;
and here display
my regards
with barely
a downcast

-'til the portrayal of metaphysical line
reveals itself in it's own time...
   one and all.
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
Hast thou cometh here cyndelich
ande in beaute with the erli
ande feintest daunen,
whilst the undaunted
niht sky wilt newely
beren the daies spring
once more;
ande dare
I asken if perhaps
I dreem, or if
you trewly do
drape thy leoft hand
gentilly o'er
my right syde,
whilst callening me,
the struggling budde,
to sprightlich
issue forth;
ande morph into a myghty
florishener, then
leoft to beggen most intently
to be swathen in a manere
of soole luve,
all in the mysty morwening liht?

I shall e'er awaiten your andsware,
for now in effect oan,
'till the dai that I
am growen

-perhaps n'er to escapen
for the vine, but
aye in the blest sunne.
Modern English version is posted as well.
794 · Dec 2014
Mathematical Poetry 3
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
0×9+ 1  =1
1x9+ 2 =11
12x9+ 3 =111
123x9+ 4 =1111
1234x9+ 5 =11111
12345x9+ 6 =111111
123456x9+ 7 =1111111
1234567x9+ 8 =11111111
12345678x9+ 9 =111111111
123456789x9+ 10  =1111111111
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
Take the even numbers of the set 0-9 this time

and subtract the odd

like so:

Evens & Odds
////////// -  /////////
02468 - 13579 = -11111

As in part 9, drop a number from each side as such:

0246 - 1357 = -1111

Again drop a number like so:

024 - 135 = -111

And again such as:

02 - 13 = -11


the equation:

0 - 1 = -1

That's all folks!         ............Or is it?
Hope you enjoyed this series! All equations were created and solved by me. However, I am sure I am not the only person to figure most of these out. ---If I discover any more of these, I will post my findings.
782 · Feb 2017
Hypermani ha ha ha
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
I was told by A"shrink"LAST month that I had Hypermania because I talk faster than the average Joe or Jane. I said, you know, some people read faster than average too. People speak at a speed they are comfortable with. If they don't want to make mistakes during speaking, they tend to speak at the speed they read at or maybe a bit slower. I on the other hand happen to speak fluent gibberish, because I am a virtual speed-reader of *******, so I have a go at it comfortably. Just joking, I don't read *******. I will admit I should slow down when doing a Poetry Reading though, because you shouldn't rush through such. It's kind of like hauling *** on a motorcycle on the scenic route while on a weekend cruise to relax. Anyway, to top off this he claimed another qualifier for my Hypermania was that in my writing to him I was in such a hurry that I "accidentally" wrote abstruse when I obviously wanted to write abstract. I said, "Nooo, I meant to write abstruse." It is a word. It just so happens that one of the definitions of abstract is abstruse -ha ha. But he didn't know that until I told him. Abstruse- Difficult to understand. It's a word, Doc. Ha ha, WordDoc.

You told me you thought I had an extensive vocabulary in the first 5 minutes of meeting with me, so why would you assume it more likely that I ******* up so grossly on a word, than consider the possibility of a word existing without having crossed your eyes or ears? Lol You got a picture in your head of his eyes crossed, didn't you? Me too. ;)

But yeah, I was  "hypomanic" during the observation. Shhh... Even a broken clock is right twice daily.
Pompous Doctrine about a pompous doc
781 · Nov 2014
This Fate
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
I have been eager in my pursuit of devotion,
perhaps too eager, and the notion is beginning
to tell on me. This cause, this wanton desire,
needs, motion, dedication, and loyalty.

No meager affections are of high station,
but mine are more than that -more than
an unbridled urge: but I must hearken
her attention first.

For though my life's tide is not yet to
it's end, it is of finite duration. Is Fate
The swells have surged independently
of the wind; and this fate is neigh longer
776 · Nov 2014
Hangover Blues
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
Gin in the mo'nin
I just woke up
First thang I did
was puke my guts

This headache o' mines
feels mighty bad
bes' hangover
I ever had had

sun's hurtin' my eyes
neighbors are yellin'
last weeks trash
sho' is smellin'

To  sober up
drinkin' heps my

Jimmy Beam on the side
Man, I gots to stop drinkin'

Good ole Jack Daniels
& his buddies too

Seem to have it out fo' you
sho' nuff they do

When you got those Hangover Blues
Wrote this humorous bit with my old friend Brad. Hope you are doing well.
772 · Nov 2014
Asomatous Embrace
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
Yea, ye shalt ne'er be discarded

such as is aged linen lace,

rather ye shalt e'er be safeguarded

insofar as is my place.

Thou shalt see auroral fire

and eavesdrop on the surf,

and embody thy soul

with another soul

so as to blaze


e'en brighter

752 · Jul 2016
Jamie L Cantore Jul 2016
There is joy in the forbidden wood.
There is bliss on the outcast shore.
There is order where none stood...
by the wide sea, and refrained in a roar.
I love not flesh the less, but Nature...
ah Nature! I love thee more, and steal
from all I may have once for sure,
to unite with the heavens & feel...

what I nay can tell

-nor can conceal.
749 · Nov 2014
Severed Alliance
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
in neither hope nor
shall I ever be,
so thru the ancient
will vague dissatisfaction,
that irks us,
and suspicions of rivalry
left without resources
to that industry.

But still I lie
motionless by
of my subdued nature,
to the pleasure of
this faulty

The justifiable respect


have for you
due to the strength I
see in your resolution
-tho the vanity you choose breeds a
serene indifference
I cannot undo
by a paltry solution- you
must move me by slow degrees
to believe
with a less conservative
we will
honest enough
to admit this
-we already have
a severed
Jamie L Cantore Dec 2014
I hope someone out there enjoys my Math poems.

It took me about 10 minutes to figure out this
set of equations.

If you take the odd numbers from the set 0 - 9

and subtract the even numbers you are left with 11,111
  which is a series of 5 ones, ( 5 is the number of odds and the number of evens on each side of the equation.)

13579 - 02468= 11111

Then you drop one odd

and one even to get a 4 series:

1357 - 0246 = 1111

Then another like so:

135 - 024 = 111

And as before:

13 - 02= 11

And finally you are left with the last odd which is one
and the last even which is 0 and you get:

1 - 0 =1
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