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Jack Aylward Sep 2017
Wine, songs and love. They adorn the festive night: So live, whoever imagines kissing and loving and drinking and singing! Three friendly stars flash into the darkness of life; the stars sparkling so confidently; They are called song, love and wine ...

                                                                                          Theodor Körner
I want to share this beautiful poem which I translated from German into English from an antique wine cup. Hope you like it!  Theodor Körner (full name - Carl Theodor Körner) was a German poet and soldier, who had fought during the Napoleonic wars. He was born in Dresden in 1791 and died in Rosenow, 1813, aged just 21.
Jack Aylward Feb 2017
Did I ever tell you
That we all burn
Because our lives
Are all so ****** up?
Life is so *******

We live our lives
Every day
On hope.
Not necessarily because
We believe in it
But because
That's all we have
To rely on.

                                               ©Jack Aylward
This poem has been lying in my drafts for about 9 months!! Thought I would give it some life by sharing it. I haven't edited it, just left it, as it is, but just added my name to the bottom. I imagine I had left it for so long because I wasn't sure to add an extra verse or not at the time. I hope you like it who ever reads it.
  Oct 2016 Jack Aylward
Doug Potter
I was never the type
of child that obeyed
much  of anything;
not even the many
times  I was told
not to stare into
the evening sun
when I felt
Jack Aylward Oct 2016

                                  ­         Jack Aylward,
First poem Iv'e written in a long time!!!! Had Poets block!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Aylward May 2016
Sipping ice-lemon tea whilst
People watching....
Regardless of time
I float almost into a reverie
Not of dream but
Gently listening to the songs of the skylarks.

© Jack Aylward
     11th May 2016
I wrote this today on Facebook first as there was a post on the season Spring which others left some of their poems on Spring so I got inspired to write my own and this was the result! I got 5 likes in 10 mins and one comment! I just read it to Dad and he said "It sounds like you were drunk at the time when you wrote it"!!!
Jack Aylward Apr 2016
I kiss you
On tiptoes
Under the
Butter of
The sun.

                                           ©Jack Aylward
                                                 29th April 2016
  Mar 2016 Jack Aylward
I didn't think danger had a face,
I saw you and I saw red beauty,
Plump, ripe lips,
My strawberry kiss,
You taste just like chaos feels.

You sold yourself sweet,
Red beauty,
In every book left unread,
The only thought in my head.
I could never find a warm lover,
In eyes, cold as these tombstones
Which we now embrace.

Sunsets asphyxiate skylines,
Tear lines, fate lines,
I think God wanted to see his favourite fall

Tantalizing fruit, stains like wine
On the mouth,
There is red beauty in a kiss,
And angels aren't so kind,
But neither are you.
I finished reading Tess of the D'urbervilles recently and it inspired me to write this. The title also comes from a quote from the book "My eyes were dazed by you for a little, and that was all".

© copyright
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