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Penthesilea Jun 2017
It's 3 am and I'm breaking down because I remember you told me I was everything you love in this world.
Tell me, when did I stop being that everything?
Penthesilea Mar 2017
We should have never found our way back that we remained lost, holding each other's hand and laughing in which way to go.

**That night should have stayed young.
That moment should have been infinte. That us should have never ended.
QUEEN of wishful thinking. Replaying a moment forever lost.
Penthesilea Mar 2017
I kiss his soft and trembling edges,
and the moans that escaped him
how hard I tried to catch it with my lips.
*clears throat*
Penthesilea Mar 2017
The Universe conspired to bring us together and break us apart when we thought we're meant to be.
Penthesilea Mar 2017
I've been neglecting words ever since he left me, because even I used every word I could say, still I couldn't make him  *stay.
I think he wants me to speak another language to be sufficient in the begging department. *sigh*
Penthesilea Mar 2017
There's this spark, a gentle flame,
a candle of hope warming my inside
with the thought of you returning home.
Presumptuous I am indeed, to consider myself a home for him.
Penthesilea Mar 2017
That's the thing with memories,
they're not made
to be forgotten,
but to be remembered.
I wish I could forget everything.
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