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JAC Oct 2019
I saw myself on the bus today
standing slightly taller
I cut my hair, had stronger arms
and finally tailored my sleeves

I saw myself, a better version
a glimpse into another time
where I was me and not myself
and things must have been different, right?

but then I saw the look on my face
the same tired grin in my eyes
and even I from another reality
would see the same as the real me.
JAC Sep 2019
I was told it would happen
and I dismissed it as imagination

but now I know I was wrong then:
I see you in places you'll never be again.
JAC Sep 2019
Today I recall every time we spoke
and every time we didn't
and I tell myself I knew you
but I didn't

what I knew is that you were unstoppable
a force of integrity and passion
golden and swift
and I wish I knew you
when I had the chance to.
JAC Sep 2019
It's so nice to see you I said
but when you turned around it wasn't you
and someone else hurried away, confused
I didn't think anything of it
until I knew
the last time I saw you
it wouldn't even be you.
JAC Aug 2019
You blink
in the depths of a sparkling forest
full and rich with sweet colour and sound
a vibrance and power dense with life

blink again
and you are all that's left standing
hot and splintered in a blackened silence
the sky pushed away by a mass of death

blink once more
the earth and sky stay dark.
JAC Jul 2019
The me that loves you
and the you that loves me
are part of me
and part of you

the me that loves you
and the you that loves me
is the me that I see
when I see you in me

the good in me
is the good in you
the learning of me
is the teaching of you

the you that loves me
built the me that is you
and the me that is you
is the best of me.
JAC Jun 2019
Today we were
talking about
yesterday and
tomorrow we
will talk about
today somehow
even though
today never
happened because
we spent the day
talking about
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