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Hope Sep 2
Testing of my patience
and the miscommunication.
I can't change the past
and for that, I'm grateful
because sometimes
we think we know someone
we never truly did.
Hope Sep 2
i laid on the bed completely defeated
with tears in my eyes and a handprint that left my skin heated.
i said no, and i meant it.
but you begged, you just couldn't accept it.
after you ****** me and used me at your disposal
you turned away from me and the phone screen lit up your face
so i turned my back on you and cried into stained sheets.
i never looked at my body the same
after you branded my body with your all-too-common name.
Hope May 23
Gravity couldn’t hold you to me
Staring at the thins walls that separate us
I can’t hear you toss and turn
I was naive to think we had it this time
I embraced all your faults
But you weren’t ready to hold mine
Hope May 23
I was just another name to be added to your bed frame
Just a body meant to warm yours
But your racing heart told a different story
Or at least I thought, I hoped
My sheets have turned cold
While you wrap your body with someone I’ll never know
Hope May 22
i looked around as far as my eyes could reach
i saw blue hues, swaying branches, and beautiful life
is this what life is supposed to look like?

i looked at the birds flying high
and i thought with one more step
or a fall from the loss of traction in my shoes
maybe i could fly too

i looked at the trees shake their green
i closed my eyes, breathing in
there was nothing to be seen
i found peace above the evergreens
Hope May 21
I wish I knew it would be the last time you’d be over
I would’ve held you tighter
And I would’ve been sober
I wish I knew how much a heart could turnover
I would’ve gone on with my life
And I would forget all about October
Hope May 21
Going to bed before the sun sets
Fifty two card pickup
And we’re all out of bets
I guess we live and we learn
You’re the spirit that haunts my mind
And I hope to forget about you from time to time
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