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Stages and Ages Dec 2015
I forgot how much I loved the
Foreignness of a stranger's hands on me.
My waist, my arm, my ***
I felt every touch
Like an infrared light sensor
The heat from your hand
Stayed and glowed on
my arm, my breast, my thigh
It's fine though,
Nothing more.
I have a boyfriend,
And you have
A Fiance and a Baby on the way
Stages and Ages Dec 2015
I am an independent person,
I am not an add-on to your life.
I am an independent person,
I cannot have my freedom taken from me.
I am an independent person,
I will be who I want to be.
I am an independent person,
You cannot tell me,
What I can and cannot be.
When you use your past to control my future.
I haven't written in a while, so I'm a little rusty
Stages and Ages Sep 2015
Where my heart isn't breaking
This place where a muse is constant
And the muse is you

I've missed this place,
Where calm and ease are synonymous with your smile and
The gleam in your eyes when they cross paths with mine.

I've missed this place
Where I let myself feel the warmth of your skin
And relish in how it warms my heart

I've missed this place,
This place I didn't realize I left
I missed this place
The place where I let myself love you.
I love you.
Every inch of you.
I never really realized how freeing it is to let someone love you and how easy it is to love someone back
  Aug 2015 Stages and Ages
From the very beginning
When I fell hard for you
Running on feelings that I kept denying
Slipping into your river vein that drowns me
Tripping over your anger, sarcasm, flaws
And everything that you pushed away
It was all beautiful

You are beautiful

I want everything
And I made a promise to myself.
I want to love you till the very end.
It's always been you from the start.
All your imperfections.
I want everything
I want you.
(Read it from bottom to the top too)
This is for the girl whom I fell in love with here on Hello Poetry
And she's my GF now:)
Thank you so much guys for the love:)
I can't believe it's my second time getting featured.
  Jul 2015 Stages and Ages
People who fight
their battles alone
either lose the battle
or lose themselves.
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