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Dec 2014 · 759
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
Soothing smile radiating with hope
Warrior’s heart beating with courage
Countless veins flowing with life
Fearless eyes burning with passion
Shoulders carrying the universe
Arms wishing they were wings
Reaching out to the sky
Reflecting the white moonlight
Listing to the roaring wind
Seeing the world out of that window
Sky sparks fading into my eyes
Deep down into my universe
Lighting up the void within me
Bringing light to my dark twisted reflection
Embodiment of hatred and malice
Part of me born off year’s torture
Part of me that would never leave me rest
Part of me that I can hear and feel its laughs echoing inside of me
Pitch black reflection of me
****** rivers running down his eyes
Writing down his tale for me to read
For him to bare, and not to be shared
Covering my ears as I shout in pain
Body drained out of life crying fatigued from all the pains in life
Yet the laughter never stops
Slowing drowning in my dream
Following the sounds, following the laughs
Darker and darker, colder and colder
So much hate, so much pain
Shouts echoing but no one hears me
Heart dying from all these emotions
Found myself in dark room with a mirror
I see myself standing  
Laughing in so much pain, agony
I placed my hand, and so did it on the mirror
I got closer, and so did it
I see his face and eyes and I feel my mind shattering
For he was crying for me
For he was my pain living inside of me
For was everything I trapped inside of me
Yet he felt sorry for me, and laughed for me
For his world is a storm
For his world is me
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
You and me meeting was it a coincidence?
Or was it a sign form above
Battle scars we both carry on our shoulders
Received it in a war called love we all got hurt
Hearts and souls both got crushed and left to rot
That’s what I thought till I first laid my eyes on you
Your eyes looked deep within my soul, and saw the person the sleeps inside
Your smile was the kiss of life that my heart needed
My mind went blank, as the blood in my veins rushed to my heart
The wound is healed, and the seal has been broken
Words I never thought they would come out of my lips
Came out gushing as a river  
I love you
Dec 2014 · 2.9k
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
Don’t you cry you fragile heart for that love was an infection
There is no cure and you won’t be healed by injections
So many minds were lost in love coming from one direction
In the end you are going to forget it and it won’t be ever mentioned
So don’t write a poem about it and give it its own section
Don’t be sorry and prove it with actions
Love is a gift given to a few people without exception
When some people leave there is no sorrow nor tension
When some people leave there will always be a connection
So keep on living and keep on loving for it is the sweetest reaction
Dec 2014 · 1.8k
Inhale. Exhale…
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
Inhale. Exhale…
Close your eyes, and let your worries out
Inhale. Exhale…
Let your hope bloom, and sprout
Inhale. Exhale…
The sand watch is broken
Inhale. Exhale…
You’re showering beneath the flakes of time
Inhale. Exhale…
Time is but sand slipping through your fingers
Inhale. Exhale…
Send out your screams. Send out your shout.
Inhale. Exhale…
Open your heart, and ears out
Inhale. Exhale…
Lesson, and hear.
Inhale. Exhale…
Now tell me what you feel. Tell me what you hear?
Inhale. Exhale…
That’s right. That’s what you hear
Inhale. Exhale…
That’s your echo. There is no help there is no hero
Inhale. Exhale…
There is but you
Inhale. Exhale…
You plant the field by day, and rest at night
Inhale. Exhale…
There is no stop in the clock
Inhale. Exhale…
There is no walls, there are but stepping blocks
Inhale. Exhale…
Don’t worry the sand is but a fall
Inhale. Exhale…
The waves will bring you to your knees
Inhale. Exhale…
The waves will tear you apart
Inhale. Exhale…
Watch your world break. Watch your world rip asunder
Inhale. Exhale…
See that lighting shredding the sky, watching it fall as burned leaves
Inhale. Exhale…
Open your eyes, and see
Inhale. Exhale…
You are but in a field
Inhale. Exhale…
You are but in a room
Inhale. Exhale…
You are chained to your fears
Inhale. Exhale…
The more you fear the more you lose
Inhale. Exhale…
The more you fear the more you sink
Inhale. Exhale…
There is no god, there is no hero
Inhale. Exhale…
There is but you
Inhale. Exhale…
We all know we are going to die babe
Inhale. Exhale…
Let’s die fighting or die trying
Inhale. Exhale…
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
My bic, safe in my hand
My bic, you light up with a flick
Flames rise, and shine
Dancing like a wisp
My dancing flame
You rise, and shine
A sun within my grasp
A light that keep me sane
I don’t care about whatever, and whom to blame
Was it all what fame?
Or was it the crime, the victim. The scar that lead me to walk for so far
Head full of shame going back home
Carrying back a broken angel
Standing strong, wrapped by darkness
Blood dripping, tears dropping
Pits of hell breaking open
Screams shouting
Lighting clashing
Eyes luxation
Worlds shattering
Dreams dying
Sleeping but now we are awaken
My cigarette, my little flash stick
Your little smoke rising up carelessly
Fading away into the universe
My bic, my flick, my little cancer stick
Head shakes ******* this really breaks
For Christ sake is living a dream make us any less fake?
Why is there all this sickening hate?
We are all but the same inside out
I laugh as the answer
But is this is human fate
For we are creatures that just knows hate
We need hate in order to grow to evolve
One plus one equals two
But whom I am I to spew this lines and spit these rhymes
What makes me anymore different then you fo?
For I am but a human waiting for his time
I want to fly and I want to shine
But I got gun down and stepped on
But my heart kept fighting and its beats on
My story didn’t end
I will never stop my dance
For as long as my pen is my partner
My smile and laughter will go on
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
Chained in the dark ocean
No life no sun no clouds no moon
Nothing there but darkness and gloom
Sinking into maddens I claw myself
If pain is what keeping me sane
What else is there for me to gain?
I want to break free
I want to be carefree
I’m I shouting, or I am I weeping?
As my head starts to kneel
Accepting fate for what it wants to be?
I hear a song, and sound that slowly appears
I squinting my eyes and look as far as I can see
Suddenly this angel appears magically in front of me
Her enchanting smile caught me by surprise
Who ever thought this heart could beat again?
White warmness all around her
Bring life into this fragile body of mine
She had Aquarius gems that were her eyes
Drowning in them
Her voice was singing
Her harp reached out
Her songs and arms warp around me
She broke me out, she made me shout
She was my angel that illuminated my world for me
Her genuine honest and good heart
Kissed me back to life
She is an angel, drowned in the bottom of the pool
She is that chick that is just too cool
People mistaken her for a fool
But if you close enough you’ll notice
That she is a jewel
Dec 2014 · 2.0k
Slaves to the Dime
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
want to live in a world where we aren’t slaves to the dime.
I want to live my life while I’m still alive
But I’m stuck with a 9 to 5
Bullies on the side waiting to taking my lunch money away
Oh **** you got some expenses to buy
******* it I need to refill my prescription
I am trapped in a position
Dig through the garbage again
I need some real food to fill me in
So cold tonight
Look at the pretty hottie
But **** yo you ******* expensive
How come things are like that
I sleep in a bed when my fellow humans can’t get a roof over their heads
Oh right they don’t have that type of green
So why should we care bout their well being
They aren’t slaves to the dime
Why should things be like this it is ******* sickening how our world has become. Till when are we gonna keep silent
Big brother why are you taking his hugs away
Mother can love us all
It not fair
Some of us keep ranting about how cold it is. People be thankful you have something to cover yourself up. Or you know what? There are people out there whom question why are we even a part of this world. No food, clean water, clothes, heater, no medical care, safety, and simply dream of a roof over their heads.
How did we degrade this far?
How come there are people like that?
It’s ******* shameful how we allowed things to become.
We kept quiet for so long voice is simply gone.
We cared about the dime, and lost focus about what makes us feel alive.
We all should be living life in a world filled with love and care
Our earth had enough scars to bare
I am just sick and tired
Bout yea know
Just being a slave to the dime.

— The End —