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Poppy sways on the edge of the garden
like some exquisite ***** dancing for her own pleasure
rather than crumbs.
She's full fed of her toxins, intoxicated
She drears  left then right, bows a bit....
The curves are stem so peculiar.
How she slipped perfect hooks and turns
into that no wood, indiscriminate thing
bending, looking so supple.
but it would snap in fragility.

Oh poppy, I sigh, chin resting on my palm....
thinking of the warm feeling of harvest.
Herbs and flowers are my favorite
Let me taste the sweetness of your breath,
please don't hesitate,
there are no reasons left,
For you to hide from me,
so open up your chest
I mean no judgment of your dear,
to me you are at best.....
When your waking early mornings
when your laughing over loud
when your taking more than your portion
when your shoving in the croud
when your angers got the best of you,
how you raise your voice
how quickly grace can fall from you
as you lose all your poise.
Let me taste your breath  
feel no insecurity
please feel no unrest
Always in each passing moment
i see you at your best
my sweet husband
Like one then two
  more specks of moisture
collect in mine eyes

Gazing towards you
  your cauldron of beauty
you keep so well.

How the hollows of your eyes
bend spectrum and spectrum of light.

You glance at me,
its as if my heart was first an abyss.
In one moment
it is transformed in to
life above life, love beyond love.

Your movement cause breezes
sweetened air  moves about.

It stoke the flames of my desire
keep me wanting for breathing.

You must be an angel
come from geometry

Moving  around in your perfect expression
I'd mistake you for god.
My sweet husband
Hello beautiful,
I missed you while we slept
while you drifted off peacefully
i was in a world of clammer
thinking of all the possibilities
and totally enamored

i fell into a pit of self pity and decay
thinking of all the bad in all the different ways
And while your breathing staid so steady
mine became inflamed
and I squeezed you while i held it
choking down the pain

Things flashed upon my mind in rapid repetition
thought after thought
combustion after collision.

As I held you
while you slept
I thought of every possibility
and quietly wept.
Saving some tender green in the helplessness of life
to hold me down on the ground when gravity leaves at night
I'm not afraid although i'm shaking
Notice these things which define
The earth is solid in its quaking
as long as your not on a fault line
And I'm getting off on the thought of it
Your loving pumping arteries
I'm just glad to watch you move
how you take in breath and then you lose
what could have been different in some small exhange
a moment in the past now rearranged
all the things i would have done
if i could have done something different.
You wanted me to say
another  thing
perhaps about the sky
maybe of the rain

You wanted me to breathe
condensation on your face
you wanted me to exhale
vibration in this place

Your eyes were moving side ways
your lips were trembling
and I was reciting 5 ways
to get a crystal glass to sing

A bit less pressure,
just keep it going smooth
slow down around the curve
steady when you move

Friction is a friend
of those who like the sound
of softly grinding skin
reverberating into the ground
this is also a song, if your interested in hearing it, message me.
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