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Oh how you stare in your infancy
at corners in the room
and how my heart complies with every ahh and ooo
And never did i know if i could love you
but from the moment you were born
I certainly do
and how sorrowful you were on that very first day
and how pain filled the sound of everything you say
When life was brand new, you on earth side
When you came forth and i could no longer hide
all of your beauty the hiccups that you had
when you where with in me but sometimes i feel sad
that now you are hear, live your own life
like when we were one i could hide you from all strife.
And now you will age just like I and your dad
and now you will anger some days you will feel bad
And i wish that i could save you
from all of this world
but our love was your creator
and here you are hurled

and the least we can do is be here for  you
and try our very best to create more for you
a life thats worth living more than we had
Always we are giving, keep you from being sad.
Care to hear my reality
as time slips between us
and i have no mind
but the mind that beholds us

So dare to think of me as something more
Than just a washed up woman a bedroom *****
than just a person with flesh and veins
than just a being with glory and pains

If you could think of me as the stars
then i could think you are more
Than callus build up and half healed scars
I could think you are more.
Well things have never been this good

as when our arms are inbetween
the spaces between you and me

I'll have you know I'm feeling fine
Feeling Good when you are mine
and if you ever flew away
I may not have anything to say
but my heart would beat just a little slower

A little  slower and I would feel
a little deader a little less real
And time would mostly stretch itself
and I would mostly start to melt

Into the cracks of life and norm
in to the pockets of dark storm

I may look quite the same
but mind would never be so sane
as when our arms are in between
the spaces between you and me
second chances and sun rises
How the earth repeats eternal
Well, I find myself gone silent
In moments when I don't
Want to not say a word
But if i can't I won't

And its horribly depressing
to be self paralyzed
Like I've no voice to speak with
No words my tongue can rise.

So now i sit in wanting
Of expression in this day
But i can't find a single word
To think nor that I'd say.
Passion rolls away

Me I'm feeling pain

I thought that we would grow

I thought that we would gain.
Murdering connection,
                        or convenience in our ties.
How you'd rather tell a thousand
                               painful thought up lies
To pull me down and shake me up
                                           and make me suffer so
Because your angry about one thing
                                           and feeling such such woe.
Funny how you would destroy
                                                all that we create
In one snap of an instant
                                       while your feeling hate
Crazy how you'd shift and move
                                                               all the blame to me
When I had just pointed out
                                               one single flawing thing.
Painful how I see you now
                                               so ugly
                                                              Once so beaut.
Funny how I hear you now,
                                            once loudly
                                                             now on mute
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