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They teach it to them when they're very young,
the consequence of stepping out of line.
They chant and sing and make them swear an oath
to concepts children scarcely can define.

Enlightened to the gills they all must be,
and wealthy too, and healthy little kings!
How cheaply liberty is made for them,
like leaded water from the tap it springs:

to watch collapse from comfortable seats
until the seat and window are no more!
No, nothing now remains except the hole
where a seeming person was before.

I pray to God that whatever takes hold
of them at that time has a human soul.
August 2020
Worlds been hypnotized
believing in those who would
make them vaporize

                        Kelly McManus
Thinking of this
While that is going on
Mentally far away
Not in the present
Physically going through
The motions are felt
Coped with emotions
Feelings calmed retained
No longer getting the best of
No more overreactions
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