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When you hear her name
I could see the color of your eyes changed
I could see your smile faded quickly,
And your laugh were silenced in a second

When you see her
I could still see how you would lost your breath,
I could still see how you would stop holding my hand,
And your body shaken did not know what to do

But I know
I know you have been hurt
I know you were still with her even if you were with me
And in the nights you were hoping for her to call you back

I know
You would walk away from me if she asked you
You would hurt me if she wanted you
I was no one, no one but a temporary shelter

Your body left your mind in her, and who am I to take them away from her
Maybe your physical realm is here, but you are still with her
I was foolish to even try to compete with her, hoping that I would win you
When in fact, there was no competition

*She has won you
Being a re-bounce is not that fun.
Since you kissed me I have lost everything to you. Those scarlet lips was carved beautifully; your brown eyes and its exquisite complexion captivates me; and your voice lit up something inside me

I am astonished by your beauty, like an art
Everything that you say inspires me, like a spell
I want all of you only for myself, like an egoist

I wonder if my eyes are too naïve sometimes
You kept saying that you are not good enough; you are not pretty, and you are not just the way I see you.
You know I am just happy to see you—feel insecure
With that I could have you
All for my self
Two people could never have been more in love than the two of us. A spark at first glance, suddenly roaring as a huge fire. At every moment we'd tell the other how much we loved them and how we wish they'd never leave. Two hearts and two minds, completely intertwined. But now it feels different. The light in your eyes has gone. My smile wiped from your mind. Is this what love is? A flurry of passion then nothing? I thought love was to be shared, nurtured over time, a never ending passion. As I lay here seemingly forgotten, in endless confusion, It seems "love" is just a syllable, it's meaning lost to history and its intent ignored in the doldrum of life. It is why I now ask: Do you even remember my name?
I wonder if she still feels the way I do...
  Oct 2016 Greyworm Bayu Nimas
I've heard people who are away from each other say-
"at least we're under the same sky"

but we're not,
because it doesn't rain here the way it does back home,
the sun isn't warm enough to tingle my bones.
the sky here bends to meet buildings and towers,
not the hills and mountains and their wonder

So I say-
*"but we're not. the sky here is different."
college life isn't as fun as i thought it'd be.
I miss you so much

I miss you too

I want you so badly right now

Me too, darling...

I miss holding you
And your presence
And your voice

I miss the smell of your perfume
I miss your hands
I miss running my fingers through your hair

I miss the taste of your lips
And the warmth of your skin
I miss your eyes and their depth

I miss you entirely

I miss your being around me

******** it, Lorenzo
I love you.
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