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  Nov 2019 astara
I have been trying to heal
by tearing myself
to pieces so far
and isn’t that
also a start?
astara Nov 2019
just hating my self when i need you the most
  Oct 2018 astara
never trust a poet's words
they sound sweet at first
but you'll notice the emotion in their words
it all sounds too...
"i love you like the sea loves the shore"
becomes too scripted
you hear the small tinge of love actually left in their voice
hoping it could mean something
but it doesn't
it never does
it's just the way they say it
one day, after they have left
you will find their poems, and they will be the exact words that they had said to you
once long ago
please understand this poem is in a way just me talking to myself, reminding me to not trust a man who i once loved, thank you
astara Mar 2017
To someone that means everything to me,
Do you know how bad i miss you?
And do you know how hurt i love you?
what kind of poem is this? im sorry guys for ruining a poem's meaning:(
astara Mar 2017
trying to give some help but everyone keep ignoring me
astara Mar 2017
No one wants me in their life
They think im just a poor girl who want to balance her life with some money and popularity
But im not
I just need everyone now, in my life, by my side
I deserve that!
But no one thinks like i do
That hurts me a lot, and now im trying to think like they think.

Im just a pity girl
Pity girl who wants everyone in her life
Pity girl that thinks everyone like her
A pity girl who always got fake people showing fake love to her.
That last sentences in this poem got inspired by drake's song called fake love. And i like that song so much.
astara Dec 2016
That night, i was sitting and looking up
Seeing how beautiful the moon and stars
And i saw one star falling down
I stand up and start to wish.

That night, i wished if you can be there for me
But the reality hit me up, they say i can't be with you
You walked away from my life and the only thing i can do just faking a smile while seeing you're happy with her.

Tonight, im sitting in the same place
But now, the wish that i hope already gone.
im sorry for the bad grammar, still learning on it :)
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