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Emma Ely Aug 2019
From a deep hole she did rise,
from the grasp of self-doubt she broke free,
from the ocean of self-hate she swam ashore.

And she wrapped herself in layers of self-love,
armor of respect, and sheaths of grace.

And to war she went, freeing her fellow goddesses,
from the unworthy, unholy, and undeserving.

Together they rose and conquered.

The queens of today.
Emma Ely Apr 2019
Life is a series of decisions;
Here or There
You or Me
Him or Her
When and Where
Who and Why
Choose what's best for now
or do what's best for later.
This decision affects the next
and the one ten years from now.
So choose whatever
it doesn't matter
until it does.
Emma Ely Mar 2019
She calls to me
to come and witness
her dance with the moon.

She calls to me
to come and feel
her healing touch.

She calls to me
to come and surrender to
her warm embrace.

She calls to me
to return to
her safe and nourishing womb.

She calls to me
to begin again in
her loving presence.
Longing for the sea...
Emma Ely Feb 2019
Today I woke up
I surrender,
to the Universe.
Use me Universe,
use me to light the way
use me to guide this world
back to the light
back to the love
back to peace.

We are all born
Full of light
and vibrating love.
But darkness sneaks in
and clouds our light
and we feel dull
and we can’t see the path
and we lose our way.

But I am a warrior of the Universe.
I am the light on the path
that the universe has created.
I send love and light
to all beings of the universe
to the collective energy
from the stars to the sea
so deep is the love
and the light
of Our Universe.
We are all one.
Emma Ely Feb 2019
He pulled out a box after our first fight.
He told me I must fit inside.
I should have ran away that day,
but instead I offered him my wrist,
to begin the break down of my body parts.
My arm fractured easily and bent back on itself.
My femur took a lot of force,
but eventually it gave way,
and no longer did I stand.
My hips were cranked in opposite directions,
as if twisting apart an apple.
The crunch of the bone gears meshing together and apart
reverberated in my head.
The pain of that break sent me into a blackout.
When it came time for my spine,
he didn't have to touch a single vertebrate,
I shattered every single one,
Emma Ely Jan 2019
It feels like
impending doom.
It feels irrational.
It feels insane.
It feels like a snowball
rolling into an avalanche
wiping me off my feet
hurling me down the mountain
skidding me to a halt
debris piling on top of me
and leaving me to slowly suffocate.
Emma Ely Jan 2019
Finding your worth
sounds like
it will feel so good
all the time
but sometimes
it gets lonely
standing by yourself.

And you start to wonder
if its worth it
it would feel so good
to fold myself
into your arms
and welcome you
inside of me.

That is when
you must be strong.
That is when
you must remember
that you are
a Queen.
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