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unfortunate Sep 2020
I’m miscellaneous
In the background
Something you wouldn’t notice
Even if it were gone
What's wrong with you?

Why do you think like that?

Yes, the stars will still shine at night.

Yes, the sun will still be radiant as the day before.

You're so selfish.

What about them?

What about the sister who will drop to her knees as she looks into your empty eyes?

What about the brother who will hold his head in despair and regret?

What about the mother  who will carry your picture everywhere she goes?

What about the father who won't be able to say "Goodnight!" to his child?

What about the friend who couldn't live without their other half?

What about the boyfriend who lost the one person who accepts him?

What about the girlfriend who can't intertwine her fingers with yours?

What about the person who wanted to say "Hi.", but waited too long?

But, mostly,

What about the future?
The future that wanted to fix the past.
The future that wanted to renew you?
The future that was to fix you?

You **** the future, more than you.

Because the future is you.

You killed all that could've become of you.

You killed you.

Now, all there is, is the past you.

The broken you.

Out of all them.

That will be the one that will be remembered.
  Sep 2014 unfortunate
Silence Screamz
Shadows astute pierced by emotion
drowning in sorrow, deep in the ocean

Dramatic ideas cast returned
Cinder and ashes, all have burned

Wishes, dreams built in despair
count the blessings no more fare

Faulting my demons, sights unknown
Feeling inside, I'm alone!!
unfortunate Jul 2014
you told me to hold my breath
I held my breath for you
but you kept me waiting too long,
and then you left...
and I lost my breath.
unfortunate Jun 2014
I'm just an old rope
slowly untangling with each stressful pull
wanting to be strong as I once was
wanting to be together again
waiting for the moment when I fall apart
unfortunate May 2014
my mind contradicts my heart
my eyes betray my ears
twisted every way
your sweet love:
by your carelessness
am I wrong to crave your love still?
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