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yasmine Jun 2015
your demons chase you just as hard as mine chase me
yasmine May 2015
i had a dream about you last night
and i want to tear myself up
and bleed out
yasmine May 2015
broken bottles and promises
burning lungs and lost thoughts
slowly but surely
i found a loyal companion
yasmine May 2015
over the years
ive learned that promises arent forever
not everyone can be saved
and sometimes broken people are better alone

ive witnessed a girl push everyone away
trying to save herself
she poured her heart out on paper
finding company with ink and paper
yasmine May 2015
there will always
be a side of you that
i will never see.
yasmine May 2015
with no words
with no emotion
ive been absent recently.
yasmine Apr 2015
im falling to pieces
and you're filling the cracks
sadness is slipping in
and depression is coming back
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