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I'm In Team Leo Sep 2017
It is she you greet in mornings bright
Lest to you hard luck has laid favor
She who brings forth a view of new light
And lets you carry an up tilt lip
Another riddle in the form a poem! Theme: emotions.
I'm In Team Leo Sep 2017
It is she who is hidden within
And speaks through eyes of ocean water
For the plump, pink kissers sealed so thin
Sworn to keep all the painful matter
Another poem riddle . . . riddle poem . . . a riddle in the form of a poem! Theme: emotions. What do you think the emotion is?
I'm In Team Leo Sep 2017
To color a breeze
that brings bitter memories
a resounding blue.
A poem I made for someone with whom I had a little bout with, and put in a letter. Nothing special, unless the words hide a meaning . . . ?
I'm In Team Leo Jun 2017
It is he who with you can withstand
All the fights and fears within your hand
He is not power, but he is your strength
Which in all beings varies in length
I planned on making this a sort of riddle. Theme is 'emotions.' So, can you guess what emotion I'm referring to here?
I'm In Team Leo Jun 2017
There, in the corner just hidden from sight,
'Tis a location only you can see.
Come, take a break; hold off your plight.
Why not let go for a bit--be cheerful, be free?

Take the chance and walk past the open door
with hope in one hand and freedom in the other.
What you see past it shall make you doubt,
but know that this world is one you never knew about.

There, under your feet shall lie a yellow brick path
with no house, no creature or a scarecrow in sight.
From point zero 'til the horizon shall be long green grass.
Golden road in front and behind with vast meadows left and right.

Hear the birds chiro and the insects cry, hidden in the grassy lush.
Feel the winds form breezes that caress the endless plains.
You shall see no raging storm or a prowling beast in the peaceful hush.
So in your heart, there shan't be ire or sadness that remains.

Before you realize, scenes of reality creep in from the door.
Though you run to escape their colors that devour, colors of real life.
It follows in a slow, unstoppable spill--with duty and hardship in store.
When you look forward, a linear passage cuts open as if by a knife.

Still, at the end is another way back out,
and there are only two choices you will see.
One is to go back and the other is cry and shout.
But there are two others, if you would come and look closely.

The third is to go back with a defiant will,
a choice to observe and form a hidden solution.
While the fourth is to forever gaze beyond the window sill.
To live in that hidden corner, mind and body in eternal separation.

Pick any one of the four if that's how many you see,
and when you have decided, you should take responsibility.
There is no rewind nor is there turning back
for reality is subtle in its confidence to show you what you lack.
Reality has already become so exhausting. Most of the time, I just look at a fixed point and let my mind wander. The rest is obvious.
I'm In Team Leo Jun 2016
Just a day more
Just one more day.
Until the next moon appears in this dark hole
--in this black line.
Stay with me
and keep me safe.

All the monsters come out when I'm alone.
So now that you're here,
stay with me
and keep me safe.

Just one more day.
Until the next moon appears in this dark hole
--in this black line.
I'm In Team Leo Apr 2016
It was he who cast the iron spell
That breaks only from a broken heart
If in his flowerbed trap you fell
Be prepared to set truths and lies apart
A riddle in the form of a rhyming poem. Theme is 'emotions.' Can you guess what emotion is being referred to?
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