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deadwood Mar 2020
We were at a loss for words
Words for lost souls
With lost hope
For a lost cause.

All is lost
Lost in us.
Stop. Hoarding. Supplies.
deadwood Aug 2018
It was there at last,
Crowds chanting fast,
Rows of cheers,
Echoed by peers,
On a winning show meant for victory.

It was there at last,
All the toil of the past,
All the bruises with the cast,
All the people I've trust,
Waiting for the call of our hard-earned victory.

Once, at last,
The announcement has passed,
And our faces aghast,
By the fate of our cast;
Silent in news of almost our victory.
We trained so hard. We practiced on rest days. We performed our very best, and yet we fail the contest of our labored victory.
deadwood Jul 2018
I'll never let you fall,
I'll stand up with you forever,
I'll be there for you through it all,
I'll never let you say never.

And if we both fall in the end,
I won't let you break nor bend,
I won't stop the love I wish to send,
Because you are my friend.
It matters less to me if you'll do the same.
deadwood Jul 2018
My heart aches
for who knew;
who knew it was you?

It was the jolly, caring mentor,
It was the happy, kind teacher,
Who decided her end,
By her own terms.

I wish none of this is real,
But reality is just so cruel.

I missed my opportunity
to have you alive with me.

Now my heart is hollow;
Your death is a pill I can't swallow.
For my teacher who recently hanged herself. I hope you are in a better place now.
deadwood Jul 2018
I hear your name,
But not from my tongue.
I hear your name,
From his voice.
I give up trying I'll hear your name from my voice.
deadwood Jul 2018
Heto na naman,
Panahon ng tag-ulan,
Sakit sa ulo't katawan,
Damdamin at karamdaman.
Basang puno't halaman,
Basang kumot na pinunasan,
Pumapatak na naman,
Ang pag-ibig at tubig-ulan.

Heto na naman,
Sipon ko'y balik-balikan,
Luha ko'y 'di mapigilan;
Simula na ng buwan,
Na masakit ang ulo't isipan,
Masakit ang puso't lalamunan,
Pagkat ako'y iyong iniwan,
Sa gitna ng ulan.
Flu season na. Forgetting I Love U kumbaga.
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