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Danielle Suzanne May 2019
Summer sun on blue
Pungent roses fill the air
Honeybees approve
Laying in the park and marveling at the gloriousness of the first Summer days.
Danielle Suzanne May 2019
Hopeful bees take flight
A light breeze moves their target
Summer days begin
Danielle Suzanne Jan 2019
A slow sun
Peeps over the horizon
The golden dawn
Joins the lovers in
Their warmest embrace
Promise of
The most perfect day
Offered with reverence
From God Herself

Before the daydream
Can even begin
A swift hand
Snaps the blind shut
A not so casual escape
Towards the cliff edge
Startling the curious bluebirds
That were beginning to gather

Vanish does the dawn.
With caution
Light fingers trace the earth exposed
Repelling all offers of relief
Regret overwhelming
The warmth of the sacred center
Evaporates rapidly

Releasing a sigh
Light and heavy
In every way
She retreats
As once again
She is reminded
That he is not
A morning person
Danielle Suzanne Jan 2019
They kiss sometimes
Mostly when the moon is high
And the stars are blurry
Diluted by the fourth and fifth whiskey
Details of this velvet cloaked romance
Are kept sparse
Once daylight touches their skin
Watered down recollections
Remain under lock and key
Hidden in that dark box
Not even the brightest sunbeams penetrate
Danielle Suzanne Apr 2017
I just saw my love
Tightly he held her hand while
rain drops stung my eyes
Danielle Suzanne Apr 2017
Cherry blossom bloom
Pink kisses under the tree
Romantics, prepare!
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