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Last Saturday, had been out for some work, with my spouse, and way back home, a short ride, I was supposed to travel alone

The place that I had been, happens to be close to the local bus stop

I found it alluring, not having traveled by bus, in a long time

Being, off rush hour
Skipped  the Über service
And hopped in the first bus that would ferry me back home

Bought my ticket, that the conductor handed out and took a seat next to a college going girl, she animatedly spoke on her phone

Things have changed since I last traveled by bus and didn’t know that it will take a detour

A few minutes into the ride
To my utter surprise, the conductor fervently rushed from his seat to the front door
Quizzical, I peered, as to why the rush

On the corner stood a woman, with a parcel, a red tiffin bag
Piping hot lunch delivered by the driver’s wife, an everyday affair

Soon to arrive was my bus stop and the last for the driver too

A quick nod to the conductor and the driver
And a smile on my lips, I alighted from the bus

The little things in life, matter a lot
A sweet gesture by the driver’s wife
A Wow moment for me
Made my short bus ride worthy for the day
Smiled and smiled, as I walked back home
A short bus ride back home,
the experience was memorable,
and so here I share :)
In a language
Hidden in plain text
On a network drive
Secure connections
Integrity authenticated
Decoded by the hearts
Which hold the key and listen
Children in exile
Playing with fire
First to call attention
To their plight
Then to warm
The stark cold nature
Of their soul
Marooned too long
The flame became
The color of their madness
--who would rule as lord
--who would roast as pig
Would you stop writing because all the best words have already been said?

Would you stop reading because all the deepest poetic things have already been read?

Would you stop enjoying food because all the best recipes have already been created?

Would you stop painting because all the best masterpieces have already been painted?

Would you stop giving because there’s nothing left to give?

Share all the words, thoughts, visions and beautiful things that give you a reason to live.
Endurance can be difficult. We need each other. I’m enjoying what I read here on HP.
Vinyl is so final
It can quickly turn the table
And just for the record
The surface is scratched
About half way down your back
In disdain we repeat the refrain
But I fear this time next year
The goodnight kiss we'll skip
I cannot say for certain
When we lost our groove
Broken but never spoken
We wear it on our sleeve
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