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 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Pen and paper in each hand
Off we set to expand
Entry to a magic place
Through our hearts we embrace
Rendered deep from our soul
Y**earn for stories to be told
My first Acrostic Poem hope you guys like it :)
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Forever in each others hearts
Altogether, never torn apart
Moments to cherish forever
Inseperable unconditional love
Limitless connection from skies above
Y**our hearts bound, never to sever
Family bound together forever.
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
I'd like to tell you a secret

Lying here all I think of is you
Of you I dream so frequent
Venturing deep I do
Envious of your gracious heart

Your gorgeous enigmatic soul
Oh. Your style, a stunning art
U**nending beauty, my heart you stole
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Magical images of the past
Eternal greatness ever lasts
Mystical travels for my heart
Open doors, times apart
Rickety works of my soul
Indented into my whole
Eager for creation of more
S**et sail for what's left in store
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Strewn across a vibrant night
Twinkling impressions just in sight
Artistic lights we embrace
R**each around outerspace
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Heart filled melody
Artistically flowing like
Rivers under
Moonlight, transcendence  
Of our souls in the
Night peacefully
Y**earning for serenity
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Entanglement of
Intertwined in
Just an interesting perspective of life. I don't know if I believe in destiny myself but thought I'd write on it. :)
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Divine rays lavish upon us
An intrinsic warmth beating down
Y**ielding gracious transient light
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Noctilucent Dust
Ignites the
Grand skies
Humming twilight
T**apering moonlight
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Now listen here
Everything you need is easy to obtain, its
Very simple for me to explain
Ever thought you couldn't get it
Reach out and just grab it

Go your hardest at what ever you're after
Instead of curling and giving up
Vacate your mind and try again
Enter positive sight my friend

Understand this though, you will need to
P**repare for a journey, and it'll all come to you
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Pleasant euphoric immersion
Enriched harmony
Armistice, inability of incursion
Crystal souls for
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Best friends for life
Respect and love unbreakable
Occurances of strife
Treasured trust deeper than space
Hearts chained together
Everlasting link unshakable
R**ichness of soul, love forever
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